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About me

I love C# and JavaScript (TypeScript).

I love to code and solve challenges, I've always liked to use my mind. I learned a lot about Emotional Intelligence and how we have to Find Balance.

I have a blog, Coding Wise, where I post things about programming. I post things about Emotional Intelligence on my LinkedIn

Quotes that I live by

Bruce Lee

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.


Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

Things I like

  • Code
  • Play games
  • Anime / Manga
  • TV Series

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Software Engineer

January 2014 – Current

I worked on a main project called EBS. It is the biggest educational system in the world that affects hundreds of thousands.

I worked on several teams (always composed by people from Brazil and UK) developing the system with constant team communication. Often asking questions to analysts to always guarantee software quality to delight customers.

I was awarded with "The Bug Killer" title for fixing lots of bugs for a critical release.

I also worked on Bravi's products (Prisma, News, Feedback, Quiz, Timeline, Blog) and on Sebrae's projects, using Node.js, Docker, Mongo, mySQL, Postgre. And I worked on an experimental project using Xamarin.

I leaned a lot about Emotional Intelligence and had the opportunity to improve a lot.

I participated in internal Design Thinking events.

I had English classes twice a week.


May 2012 – December 2013

I focused on my own projects which are extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox with over a hundred thousand users.

I worked as the leader and main programmer. I had a partner who helped on some programming tasks as well.

The main extension was Orkut Manager, a project started early in 2008 to include a large set of features to the social network. In 2010 I received an invitation from Google to visit their office and show what Orkut Manager was about and help them improve their social network. After my first visit I was invited a second time to join a group of Orkut Super Users in a meeting which was later posted on the official blog.

C# .NET Developer
QUAY | Tecnologia para Inovar

April 2010 – April 2012

Development of a Social Network around one area of interest (real estate). The project name is Redimob.

I developed blogs, news, comments, question and answers, polls, search, Google search, rating, sharing, tags, menus, rss, most of the Javascript API, a lot of "background code", code to link facebook and twitter accounts with the website account, contacts importation, AdClip Consumer API, legacy links layer. Created config files and contributed to configure IIS. I also made some code to import data from the old database to the new database. I've profiled the website, implemented and re-implemented things to improve performance. tags: c# razor sql-server entity-framework poco linq javascript jquery

On earlier versions I've adapted Telerik's Sitefinity news module to support a custom template, custom images, content rating/sharing, adding to favorites, custom comments and adapted the search module and added Google search. Implemented the menus, footer, blogs slider, tag cloud, news feature modules, library module, comments module, blogs module, oAuth accounts, Javascript code... tags: c# sql-server sitefinity telerik radcontrols oauth javascript jquery

I worked on projects for TRACTEBEL ENERGIA. One of them I was responsible for most of the features, architecture. I also worked on two other systems. I developed a charting system in one of them and implemented a few things on another system. tags: c# oracle chart radcontrols ajaxtoolkit javascript jquery

I worked on a elections system for FUNDAÇÃO COPEL, which had to be completely safe from any department on the company. I worked on the signup project which centralize the authentication of users. tags: c# oracle chart radcontrols ajaxtoolkit javascript jquery encryption

Another project was Mosarte. I created most of the site core, the Products system. We used Sitefinity 4.0 to manage the website, I developed several modules to insert Products and its dependencies. I also created the frontend system to search the results, the listing, paging and detailed view of Products. tags: c# sql-server sitefinity telerik radcontrols javascript jquery

Flinker Engenharia Ltda

April 2008 – February 2009

Developement of telemetry systems. I developed a software using J2ME to submit data, acquired from a measurement device, from a TC65 modem via TCP connection to a server where the data is received (in a ModBus frame), then parsed and stored in a database.

I also built a website, using C# and ASP.NET, where the acquired data can be viewed in the application. The data shown was parsed before showing, adding indicators of dangerous levels or warnings.

PHP Developer

July 2007 – February 2008

Development of a Web Call Center system for end-users using PHP and mySQL. The website consisted in a queue where the user waited for an employee to answer. When the connection was established the user could chat with the attendant. After the session the user could send a review.

Development of a distance learning system. Where students could submit files, answer tests. Teachers could view the answer of tests and correct it online making the results available for students.

Maintenance on websites, adding some features, like an auto image resize.

