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My current objective is to work in fields that make use of, and further my abilities in applied science and computing.

Computers are a useful tool in expanding the possible avenues for research and automation in a variety of fields, and am I interested in jobs where my work facilitates that.

My programming experience is almost always coupled with my knowledge in other fields such as Chemistry, Physics, and Math and Statistics, and I've traditionally helped bridge the gap between information experts and computing experts. I like to work positions where I have a unique role such as this.

My recent work has added extensive financial and insurance knowledge to my set of secondary expertise.


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Software Engineer
Analyze Re

April 2013 – Current

  • In charge of architecture and implementation of the C# client API for a restful Python server running the Amazon cloud.
  • Designed and maintain a proprietary standalone Excel add-in that interfaces the C# client API and exposes high performance computation services through basic excel formulas.
  • Designing and Implementing Excel front-ends that facilitate high performance computing using our proprietary APIs.
  • Consulting with clients to assist them in integrating our services into their in-house systems.
  • Designed and maintain an HTML5 / CSS app written in AngularJS that acts as a sample Client interface that provides the same functionality as the Excel Add-in.


February 2013 – May 2013

I did consulting work for ANV Global Services in NYC, upgrading their facultative insurance pricing platform and policy issuing services.

For this engagement I occasionally traveled to NYC to meet with the client, gather requirements, rapidly iterate on prototypes, and get a feel for how they use the current system and how I might improve on it in ways they hadn't though of.

I ended up adding features that improved model flexibility, user throughput, feature performance, code maintainability, and logging and reporting capabilities.

Software Engineer
Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings Ltd.

May 2008 – January 2013

I led the design and implementation of a dozen new financial and disaster models for earthquakes, aviation, drilling, facultative underwriting, portfolio management, aggregate pricing, geo-location, visualization and other technical applications.

I also spent several years developing and improving the organization's own major in-house financial modelling and underwriting system - one which is recognized by third parties in the industry as being exceptionally advanced and user friendly.

The various projects I worked on required extensive application of C#, WPF, SQL, VBA, and UX design.

Junior Software Engineer
Plasco Energy Group

2006 – 2007

I previously worked for a waste to energy conversion start-up implementing mathematical, physical, and chemical models.

Under the department of research and development, I improved and optimized existing chemical simulation software, as well as introduced excel interactivity, as well as other computation and automation related tasks.

I joined the the engineering department. Assisted in the development of, and implemented a large, dynamic, kinetics based physical model in Excel using VBA. Built a Foxboro database extraction utility in Visual Basic interacting with SQL and live monitoring sensors.

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BSc Double Major, Physics and Computer Science
Dalhousie University

2004 – 2010

2 Times Dean's List and 2 Times Sexton Scholar.

Well founded in Physics, Math, Chemistry, and Writing in my first two years.

Term GPA for my last 6 terms were:
2007 Fall:     4.0 (Assembly Languages, Design and Analyis of Algorithms, Optimization, Electronics)
2007 Winter: 3.88 (Data Fundamentals, Operating Systems, Microcomputing, Electricity and Magnetism, Experimental Physics II)
2008 Fall:     3.32 (Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Thermodynamics, Optics and Photonics, Quantum Physics)
2008 Winter: 3.6 (Software engineering, Computer Animation, Differential Equations II, Statistical Mechanics, Computational Methods in Physics)
2009 Fall:     4.15 (Ethics in Computer Science, Object Oriented Programming, Advanced Computer Animation, Introduction to Probability and Statistics)
2009 Winter: 3.92 (Principles of Programming Languages, User Interface Design, Network Computing, Opponent Modeling - Artificial Intelligence)

BSc Combined Honours
Dalhousie University

2004 – 2010

DSS (Dalhousie Science Society), DUPS (Physics Society), CSS (Computer Science Society), DUMASS (Dalhousie Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Society), DES (Dalhousie Equestrian Society)

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GitHub, Sep 2012

Excel based tool for geocoding, plotting, and visualizing data on Google Earth.

Sole developer. Developed the ability to take exposure or other risk data stored in an Excel spreadsheet, and use the tool for exposure management, data quality improvement, Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding, grid-based aggregation, thematic mapping, column graphing, and similar visualizations.

