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How to display inline <span> inside <div>?

May 2017
<span> is inline by default, and <div> is block by default. But in your CSS you're overwriting those default styles with display: block (in #main, etc). If you want them to resize as the ...

React not responding to key down event

Nov 2016
The DOM wants the element to be focused in order to receive the keyboard event. If you don't want to hack the element with tabIndex or contentEditable to get it to focus, you could use native DOM ...

Change the "this" only for a specific function call

Nov 2015
To change the scope for a specific function, you must bind that function to the object of the desired scope. So if you want to be called, but from the scope of baz, use ...

Javascript scope addEventListener and this

Mar 2013
A few things: Most people will suggest something like var self = this because it's fast and easy. But var self = this does not separate the view object entirely from the view logic, which coming from ...

What is the !! (not not) operator in JavaScript?

Feb 2013
Brew some tea: !! is not an operator. It is the double-use of ! -- which is the logical "not" operator. In theory: ! determines the "truth" of what a value is not: The truth is that false is not ...
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Favorite editor Sublime Text 2

Benny Schmidt

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Likes: html css javascript html5 html5-canvas html5-video css3 css-transitions reactjs react-native photoshop illustrator sketchapp


2012 → Current Full-stack Application Developer Application Developer | Benny Schmidt
html, css, javascript, node.js, express, mongodb, reactjs, react-native, photoshop

I design beautiful web apps in Photoshop and build them in JavaScript.


Favorite Editor: Sublime Text 2