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In Vscode task how to automate a key press of keyboard for any command

After running a task which runs "npm start" ( which runs npx react-native start) Then i see metro logo with instrcution and I have to press a for android. So rather pressing manually how ...

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How to capture image and upload it to server

I currently learn Android by clone WhatsApp using Jetpack Compose. I already configure CameraX aswell. So now I'm confused about how to get the image bitmap and upload it to server?(let say for add ...

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Clearing viewmodel manually

I have a common login modal component in my app which is used at many places. This is a composable component( not Destination and i won't be able to convert it to destination). Now what i want that ...

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React Native - Unexpected Token Error when Zipping and Downloading Files JSZip.

I'm working on a React Native project where I need to fetch data from the backend, zip it, and download the zipped file using jszip and rn-fetch-blob. The code I've implemented is resulting in an &...

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Use virtual camera on physical device android studio

I have already connected my physical android device via android studio. Is there any way to emulate camera like a virtual emulator does but on physical device?

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App Conflicts on Production OverView PlayStore

i have Two bundles 1: Open testing. (1.56) 2: Internal testing (1.57) Both Apps on Production overview is ready for Publish App on play store console, but i want to publish internal testing updated ...

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App can't access the root , Cannot run program "su": error=13, Permission denied

i am trying to build one apk using android studio where i am trying to create a buttom in the apk and while pressing the buttom it should execute one of the shell command like(su,ls). Does the device ...

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How to recognize the call is coming from the right mobile app

In mobile architecture ,the rest call goes from front to backend system then how do we make sure that call is coming from legit mobile app? for web we can use CORS to make sure that call is coming ...

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Guide about android apps

I am a new member and I want to learn android app development. Can anyone guide me to where can I start?

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react native app disconnects from metro but device is connected to adb

To enable reloading on Android, I have to press 'a' for 'run' since 'r' for 'reload' does not work, and it shows a warning stating 'No app is connected.' To resolve this, I run 'adb reverse tcp:8081 ...

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with p12 and cert, how to create distribution IPA

I tried searching all over the internet but could not find a concrete answer on "how to generate distribution IPA if client provides you p12 and cert" I don't have Apple developer account ...

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Regarding the recent low approval rate of applications listed on the Google Play platform

Recently, the approval rate of applications listed on the Google Play platform is low. Is there any way to improve the approval rate and survival rate of the application? Because many applications ...

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Securing App Continuity - a real head-scratcher (for me) - help me find a solution please!

I have a complicated problem and am looking for a conceptual solution to solve it. I co-own an IOS and Android app that works with a automotive hardware device (eg a dashcam). The app is used to edit ...

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Unable to create XCFramework with support for iOS Simulator on M1 machine and iOS Devices

I have been trying to create xcFramework for my xcode project which was generating .a static libraries. Although I am able to create XCFramework with support for iOS Simulators on Intel Machines and ...

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Android: "How to Handle Runtime Permissions in a Fragment?"

Hey community! 👋 I'm working on an Android app and struggling with handling runtime permissions specifically within a fragment. I've tried a few approaches, but I'm not quite getting it right. Could ...

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