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I am a hard working, enthusiastic, passionate person with over eight years of experience in software engineering and system administration. This includes four years in Python, five doing object-oriented, MVC-patterned web development and deployment, and two years each in system administration and complex data analysis.

I'm always up for new experiences and new challenges, whether it's learning to play guitar or figuring out the future of an active volcano. I go out of my way to learn, spending a lot of my spare time at museums and galleries. I enjoy travel – I spent a year and a half travelling through the United States – and this has challenged me in ways I'd never thought possible and taught me a lot about finding common ground and seeing things from other points of view.

I try to not just solve technical problems and complete requirements, but to make good software. I want users to understand the program without jumping through hoops, programmers to be able to maintain and reuse my code, and everyone else to be assured a new product won't stop working because it wasn’t tested thoroughly.


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Technical Director

September 2012 – Current

Software Engineer / DevOps Engineer
Red Interactive Agency

November 2010 – March 2012

I created and deployed interactive internet marketing campaigns featuring websites and Facebook applications written in Django, node.js, and Tornado, backed up by PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

I worked with different teams to brainstorm, develop ideas, determine user flow, and create wireframes. I implemented the database, business logic, views, and additional utilities, and integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and other APIs.

I created reusable, custom Django plugins, including a sophisticated versioning and previewing system. I wrote RESTful APIs for the frontend team and third-party developers. I assisted with HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery programming and integration.

I used caching, compression, query optimization, and a Content Delivery Network to achieve typical load times of under one second and upwards of one to two hundred requests per second per server. I tested and deployed the code on Ubuntu servers using Amazon's EC2 API and later on Joyent's Solaris machines. I was on-call 24/7 to fix bugs and server outages.

Freelance Programmer
Independent Developer

September 2009 – September 2012

I completed iPhone and web projects for a variety of clients. These ranged from porting a CSS layout to Drupal and creating ArcGIS tools, to creating a Point of Sale system for the iPhone, creating an ASP.NET web service to serve as an API, and integrating that into an existing database.

I independently bid on, negotiated, secured, and balanced simultaneous projects with different priorities and deadlines. I interpreted changing, vague client requirements to create visually appealing, functional products that were well received by clients.


August 2007 – August 2008

I helped to create a social website for programmers to share code, knowledge, and advice. I created the entire user interface, developed out the database and “business code”, optimized the site for quick loading and low resource use, and wrote a suite of tests and repaired time-critical bugs to ensure data integrity and uptime.

I built an active community of programmers, drawing new users and encouraging returns. I achieved this with a combination of efficient design, useful content, directed advertising, and responding to customer requests.

Researcher & Web Designer
California Institute for Hazards Research, UC Davis

November 2007 – July 2007

I investigated the relationship between historical earthquake locations and magnitudes, and financial loss during those earthquakes. I used this information to try to predict losses from future quakes, looking at specific possible quakes as well as calculating a loss average per location per year for all of California. I sourced and parsed data from multiple public sources, and then used Numerical Python and Scientific Python to perform efficient operations on a four-dimensional, 3-gigabyte matrix and to extrapolate my results.

Separately, I contributed significant graphical enhancements, performance increases, and bug-fixes to the open-source PHP map server project ka-Map!, with the goal of creating an interactive site to view predicted earthquake locations and expected financial losses. I also created a website to help scientists interact.

System Administrator & Researcher
University of California Davis Experimental High Energy Physics Group

June 2003 – September 2006

I built and maintained a high-performance computing cluster and a network of personal computers and file servers, many of which were custom built. I provided on-call, time-critical troubleshooting and repair. Because we ran software of vastly different ages and requirements, I invented a method of using Xen to virtualize multiple operating systems on each cluster machine and to tie them into the same Condor batch management system. I implemented a secure single sign-on system using Kerberos and LDAP.

I wrote custom tools in Bash and Perl to manage my systems, and created RPMs for efficient OS and software installations. I trained a replacement staff when I left, and created an internal wiki with over eighty pages of documentation and instructions.

I also used the software analysis package ROOT to evaluating the possibility of detecting the Higgs boson at the Collider Detector at Fermilab via a specific decay chain. Finally, I enhanced public outreach by creating a system to display current collider events to visitors.

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B.S. with Honors, Physics and Geology
University of California, Davis

2001 – 2006

  • 3.55 GPA
  • Deans list, 15 quarters
  • Regents Scholar

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Open Source

Adjector is a lightweight, fast, flexible, open-source ad server written in Python. Adjector serves plain text, HTML, and Javascript ads to your web application in several different ways, even if Adjector is running on a separate machine. It tracks views and clicks of your ads, including Google Adsense ads. Adjector is used to serve the ads on Siafoo.net.

Primary/sole developer. Created backend, weighted randomizer in SQLAlchemy, basic frontend.

Apps & Software

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Co-creator, Programmer, Lead Designer


Apple IIe

Eclipse (even though it is a huge memory hog!)