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Question on deploying backend expressJs @sendgrid to google cloud

I finished a tried to deploy my mern_stack project to the google cloud. However, it kept failure due to the google cloud can't install the sendgrid package. It has this log message for the failure: ...
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Twilio Docker CLI autocomplete persistent setup within image

Twilio CLI will not install on my Centos 7.9 machine due to glib/kernel version sorts of dependency issues. Rather than jumping down that rabbit hole, I installed the Docker image. From within the ...
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Parsing raw multipart/form data with FastAPI

Context I'd like to use FastAPI to ingest SendGrid's inbound parse webhook, which comes in as a raw multipart/form-data (see below). My code is receiving the payload, but I get a "422 ...
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Sent a message to a number via twilio and got an errro 21610

Sent a message to a number via twilio and got an error 21610 - Attempt to send to unsubscribed recipient. This number I have no record in our system of a Stop Message. Is there a way to check a number ...
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Mangled UTM campaign name

I have been sending emails with SendGrid containing links with UTM parameters. As I test I have tried with utm_campaign=testing%20weird%20campaign%20codes (testing weird campaign codes) and I have ...

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Send WhatsApp Message from C#

So, I'm gonna make this a short story rather than an article on 'How to send WhatsApp Messages from C# using Twilio'? SETUP: Before you start coding, you'll need to gather your Twilio account ...
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SendGrid integration in Laravel

Why SendGrid ? SendGrid provides a cloud-based service that assists businesses with email delivery. The service manages various types of email including shipping notifications, friend requests, sign-...
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