PHP Developer
OZ Digital

April 2007 – July 2007

Development of a Management System. The company could add and manage projects, clients, add tasks to each project, view the project timeline.

Newsletter system. I developed a system that could add a list of e-mails and check which users opened, manage users, manage e-mails, send e-mails...

Custom websites. Maintenance and new features on websites for small companies to promote their events and products. Features like advanced search, image resizing...

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Education show all

B.S. Computer Science complete
UNIVALI - Universidade do Vale do Itajaí

2009 – 2011

I've hit a high score on programming related and a good average on other technologies. That's who I am, I love to use my mind.

B.S. Computer Science incomplete
ULBRA - Universidade Luterana do Brasil

2006 – 2009

I've hit a high score on programming related and a good average on other technologies. That's who I am, I love to use my mind.

Informatic techinician
La Salle

2005 – 2006

This is how I started to learn about programming. I had great scores and started to learn by myself, I didn't want to be hold back. I got C books and started creating my first programs.


70-536: Application Development Foundation


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Stack Overflow 38223 reputation points
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Open Source (30) show all

GitHub, Sep 2014 - May 2015; forked 3 times

A set Design Patterns being demonstrated with Unit Tests

Owner, Developer

GitHub, Sep 2014 - Feb 2015

Design Patterns developed with XNA to have visual demonstration of the concepts.

Owner, Developer

GitHub, Feb 2016

Random tests and stuff


GitHub, Jul 2013 - Mar 2016; followed by 7 people; forked 4 times

Visual Studio extension to add Unit Test capability to TypeScript files.

VS Gallery

Mads said that it is sweet,

Owner, Developer.

GitHub, Jul 2013 - Mar 2016; followed by 12 people; forked 5 times

Linq methods in TypeScript

Owner, Developer.

GitHub, Nov 2015 - Jan 2016

Linq based on C#


GitHub, Aug 2011 - Nov 2013

Rename files and folders

Owner, Developer.

GitHub, Aug 2011 - Dec 2013; followed by 2 people

Maps PSD Layers in CSS classes (icons sprite)

Owner, Developer.

GitHub, Feb 2014

Owner, Developer

GitHub, Feb 2014

Roman Numerals for Bravi Dojo on the 25th of February


GitHub, Aug 2012; followed by 6 people; forked 3 times

This is a N-Layer architecture example of a .NET application using Entity Framework 5.

GitHub, Aug 2011 - Nov 2013

Set ID3 tags of MP3 files with the file name {album} - {title}

Owner, Developer.

GitHub, Oct 2013

Compile LESS files (if any), bundle all CSS files and minify.

GitHub, Nov 2013

Bundle and minify Javascript files in a folder navigating through references.

GitHub, Jun 2014


GitHub, Oct 2013 - Nov 2013

GitHub, Oct 2013

Quickly display the time around the world relative to your current time.

GitHub, Nov 2013; forked 2 times

Shutdown, restart, sleep, hibernate

GitHub, Jan 2015

A mini-game where you have to fix bugs put on levels

GitHub, Mar 2015

Mute/Unmute microphone

GitHub, Mar 2015

TypeScript application that allows you to handle tasks in your local encrypted machine

GitHub, Nov 2015

Assert based on C#

GitHub, Apr 2015

Copy text, content from files, images, files, to clipboard. Dynamically configurable commands.

GitHub, Oct 2015

Edit windows PATH

GitHub, Oct 2015

Cordova application

GitHub, Feb 2016

Code Wars repository for solutions

GitHub, Nov 2015

C# equivalent methods in Javascript

GitHub, Dec 2015

Converto code to an image

GitHub, Feb 2016

Code Wars importer

GitHub, Dec 2015

Code Wars keyboard shortcuts

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Apps & Software show all

I was invited to visit Google twice because of this extension.

Owner, Developer.

Grouping website for Manager extensions - Google+ Manager - Orkut Manager - Twitter Manager - eBuddy Manager

Owner, Developer.

I created everything but the design.

Adds Unit Test support for TypeScript. It uses PhantomJS to run the tests. Requires TypeScript to be installed and `tsc.exe` registered on path.

Owner, Developer.

