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System Administrator and general IT support
Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A. (previously: Warmińsko-Mazurski Bank Regionalny)

November 1996 – February 2004

I was one of the IT crowd people. We acted as a team - the responsibilities were shared, and most of us was able to substitute each other.

We managed the whole IT infrastructure of the Bank: user desktop machines, network, servers, everything.

The main server (Sun Enterprise 4xx) was running the main accounting program of the bank. Since the program had many bugs, and the reaction of the producer was often too slow (without blaming them - there was reasons they could not act in matter of minutes), we had to learn how to fix the program. It was written in some obscure language with no variables and three stacks with max 10 elements each. We managed to learn it (with friendly help of the producer's programmers), and we even implemented many feature requests from the users (approved by the directors, of course).

I was often creating various programs when they were needed, and I learned that you can use any tool which is available. Since there was no compiler on the server, I was often using Bourne Shell, awk (if I needed arrays), sed (yes, you can do amazing things with sed), and even MS Basic - when I had to write a program for user's workstations.

Later I invested in Borland Delphi 3.0, and I even passed an online test at Brainbench company - with perfect score - and got a certificate "Master Delphi Programmer".

IT support
Starostwo Powiatowe w Olsztynie (Administrative Offices of Olsztyn County)

March 2004 – March 2006

My main task was the user support - helping fellow office workers with any computer related problems. Occasionally I acted as a consultant in IT related decisions of county executives.

Few years before I was offered a job at the Office (somewhere around the year 1999, if my memory serves), I started to develop (as a contract-job) a multi-user program to track all the responsibilities of the employees, which was necessary for the ISO 9001 certificate for the institution. Working for the Office I continued to develop this program.

The initial suggestion was that maybe I should create something in MS Access, but I decided that a real web application would be more scalable and much easier to maintain. I had very bad experiences with Microsoft support services.

I picked PHP and PostgreSQL. This was my first contact with these tools (I am talking about the year 1999), and I managed to deliver a working program.

Now I see a lot of bad design decisions I have made, but the program was working, and the Office managed to acquire the ISO 9001 certificate (the program was one of the main components of the certification process). That same program had been used by the Offices of Białystok County (until April 2012!), and I was recently informed that it had been really appreciated.

One of the main thing I learned is that the graphical design should be performed by an artist, not by programmer, and that people will use a bad looking program (if it performs the tasks it was designed for), but they will not love it.

Ideico s.c.

December 2005 – December 2006

The company was an advertising agency. In the field of IT the company focused on IT support, and they decided that outsourcing the programming tasks was too troublesome. I was hired to write CMS systems for customers, fix the errors in old ones, write tools for managing servers, and also code the web pages.

I did not like MySQL (and I still do not), but this database was very popular amongst our clients.

There was no real alternative to PHP, so I was using this language without much pain. Later we discovered ruby and RubyOnRails, and I started to experiment with this language. However any real development in ruby started after we transferred to a new company: iDelfi.

Chief of Programming Department
iDelfi Polska Sp. z o.o. (previously: iDelfi International Ltd)

January 2007 – August 2012

I was responsible for the whole IT aspect of the company.

Personally I focused on programming with my own hands, but all the IT-related problems and decisions passed through my desk.

My biggest success was that the program we were offering was still manageable after six years of being constantly modified. I learned a lot about bad design decisions which I had to correct in later years (keeping the program still working in production mode!)

I learned a lot about making customers happy, and about translating the customer expectations into program specifications.

I directly supervised young programmers we employed, but most of the time I was working as the only programmer.

I was closely cooperating with our system administrator, but I didn't directly manage our servers at the system level. This means I did not know the root password, however I designed the deployment procedures and suggested the installed components.

Senior Developer
12Auto Group GmbH

February 2013 – Current

This story still awaits being written..

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Atari 130XE



It all started somewhere around 1988. My father gave me a little book titled "Microcomputers" or something like this. The first chapter explained why the computers, opposite to calculators, when asked about "2+2=" say "Syntax Error" instead of "4".

I started to write my first programs on a sheet of paper. Of course, the language was BASIC. The first 8-bit computers started to appear (in Poland it was a little later than "on the west"), and I managed to find a public laboratory with Elwro 800 Junior (clones of ZX Spectrum).

Later my parents managed to buy me my first own machine: Atari 130 XE. Next years were filled with intensive BASIC programming, the first contact with C, Pascal, 6502 assembler, the first whole night spent on coding, and in parallel, many hours of waiting for games to load from magnetic tapes ;-)

I think the main thing I learned over all the years of my career is that you can use any technology available, and that the used technology is not important, as long as the program you created works. So, even that I don't like PHP or Java, if there is a need, I will (and sometimes I did) happily program in these languages. And if they are not available, I still can program in awk.

Since our first meeting, I fell in love with Ruby and Ruby On Rails. I am trying to befriend with Lisp, Prolog and Erlang, but it is not yet as strong.

In my spare time I am sailing on DZ class yacht (crew of 5-12 men), reading books (lots of books), trying to learn playing guitar, and trying to learn all the foreign languages.