GitHub, Sep 2012; followed by 6 people

Options to allow Windows users to open Excel files in a new instance of Excel

I first posted this set of .reg files on experts-exchange in 2009, and it has since been quoted several times over and become the most popular standard for getting Excel to open files in a new instance by default. This expands on my original contribution, offering registry files that work with Office 2010 x86 and x64, as well as a batch file solution that doesn't require manipulating the registry.

GitHub, Sep 2012; followed by 3 people

Excel and Outlook Addons useful to developers and power users

Wrote these tools over the years as I needed them. They include - A function for exporting all Excel VBA project files, to facilitate keeping human readable files under source control. - Code for easily timing VBA functions - A feature that archives emails in Outlook, like the Gmail feature. - A feature that exports email attachments and optionally strips them to facilitate compressing and archiving old emails.

GitHub, Dec 2012

Node.js time server

Small node.js project I did in a day or two as part of an interview process. Demonstrates the use of node.js,, and redis, and solves many of nuances of dealing with different time zones.

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New Computer? Make your money count.

Students Helping Students

If you’re buying a new computer, you probably want something that’s fast, uncluttered, and maybe something that’s nice to look at too. When comparing computers, manufacturers throw a lot of statistics and features at you that may look like a great package, but if you want to pull off a good deal, you need to make sure you can focus on the important things and ignore all the promotional garbage and filler they use to try and distract from other possible shortcomings.

Work More Efficiently with Focus Tracking

Students Helping Students

I want to tell you about a fantastic tool I discovered today called RescueTime. This is a program you install on your computer that tracks what program has focus throughout the day, and then some. Every application’s usage time is measured, and when using a browser, the time you spend on individual websites is measured as well...

Add / Remove Programs Problems and Resolutions

Experts Exchange

The purpose of this article is to suggest some tips for common messed up installations and uninstallations, and related registry entries. If you have a windows machine with reported duplicate programs, phantom (missing) programs, or programs that refuse to uninstall, these are the instructions for you...

Beginner's Guide to Improving the Speed and reducing the Size of Excel files.

Experts Exchange

Often times, Excel files grow to a size much larger than is necessary considering the quantity of data stored in them. Sometimes this is due to an excess of pictures, formatting, or drawing objects within the workbook, or hidden sheets that contain a lot of data...

Export or Strip Email Attachments in Outlook

Experts Exchange

I've seen a few requests floating around for scripts that will export or strip attachments out of emails, and so far have never encountered any high quality implementations of this feature, so I created this method with a little flavor. Whether you just want an easy way to save all attachments somewhere on your computer, or you're doing a bulk reduction of your inbox size, this script should satisfy your needs...

Option to open excel 2007 documents in a new instance.

Experts Exchange

Many people are tired of the way excel workbooks are affected by every other workbook you have opened. When you calculate one, they all calculate. Excel acts as though they are inter-dependent when they really aren't. Well with a simple registry injection, you can add a right click menu to the shell that lets you open excel in a new instance instead of just opening another excel workbook in the same window as any existing one...

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I, Robot

I, Robot

Isaac Asimov

The Ender's Shadow Series Box Set: Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets, Shadow of the Giant

The Ender's Shadow Series Box Set

Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets, Shadow of the Giant

Orson Scott Card


A Windows 95 box which I destroyed and rebuilt several times.

I'm most accustomed to Visual Studio, but I look forward to finding something less terrible.


Projects and links

In additional to my free work assisting peers on Stack Overflow, I spent many years answering questions for free on the site Experts Exchange, earning the title "Guru" in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software, and "Master" in Visual Basic Programming. I have answered over 350 questions and participated in hundreds more.

I also occasionally write articles about unique experience I have while programming, and the solutions I come up with to surmount my problems. I currently have 13 articles hosted by experts exchange, which can be seen here: E-E articles by alainbryden. These include many unique Excel and Outlook solutions, as well as general discussions on resolving difficult Windows OS issues, and tips on buying a personal computer, which was republished in a couple locations.