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Millions of developers use Stack Overflow to solve problems. Here's what happens when companies deploy our private Q&A to capture tribal knowledge.

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Stack Overflow for Enterprise

Fortune 500 leaders rely on Stack Overflow for Enterprise


reduction in support tickets

A Fortune 100 multinational technology company deployed Stack Overflow for Enterprise for its Developer Tools Customer Success department. As the number of engineers relying on them grew, this small team had trouble keeping up with increased demand for email support. They realized a 30% reduction in support emails and a 20% reduction in repeat support tickets.


head start on code

A Fortune 200 financial services company deployed Stack Overflow for Enterprise for its Digital Product Management group. They built a knowledge base that fosters cross-team collaboration. They are now able to start projects at 20% complete instead of 0% complete, and successfully innovated in their industry by making it easier for external partners to build apps.


increase in support efficiency

A cutting-edge technology company found that the Internal Product Support team was answering the same questions over and over via Slack and email. By using Stack Overflow for Enterprise to provide high-quality, searchable answers to frequently asked questions, they achieved a 20% increase in overall efficiency.


man hours per month

A Fortune 200 financial services company had a small Support team that serviced a critical middleware platform and several legacy systems. They transformed their support processes from a time-consuming person-to-person model to one that made Stack Overflow for Enterprise the first stop for getting help. They saved 20+ man hours per month and centralized critical systems info.

Stack Overflow speaks for itself. Everybody knows about it, everybody uses it, everybody wants it.

We don’t have questions that are unanswered more than a couple minutes. It just doesn’t happen. The user adoption and engagement with the platform has been very impressive.

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Tyler McDougall

Development Team Lead, IMC
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Stack Overflow for Teams

Thousands of organizations use Stack Overflow for Teams

We've been using this in the beta and it's been the best thing ever.

I cannot overstate how immediately and dramatically it changed how knowledge is shared and memorialized among our engineering team. It works for both small teams (5-10) and large ones (hundreds). I'm thinking of rolling it out to the whole company if we can find a good way to separate different types of knowledge (technical vs. non-technical, etc.). Every CTO I've shown this to has also understood the value of the product immediately. It's far better than a wiki, which takes time to write, makes guesses about what people will need to know, and gets stale over time. This stays as up-to-date, relevant, and useful as the regular Stack Overflow, without any extra effort.

J.J. Fliegelman

CTO, WayUp

We anticipate Stack Overflow for Teams increasingly becoming our go-to resource for knowledge-sharing.

We needed a good way of passing down knowledge between team members, because we saw the same questions being asked over and over in our instant message channels. Almost immediately, we found that the Search function in Teams returned relevant results in a quicker, more accurate way than chat would.

Tim Golen

Engineering, Expensify

I love using Stack Overflow as a developer and sysadmin.

We've been so excited that this platform is now available for internal use for dev teams—it's awesome!

Amir Mehler

Via Transportation

Stack Overflow for Teams was the perfect solution for students to post questions.

After developing Data Science courses around Slack and Github issues, Stack Overflow for Teams was the perfect solution for students to post questions regarding their code that could be officially answered, tagged, and viewable for later students.

Dylan McDowell


We encourage everyone to use Stack Overflow for Teams as their first source of information.

We built integrations from Stack Overflow for Teams to our Slack channels, so that the right people saw the questions as they were posted. We are also using Teams as a way to seed content–our docs team routinely scans posts to grab topics for future knowledge base articles.

Katherine Armstrong

You.i TV
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