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web developer - bitsandbikes
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My goal in life is to strive to write my best possible code. I do not aspire to create the best algorithm, or write the best app - those things are trivial when compared to the best code I have written. An app is a fad, but great coding leaves a testament to my generation, years from now other programmers will consult my code and remark how brilliant the 21st century developers were. I pay an enormous amount of attention to detail and sometimes can be labelled obsessive when finalizing details on my projects. I have experience in tackling large, complex projects - often on my own, with limited guidance, and have a great head for deadlines.


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senior developer
scansoft technologies

July 2007 – February 2013

Manage a team of 2 junior programmers, maintain large code base, solely responsible for implementing dx rendering engine with high concurrency. Rewrote cctv integration system and completely offloaded all rendering tasks to graphics hardware. Implemented several large projects single-handedly and took development from specification to completion within specified time frames. Responsible for code refactoring and documentation for entire code base and managed several onsite installations for several years. Performed onsite troubleshooting of industrial hardware and software often performing critical debugging with live industrial hardware which is critical to core site functionality. Performed testing and maintenance for multi-national clients while preserving critical functionality.

graphics programmer - us otaku
stellenbosch anime society

June 2004 – December 2006

Create and maintain graphical newsletter, created executable wrapper for online otaku manga distribution. Create and maintain mini games with otaku themes and relatable game play. Formed part of integrated developer team which worked on a multi-national level. Responsible for online distribution of team responsibilities and final product evaluation and distribution, all while adhering to the strictest of standards as given in the product specifications.

web developer - bitsandbikes

January 2013 – Current

Create and maintain website, administer blog and provide weekly content. Also responsible for sister site development and maintenance. Created sites using only HTML and CSS couples with small amounts of JavaScript to implement sites with responsive design and layout.


socio informatics
stellenbosch university

2004 – 2007

Did not graduate, completed most of course. Was employed part-time by us anime society as graphics programmer.

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GitHub, Oct 2013 - May 2015

OpenGL ScreenSaver written in C. Written in a modular fashion to showcase the power of C.

GitHub, Nov 2013 - May 2016

My personal website, using jQuery and several other technologies to make it awesome

GitHub, Oct 2013 - Nov 2013

Production management system for Trace Digital Services

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Per-pixel collision detection on Android devices - CodeProject


I am in the process of developing a game on my Android device, needless to say, since I wanted to reach the broadest possible audience, I have omitted hardware acceleration. As a result, I needed to…

Getting started with Android development - BitsAndBikes...

Wow, what a mission. Android development is not that bad, buts it's not that straightforward either. It took me four hours just to discover that a single line of code, which had been


I have been in love with coding since my grade 11 year way back in 2002. I have been working in several languages and seem to grasp programming in a language independent manner. I find beauty and strength in code and my love affair has continued from my humble beginnings on the desktop all the way to the world wide web.