Adds a +1 button on Firefox's address bar

Developer / Owner

Writing (31) show all

The async and await in ASP.NET MVC | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

The async and await combination allows you to have non-blocking methods. In ASP.NET MVC you can have asynchronous actions. It might sound a good idea to make all your actions async, but it is not.…

An overview of async and await | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

The async and await keywords were introduced on .NET 4.0. In the past asynchronous operations were achieved by invoking methods and handling callbacks. Or by starting new threads and having to handle…

Using MEF to setup Dependency Injection | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is a built-in set of elements that allows you to "export" and "import" objects across projects which allows you not to rely on hard dependencies. From Microsoft:…

Understanding ASP.NET MVC fundamentals | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

In a standard ASP.NET project with MVC you have a basic structure which is the separation of the Models / Views / Controllers. In the Views folder you have two key files, the _ViewStart.cshtml…

Setting up Entity Framework with Code First and Code Migrations | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

The Entity Framework is a Microsoft created Framework that allows developers to easily retrieve data from database. From Microsoft: Entity Framework (EF) is an object-relational mapper that enables…

The N-Layer tier project architecture | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

There are many ways to split up your solution structure in many layers. My favorite way of doing it is as the diagram bellow describes: I have: Presentation layer: where my screens/pages are, all…

Data Binding | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

Binding allows you to link a source object to some control. There are two types of bindings: One Way Binding: Binds a source to the interface. Two Way Binding: Binds a source to the interface and…

ICommand and RelayCommand | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

To bind a command of a button you need to bind a property that is an implementation of an ICommand. An ICommand is composed by: CanExecuteChanged is invoked when changes occur that can change whether…

Messaging – EventAggregator | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

In WPF MVVM we might want to send a message from one View Model to another. For example if we want to close a window and return data to the opener window. To allow such data exchange we can use a…

ViewModel Locator | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

A ViewModelLocator is a class witch is going to map viewmodels to its properties. And on your views you can specify which viewmodel it should use. It also allows you to use a different viewmodel…

Using Data Annotations to validate models | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

The .NET Framework provides us a set of attributes that we can use to validate objects. By using the namespace System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations we can annotate our model's properties with…

Screen validation with Data Annotations in WPF | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

In the post Using Data Annotations to validate models I showed that it is possible to keep validations in attributes. In this post I am going to show how to apply these validations on the client…

View validation with Data Annotations and custom client validations in MVC | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

In the post Using Data Annotations to validate models I showed that it is possible to keep validations in attributes. In this post I am going to show how to apply these validations on the client…

Routing non-www to www domain and vice versa using IIS URL Rewrite | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

If you have a domain and you want to refer to it in a single way, either with or without www you can use IIS URL Rewrite to redirect requests. IIS URL Rewrite is a module that supports configurations…

General naming rules from .NET Framework Design Guidelines | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

The .NET Framework Design Guidelines is a set of guidelines provided by Microsoft to keep an unified programming model. In this post I am going to summarize some of the main rules, but you should…

Nuget Package: Fody | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

Fody is a Nuget Packaged that allows you to decorate your code with attributes and from them generate code automatically through IL injection. From the official project: Manipulating the IL of an…

Nuget Package: ValueInjecter | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

ValueInjecter is a nuget package that allows you to inject values from one object to another. ValueInjecter lets you define your own convention-based matching algorithms (ValueInjections) in order to…

Nuget Package: Json.NET | Coding Wise

Coding Wise

Json.NET is a must have nuget package when you are working with web APIs. And it can be pretty handy in many other cases as well. The documentation includes over a hundred examples on how to use it.…

Finding Balance | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


We all need to be good at what we do, but that's not all, we also need to be good at how we work with people around us. We need to find balance within ourselves in order to find excellency. There is

A Leader's Emotional Influence | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


Leaders are people that lead others through influence. People will want to follow them by their character. Their actions will always have influence over their followers. In the game Breath of Fire IV

Self Awareness | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


Self awareness is about recognizing and understanding your emotions. You have to become the master of your feelings. Have you ever observed what you do when you are happy? What do you say? How do you

Social Awareness | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


People are moved by emotions. They have the need to be heard, respected, acknowledged. To understand Social Awareness I would recommend reading about Self Awareness first. We live surrounded by people

Positive Emotions | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


Positive emotions can change us and people around us for the better. We are constantly renewing cells in our body. Some cells die and others are born. But they doesn't always follow the same pattern,

