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Is using Docker containers over Portainer for GitLab CI/CD to run the pipeline continuously a reasonable solution

I plan to use GitLab CI/CD to create an automated pipeline that runs every time a member of my team commits to the repository. To ensure that this pipeline always works, even when my computer is not ...

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Docker Compose Takes Forever to Complete in GitHub Actions After npm Test

I have a GitHub Actions workflow set up in my repository that includes running tests using npm run test in a Docker container specified by a Dockerfile. The tests pass successfully, but I'm ...

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container registry not showing all the pushed images in gitlab relevant section while vs-code's docker extension shows them all

maybe this issue is somehow related to this one I opened a few months ago. As mentioned in the title, in gitlab for each group the container registry only shows containers for one project of the group ...

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GitLab CI fails with "The repository ‘ mantic Release’ does not have a Release file"

I'm facing an issue with my GitLab CI pipeline where it fails with the following error when I try to install python3.7: $ apt-get -yq install software-properties-common $ add-apt-repository -y ppa:...

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which CICD tool should i use ?

well , i have couple of applications , one in node js and other one is in PHP laravel. Both code are managed in github .I have choosen aws as cloud. So which is the most reliable and convenient way ...

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How to deploy a web api from github to an azure web app service if the web app service is behind a private network

The issue is the web app service is on a private network. It can be accessed through the vpn but not directly. For public web app, I can directly push it from github action. However, this won't work ...

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What could be done to reduce Infrastructure As Code (IaC) complexity?

I've recently read a great article - Rethinking infrastructure as code from scratch - from Nathan Peck (Senior Developer Advocate at AWS). There, he questioned the infrastructure complexity, and the ...

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18 votes
27 replies

is jenkins still the winner of CI/CD space ?

I have not setup jenkins for a long time now, every cloud has its own CI/CD tool, my question for personal use is still ...

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What do you think about Google Cloud Build?

Hey folks! I'm into Google Cloud Platform for about a year. An interesting fact about their CI/CD platform is that each step of the build is performed by running a particular docker image (a.k.a. ...

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Potential use of quantum computers for CI/CD

Quantum computing, with its probabilistic calculations and the promise of solving complex mathematical problems, has been a hot topic in the recent couple of years. A number of serious advances in ...

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9 votes
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Are you using 2FA with your CICD tool?

2FA seems more and more prevalent with cloud CICD platforms: GitHub: "Raising the bar for software security: GitHub 2FA begins March 13" from Laura Paine (Director, Product Marketing, @...

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Do you think OIDC will be integrated in all CICD tools?

Gitsign implements keyless Sigstore to sign Git commits with a valid OpenID Connect identity. Do you see that integrated more and more in CICD tools? For instance, Buildkite ("Your favorite ...

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