Faster Cloud Storage transfers using the gcloud command-line

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A new set of Cloud Storage commands in Cloud SDK – gcloud storage – includes a new approach to parallelization that can accelerate both small and large data migrations. While gsutil cp remains effective, gcloud storage avoids the tuning gsutil requires for certain large transfer scenarios.

How gcloud storage works

Like gsutil before it, gcloud storage takes large files and breaks them down into pieces, so that transfers can best take advantage of the available bandwidth. What’s new in gcloud storage is its parallelization strategy, which treats task management as a graph problem, where each unit of work is treated as a node, and each dependency as an edge. This strategy allows more work to be done in parallel with far less overhead.

Under the hood, gcloud storage also benefits from a new hashing library that enables faster integrity checking. It can also adjust its own settings based on the workload and local machine size to optimize for performance.

Just how fast is it?

We measured the performance of gcloud storage on the following environment:

  • us-east4 for both VM and bucket
  • n2d-standard-16 (8 vCPUs, 32 GB memory)
  • 1x375GB Local SSD

When transferring 100 files that were 100MB in size, gcloud storage was 79% faster than gsutil on download and 33% faster on upload, with both using a composite upload strategy, where a file was broken up and uploaded as separate files, and then recombined into a single file.

When transferring a single large file, the difference is even more pronounced. With a 10GB file, gcloud storage was 94% faster than gsutil on download and 57% faster on upload. This performance improvement comes without the need for extensive testing and tweaking, making it easy to see much faster transfer times.

Try it for yourself

Once you update to the latest version of Cloud SDK, you can try out gcloud storage by running the following commands:

gcloud alpha storage ls gs://pub
gcloud alpha storage cp -r gs://pub/shakespeare/ .

gcloud storage supports the following features that you use today in gsutil:

  • Recursive uploads/downloads
  • S3 support
  • Composite uploads
  • Sliced downloads
  • Resumable uploads/downloads
  • Listing objects/buckets
  • Removing objects/buckets

It’s worth noting that gcloud storage is in Preview. We will be adding more features over time to best reflect the capabilities of Cloud Storage.

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    Is this new parallelization feature going to be introduced in gsutil at some point or is it just gcloud storage specific. I'd love to use it in our projects once it goes GA, but changing the commands everywhere is a pain.
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    We’re pleased to announce gcloud storage, OK downvote and forget but looking better perhaps you should rephrase a bit of your intro just to not appear as a salesman. I am not here to buy anything but to understand how technology works and get answers to my problems.
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