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What would you say is the best IDE for both beginners and pro?

Personally I find Visual Code studio the best. Due to it being a free coding software, being able to install extensions and help explain pieces of code I may not fully understand. Is there any other ...

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53 votes
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What inspired you to program?

Hey everyone, I've been pondering a question for a while now a singular question which is: What inspired you to start programming? For me, it was the realization that there are no boundaries, and I ...

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Why do people keep shouting "PHP is Dead" always?

So, there are a lot of toxic devs who keep saying PHP is sh*t and is dead. It has no future etc. But for me, I really love it. So why do some hate it so much? And does it actually have no future? And ...

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Why PHP Can not be in Client side?

Long ago when I started teaching PHP, I remember this question: Why can't I run PHP on the client side? I know the answer, but the question is still on my mind: Why can't its developers work on this ...

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Can you share Roadmap In Learning Php with Laravel

Now I am starting laraning php with laravel can you share roadmap to learn php. or any best tutorial

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which one is good for PHP Framework 2024 beginner

As a beginner for php developer, which framework is best for me to get a job on an international level as a beginner, remote work, or freelance? laravel, symfony, codeigniter ... i've tried laravel,...

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Laravel breeze yes or not ?

I have a question about the laravel breeze or jetstream starter kit. I am new to laravel and want to learn this framework. I know how to write authentication in pure php such as registration, login, ...

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12 votes
34 replies

Project to help me get a job

I came back to SO in attempt to re-ask this and I saw the 'new' discussions page. This is exactly what I was looking for. I put posts up to 'the coding forums' in attempt to get help with this with no ...

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The usage of Enum in php

Hello everyone, I'm preparing a tlak about the usage of Enum in php project, how they are supported in frameworks like symfony, laravel, doctrine... What are your advice about good and bad practice ...

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4 replies

Can programming be therapeutic?

I find myself struggling when coding a new app. I wrote a simple fahrenheit app in PHP. So I know. But can learning to program apps without the help of an ai be therapeutic? I decided that I wouldn't ...

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6 replies

Is it Worth if I Develop a WHMCS Admin Hybrid App in React and Laravel?

I was developing a WHMCS admin app So that WHMCS Admin can log in to his store from the app and can easily do things on the go. I Know WHMCS is responsive, but what if I create a user-friendly app ...

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3 replies

Object-Oriented PHP Development with SOLID Principles

This discussion delves into mastering Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP while integrating SOLID principles — Single Responsibility, Open/Closed, Liskov Substitution, Interface Segregation, and ...

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4 votes
2 replies

What Age Do Programmers Typically Reach Their Peak Performance?

I'm curious about the typical career trajectory for programmers in terms of peak performance. Is there a specific age range or number of years of experience after which a programmer is generally ...

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5 votes
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Multi client web app

My company is designing a new web application that will be used by multiple clients. Each client will have their own database for security and data protection. What I'm wondering is how to structure ...

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2 votes
8 replies

MySQL result to multidimensional array library

I would like to know your opinion about a library that transforms the result of a MySQL query into a multidimensional array. To assemble the result, I use a structure of the form "table1.table2*(...

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