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Dropico Media
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From a young age, learning the Art of Web Developing and User Interaction. Developing Websites / Web Application and lately also iPhone apps. Specializing in creating simple, efficient and powerful web applications consisting on easy maintenance, cloud based computing (when applicable) and an intuitive UI using PHP, iPhone SDK, jQuery, AJAX, xHTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP (+various frameworks), Amazon Web Services and much more.

I've got my first computer (IBM XT) when i was 5 years old , as a gift for Passover (a Jewish holiday), and i was just enchanted by it. I still couldn't do much more than playing DOS games and connecting 2 clients via TCP clients for chat on a 14.4kbps Dial-up modem (which was pretty remarkable at the time).

I've never really had any official education (especially not in my profession), and I make up for that by being quite an Autodidact. I've learned most of what i know completely by myself and quite quickly, which is one of the reasons i have knowledge in quite a wide range of subjects in the computer world. I have a fast grasp of learning new languages and a great mind for troubleshooting and bug-solving.

One of the things i love the most is having a Good and Interesting Challenge. I love learning new things and implementing them in my daily work.

My greatest dream in the profession is to build something that will really help people on their daily lives, and something that will really impact people and reach to millions of potential users.


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Server Side Team-Leader
Dropico Media

November 2009 – Current

Dropico is a pioneering provider of everything in the realm of Photography and the way users interact with photography on the internet.

In the beginning of the way, Dropico developed a complex Flex Drag&Drop interface that allowed users to drag photos between different social networks (Facebook, Flickr, Picasa etc)

We were 2 employees in charge of this project, one was responsible for the Flex interface while i was responsible for the entire backend and server work (Prepaing a AMF-PHP connectivity for the UI Interface, Connecting users to various social networks, uploading images through the cloud and via cloud-to-cloud uploading, load balancing multiple servers over the Amazon ELB using Memcache for Session Stickiness, Installation and Maintenance of Ubuntu EC2 Instances, Custom EC2 AMIs and much more).

After a while Dropico decided to leave that Platform behind (but keeping the great force of the framework i've built for it, while building a Private API on top of it for external usage) and went into the iPhone development business (again, in the realm of Photography). I've learned iOS development quite quickly (and still am learning) and went into developing and released the following apps : Filter Mania, Google Plus Photo Importer, Facebook Photo Importer (Soon), and many more apps that are near-finished.

Senior PHP Engineer
Jukata Inc.

April 2008 – November 2009

Jukata was a project for syncing a user's music library to the cloud (AWS) so he can play it everywhere, anytime.

I was the single developer of the API and framework for this project, including track-recognition by creation of a unique signature for each song, so when multiple users upload the same resource, actually only one resource is being used by the signature.

I was also responsible at the time for the company website and Server Installation and Maintenance.

Senior Web Developer
Applicure Technologies

2006 – 2008

Applicure Technologies was a master of web application security, and produced a commercial WAF (Web Application Firewall). As part of my job I was responsible for the company website and servers and any other web application needed by our executives, including a multi-lingual CRM.

Web Application Developer

2003 – 2006

I Have been building Web Sites / Web Applications for the Personal and Commercial environments since the age of 16. It could be anything from a simple website, to a multi-lingual Sales management system, to just about anything web.


Computer Science Engineering
Ort Singalowsky Tel-Aviv

2005 – 2006

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Here at Dropico Mobile we develop apps centered on photography. Our goal is to give users an easy way to create professional & artistic works of art using our app's filters,…

Completely redesigned from the ground up, Filter Mania now provides you with the ultimate photo-filtering experience, allowing you to create visual masterpieces. Filter Mania lets…

Main Developer of app after basic structure built by outsource-company.

Google Plus Photo Importer lets you Import 100 photos in less than a minute, straight to your Google+ profile from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Photobucket.Built on cloud to…

Completely developed by me including the backend API for the projects. uploads photos between services on a cloud-to-cloud basis technology, thus saving on the user's bandwidth.


Go Tour Playground (Hebrew Translation)

A Hebrew translation of the original Go Tour Playground found at


IBM Personal XT Computer

Coda for Mac / Xcode / TextWrangler / Vim