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A collective focused on NLP (natural language processing), the transformation or extraction of useful information from natural language data.
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How to run Pytorch, huggingface pretrained DeBerta in jupyter notebook? Setup: Win11, RTX3070

My desktop is running on Win11, and RTX 3070. Now I have a NLP task which uses model_content = AutoModelForSequenceClassification.from_pretrained(self.model_path, config=self.model_config) so I would ...
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Sqrt(5) is 2.24, so 16.46063 should become 7.35, not 3.3, is it a mistake?

The source is It is to explain transformer model.
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Not able to create a config.json when saving my finetuned Llama 2

After finetuning, i'm not able to save a config.json file using trainer.model.save_pretrained which is preventing me from loading my finetuned model. My pip install: !pip install torch datasets !pip ...
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grid search on parrot paraphraser

I am new to ML and programming for ML. I am trying to do a grid search on the parrot-paraphraser_for_t5 transformer from hugging face. There are two issues I am facing: I am not sure of the ...
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Failed to import transformers.training_args because of the following error - failed to map segment from shared object - Lambda and Docker

I'm currently working on a Lambda project that downloads models from my own huggingface repo and then does some inference on it. I bundle a Docker image into ECR and invoke my lambda function using ...

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How does one use accelerate with the hugging face (HF) trainer?

What are the code changes one has to do to run accelerate with a trianer? I keep seeing: from accelerate import Accelerator accelerator = Accelerator() model, optimizer, training_dataloader, ...