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Learning new technologies and better methodologies is my passion.

I am a very quick study of new technologies and methodologies, as demonstrated by many of the projects I've worked on over the last few years. In multiple projects I've had to work with completely unfamiliar languages and tools, and in many of those cases I ended up becoming the owner of the component being developed.

I find the most satisfaction creating user interfaces or working on complex problems that require a lot of thought and design to get working well.


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Senior Software Engeineer

June 2010 – Current

Software Engineer
Premiere Global Services

August 2004 – May 2010

  • Helped write a new Java applet UI and infrastructure for our webconferencing application based on MVC principles.

  • Maintained and eventually redesigned and rewrote a C++ DLL that was used by a signed java applet to capture the users screen and provide remote control capabilities in a webconference.

  • Took over a project to port portions of the application UI to a Flash AS2 SWF with FMS backend when the lead developer quit, learning AS2 and FMS during the project.

  • Maintained and enhanced the Flash Media Server backend that lived between the Flash components of the UI and the Tomcat server that ran the conference.

  • Learned Flex and was lead developer on a project to rewrite the client-side of the application in Flex.

  • Evaluated and later implemented an F5 BIG-IP based load balancing solution for our application, including basic network configuration and complex load balancing logic (iRules).

Database Designer and Programmer
EDSmart Inc

Summers 2001 - 2004

  • Designed a number of databases for various school systems. Worked in MS Access the first summer but migrated to MS SQL Server in 2002.

  • Created processes and tools for importing data from various non-standard data sources.

  • Built queries and tools to help match student records from disparate systems based on various heuristics.

  • Developed internal data import/manipulation tools in VC++ and tSQL.

  • Met with clients to go over requirements for their custom data solutions

  • Assisted with client training, both supporting the trainers with the application and assisting trainees when they had questions.

Teaching Assistant
Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2002, Spring 2005, Fall 2005

  • Tutored students over the web and in the lab

  • Updated old project assignments and helped create new ones

  • Assisted students in understanding the assignments and debugging their code

  • Graded projects and tests


BS in Computer Science with Honors
Carnegie Mellon University

2000 – 2004

  • GPA: 3.57
  • Dean's List 2003, 2004
  • Projects I'm most proud of:
    • Developed a multiprocess x86 kernel supporting virtual memory and a simple filesystem
    • Implemented a user-level thread library on top of kernel project
    • Wrote animation scripts in Maya for 2-minute animation project as part of a group of 3 art and 3 CS students.
    • Designed and implemented a simple 3D space racing game using C++, SDL, and OpenGL

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GitHub, Dec 2009 - Feb 2010; followed by 2 people

Silly solitaire solver project to for learning ruby


GitHub, May 2010

Various scripts for use with a BIG-IP F5

GitHub, Mar 2010

Various algorithms implemented in ruby


Mac Classic

vim (Netbeans with jvim plugin will usually suffice)


Projects and links
  • - Simple solitaire game rules and solver used to learn ruby (in progress)
  • - My blog, mostly about learning ruby


I taught myself programming on my old TI calculator during high school. Created a number of math programs (for myself, other students, and even the teachers) and a couple of games.

Started programming in other languages in college and became interested in computer graphics and artificial intelligence. I TAed the intro to systems programming course once and the computer graphics course 3 times, once while a student and twice after graduating.

After graduating and joining the team at Netspoke I found that I could pick up new technologies very quickly. I was originally hired to work on a C++ component of the application but quickly ended up owning most of the client side of the application, which was in C++, Java, and HTML. Later, during a project to convert the UI into Flash I had to quickly learn Flash and FMS to take over for a lost developer. I ended up owning the entire client side, part of the server side, and the load balancing infrastructure of the application, much of which was built with technologies I had never before touched.

Since then I have had to learn Flex for work and have started teaching myself Ruby in my spare time.