Nonverbal Communication | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


There are different kinds of communication. In this article we are going to focus on one of the most important types of communication: the nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication can change

Decision Making | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


We often have to make decision and there are several things that might influence on the decisions we make everyday. One simple thing that has influence over our decisions is our energy. Taking many

Feedback and Change | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


Feedback is King and Change is Welcome. In a software we've always known that with feedback we can make things better. If we know what we can improve we will probably want to improve that. That is the

Becoming Strong | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


The first step to become strong is to learn our weakness. We all have something that we find difficult to do or something that we could improve. In the anime Sky Wizards Academy the instructor finds

Smile | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


In the anime Rokka no Yuusha the main character is always smiling. In this video he explains why: Flamie: "The situation is dire. Why are you smiling?" Adlet: "Of course I'm smiling." "I'm still the

Learning a new Programming Language | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


How many times did you have to switch between programming languages? Or learn one from scratch? Does it scare you having to learn something completely new? You don't have to fear change, you don't

Have no limits | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


Limits? I don't know what you are talking about. I will go as far as I want and the only thing that can stop me is myself. Goku, a character from the Dragon Ball series is always training, he loves to

Small Wins, Big Achievements | Bruno Leonardo Michels | LinkedIn


A research described here shows that completing tasks in an ascending order of size can increase motivation. They created a test where subjects needed to type 150 words on an excel sheet. The test was

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C# How to Program

C# How to Program

Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Dietel, Jeffrey A. Listfield, Tem R. Nieto, Cheryl H.…

It shows basic programming is C#, an excellent book for beginners. I've got enough information to start developing simple applications on my own.

C++ How to Program (5th Edition)

C++ How to Program

Harvey & Paul) Deitel & Deitel

It shows basic programming is C++, an excellent book for beginners. I've got enough information to start developing simple applications on my own.

C How to Program (5th Edition)

C How to Program

Paul J. Deitel

It shows basic programming is C, an excellent book for beginners. I've got enough information to start developing simple applications on my own.

Articles & Blogs

Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 45 - Conclusion and List of Posts

Jon Skeet: Coding Blog

You may consider it a little odd to have a list of posts as the final part in the series, but it makes sense when you consider that visiting the Edulinq tag page shows…

Internal Coding Guidelines - Brad Abrams - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

First, read the .NET Framework Design Guidelines. Almost all naming conventions, casing rules, etc., are spelled out in this document. Unlike the Design Guidelines document, you should treat this document as a set of suggested guidelines. These generally do not effect the customer view so they are not required...

Performance is a Feature

Coding Horror

We've always put a heavy emphasis on performance at Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. Not just because we're performance wonks (guilty!), but because we think speed is…

LINQ To Objects and the performance of nested "Where" calls

Jon Skeet: Coding Blog

This post came out of a Stack Overflow question, which essentially boils down to which is better between two linq queries.

Of memory and strings

Jon Skeet: Coding Blog

This post was provoked by a recent Stack Overflow question which asked whether there was an efficient representation of ASCII strings in .NET.

Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance - HBR

We’ve known for years that emotional intelligence improves results—often by an order of magnitude. Now, new research shows that a leader’s mood plays a key role in that dynamic—a discovery that…

All in a Day’s Work - HBR

Harvard Business Review

What do good leaders actually do? One CEO suggests that they “Shoot. Move. Communicate.” Another expert proposes that they make themselves into organizational “totems.” And that’s just for openers.…

The Hidden Roles of Software Architects

By Mario Cardinal This paper presents the full spectrum of roles that software architects must fulfill when building enterprise applications.

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PC 486

Visual Studio


Projects and links

I've been working on a script that runs over Orkut. It adds a lot of new features. It called the attention of Google and I was invited to a meeting. The script is currently an addon for Firefox, but I plan to make it work on other browsers as well. The addon is called Orkut Manager and this is the website. My little "hi" from Google.

After that I started other extensions such as Google+ Manager, Twitter Manager, eBuddy Manager and Facebook Manager.


In my spare time I usually ask and answer questions on Stack Overflow, develop some softwares, watch series, watch animes, read manga, work on personal projects, interact on my social network accounts, chat, play games, rest...

My favorite programming language is C#, I'm constantly studying to learn more and more. I love coding.