For Dating app what companies can we use for payment processing

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We are start up and have been building a dating app for over 2 years now with the intention to charge customers a subscription fee while also offering in-app virtual gift card incentives. However, we keep running into issues integrating with payment providers.

after many month of working on Stripe, they rejected us(I know of dating apps in app store that work with stripe right now). PayPal accepted and then held our account during the review process before we even launched. The app store also rejected our first submission claiming it was spam.

Most recently, we applied to Tremendous to offer virtual gift card incentives but were denied again without an explanation.

Other dating/matching apps seem to use Stripe and virtual incentives just fine. As an incorporated business, we meet all legal requirements but keep hitting roadblocks.

What could we possibly be doing wrong or overlooking that is causing payment providers to reject our integration? Are dating apps seen as higher risk than other verticals? How have others successfully integrated payments/incentives into a dating/matchmaking mobile app? Any advice on alternative payment providers we could approach?

We've sunk a lot of time and resources into development and are struggling to launch due to these integration issues. Hoping the community may have some insight into what we could be missing.

We tried emailing and proving ourself to many different companies. they just keep rejecting us. We are operating under DBA

We are not sure how we can find companies that we can work with through financial and payment processing or incentive. all the rejection emails are auto responds and there a not an actual number to contact.

5 replies

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I mean... if your app is repeatedly getting rejected even by industry standard payment providers... it might be time to investigate more into why it's being rejected rather than looking for one that is lenient enough to allow whatever it is that is getting your app rejected.

We can't exactly suggest one that allows whatever it is that is getting your app rejected without knowing what is getting your app rejected.


Thank you for responding. The issue I am having is that , the app is not yet in the app store yet. besides the website, none of these companies have seen the app, or ask for anything. we just submitted with little description about the dating app. with little to none information they shut down our account. we are extremely against any sexuality or harrasment within the app. and we banned users if they do so. I am not sure what I can do. I want users to be able to get incentive from us as they wanna go on a date within the user of the app. we found tromoundous but they rejected us. I know other apps are doing similar things and they are in the app sotre live now


unfortunately that doesn't change anything about the situation. companies like stripe don't just reject potential clients flippantly otherwise they wouldn't have the footprint they have today.


with Strip, unfortunately I learnt later they have restricted-businesses#restricted-businesses rules about dating site.. event tho there must be a way for them to approve as there is a dting site that works with them. Later i learnt that dating site considers as high risks and not every company is willing to work with them. but what I dont understand is, who can help start up like us with all these issues. If i wanna do virtual gift cards, and want to use something like , how do I find any other companies that will work with dating app. I wonder if it has anything to do for being DBA business rather than LLC, but with limited responds I get from these companies, I wouldn't be able to figure it out


Just saying... we don't need another dating app on the web. There's already so many, you're going to have a lot of competition. There's no way you're going to get people to pay right away, and maybe not even in a year or two. The thing is, there's already so many more trusted apps out there that people probably won't want to pay for some unknown dating service with few other users. Most likely the people looking at it will say something like, "who knows if it's a scam or not. I'll go with this one that has 1 billion downloads instead." You don't have to take my advice, and maybe if your company's got some good online presence you might get some users, but really I wouldn't invest time and money into this.