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Vertex AI Pipeline

I have a vertex ai pipeline ("mypipeline") in a GCP cloud project. I am able to manually test the pipeline and view the results. The pipeline mainly takes some data, uses a model endpoint ...

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Firebase Crashlytics storage location in EU?

I have searched the firebase docs about storage location regarding data collected and sent to Firebase Crashlytics but can't find an answer to if I can set it to be eu in order to be GDPR compliant. ...

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Big Query Project Ideas

Hey everyone, I am new to Big Query. I need to know about BigQuery in detail. I checked various videos on YouTube but got nothing useful. Can anyone suggest me ideas for creating big query projects ...

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Can anyone suggest me tutorial or some way to learn flutterflow

Im trying to build a simple chat app. I coudnt able to build a working model. So , I need a suggestions to build chat app using flutterflow with firebase DB

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Empowering Gmail's "Report Spam" button integration

Following Microsoft Outlook's lead, which now enables Entra administrators to integrate with the native "Report as Spam" button (allowing administrators to define specific actions when users ...

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Realtime updates on locations near me on iOS.

I recently had a feature I built wanted to use a users location from the iphone, then process it on the backend, and provide them a constantly updated array of locations near them as they move. I ...

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Any suggestions on client library for Google cloud in Rust?

As there are no official Rust client library for Google Cloud yet. Can you share the well maintained and documented third party crates for production?

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Data lineage : integration GCP cloud composer Airflow, and Bigquery with Marquez

I've installed the marquez-python and marquez-airflow libraries in my Cloud Composer environment on Google Cloud Platform. However, when I try to import the Marquez-related modules in my Airflow DAG, ...

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GCP BigQuery Resource hierarchy

I have the below cases in mind, under the Prod folder I have a set of projects depending on the org's needs. But, I'm questioning the pros and cons of the below architecture and which one to favor. ...

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Does document ai support layout feature to extract content ?

Is there an equivalent feature in google documentai similar to aws textract feature mentioned here amazon-textracts-new-layout-feature I am trying to do some comparisons for my use case. I see that ...

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How are OCR texts post-processed to increase accuracy of recognition?

Has anyone worked in a company where they extract large amounts of text using OCR and then clean the text to be as accurate as possible? How is this done? Say I digitize a lot of legal documents, run ...

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Does Google Cloud offer any services to send automatic emails?

Are there any services on Google Cloud Platform for sending automatic emails that don't require Gmail, similar to Amazon SES?

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Does firebase analytics or user registration come under data collection in play store?

Play stores often create issues in data safety form where you have to declare whether your app collects and shares the data with a third party. I just want to know if firebase analytics or user ...

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cloud run removed Continuously deploy for a bitbucket repository?

Recently, Cloud Run discontinued the option to continuously deploy projects directly from a Bitbucket repository. What alternative methods are available for achieving continuous deployment from a ...

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What would be a best way to test background processes locally

I am developing a software using google functions and i have multiple task that i want to do on the server in the background (also report progress back to the app) but i can not find anything that is ...

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