Which framework and language will be relevant in future

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Hello fellow deves so I like to ask you guys , a new aspiring developer who just started his journey as programmer and want to get in Android app development which framework you will recommend him an cross flatforms or an native development option

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For native Android app development, Kotlin & Jetpack Compose is the best option considering its advantages over Java/Kotlin & XML.


As you embark on your coding journey, consider starting with native Android development using languages like Java or Kotlin. It's like learning the native language of a country before exploring others. Once you're comfortable, you can venture into cross-platform development with frameworks like Flutter (which uses Dart) or React Native (which uses JavaScript). Think of it as adding new languages to your coding toolbox – each with its own unique charm and capabilities. The key is to build a solid foundation and then explore the broader landscape of development possibilities.


As you want to start the development in the Mobile domain with the future scope. So I recommend these technologies:

For Native Development (Android): You can choose Kotlin or Java but I strongly recommend choosing Kotlin. Also, the Jetpack Compose Toolkit library for building native UI.

For Native Development (iOS): Swift is the default for programming for iOS development (Objective-C is outdated). Here I recommend start with Storyboard and then switch on the SwiftUI for UI development.

For Cross Platform (Android/iOS): My personal first choice is Flutter then React Native. Flutter is the fastest-growing technology and has additional benefits to use it.


I love native Android using Kotlin, looking to get into Jetpack Compose for declarative coded UI. But then I like the declarative coded UI in Flutter a whole lot better, maybe just because I have more experience with it. If I can learn to love Jetpack Compose then maybe Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile will be a perfect fit, but then again you have the massive community support around Flutter, which dwarfs KMM's community.

IMO, if you're just getting started on your journey you shouldn't worry too much about finding the "perfect" platform. You can't go wrong with either Flutter or Android native, as there are tons and tons of material available for support and learning. Maybe KMM is still a bit rough, and learning React Native is a bit "off to the side".

Just my 2c.


If you are considering Native Android development, As an experienced Android developer, I would suggest you should go with Jetpack compose. Because, I personally think, this is a big revolution in Android Development field. I see no point in learning old ways include (kotlin + XML).

Ofcourse, You need to learn kotlin language, but do not go with XML part. There is no official news but after seeing the stability, ease of code and lower code dependencies, I think Jetpack compose is the future of Android Development.

If you go with hybrid platform then flutter is a good choice.


In my opinion, cross-platform solutions are gaining popularity in app development, and Flutter is a prime example of this trend. It's rapidly evolving, offering a unified codebase for both Android and iOS, which is highly efficient for developers. While Flutter is a strong option, other frameworks like React Native are also worth considering, depending on your specific needs and preferences.