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I love all aspects of programming and software development. I love being a leader or member of small dynamic teams of people and I absolutely love shipping (and supporting) software. I have worked in all aspects of the software business from purchasing, shipping and receiving, to technical support, to design and build, to running the entire IT department for a company with global operations.

The teams I have built and been a part of are fiercely loyal to each other, their companies, their users, and their products.


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Rose Crescent

September 2010 – Current

Software Design and Build

Consulting, contracting, building software for clients.

Current client projects include ASP.NET/Oracle systems for liquid storage inventory management and ASP.NET/SQL Server systems for state wildlife and fisheries agency

Data Warehouse Developer
Capital One Bank

October 2007 – October 2010

Retail and Commercial Banking

The MIS and Finance Department provides several key decision support and information processing services (Customer Account Profitability and Business Unit Profitability) which need to be upgraded to SQL Server from the Web Focus platform

I initially began to design/build a structure in SQL Server to support the converted processes and converted several of the processes while gathering knowledge about the existing business processes

I spent six months assisting the data warehouse development team in completing ETL development which was a prerequisite for our CAP/BUP re-engineering and was significantly behind schedule

All processes were converted over to SQL Server and I have modified the structure extensively to support the variety of processes. The SQL Server version of the system is in production and working very well.

The new system is feature-rich and includes a live graphical overview of system operation and progress

I was also responsible for training the staff in best practices using SQL and the design of the replacement system as well as database architectural advice going forward

Conversion of the underlying warehouse to Teradata near the end of the project required significant work to port some concepts to Teradata, as well as code generation - processing is now split between Teradata and SQL Server. Some of the logic is so complex that porting to Teradata was initially time-prohibitive.

Director, IT
Orthosynetics (formerly OCA)

December 1996 – October 2007

OrthoSynetics provides complete business services to orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general dentists throughout the United States. At one time, the company also maintained operations in Japan, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and China

I started with OCA doing a bit of everything as we created an IT department starting with three people, then taking a senior role in the development process and eventually heading the entire IT department of over thirty staff members at peak. My experience at OCA ran the complete spectrum of IT

We migrated several systems, developed many systems in-house as well as integrated COTS systems with and without extensive customization. We managed datacenter moves, disaster recovery from Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma, platform migrations, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, outsourcing, and vendor relations

Walrus (complete practice management system for orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general dentists) – I was responsible for the initial architecture and much of the development of this system. The system is still in use daily by hundreds of users, eleven years and several major versions and rollouts after its initial release. The system was migrated from a locally managed network installation to an Internet-based hosted service midway in its lifecycle.

Penny Lane (online purchasing portal) – I was responsible from migrating this web-based system from Access backend to SQL Server as well as several enhancements and integrations with ANSI X.12 EDI purchase orders using Sterling Commerce GENTRAN software and VAN.

Abbey Road (online business intelligence solution tying together data from different sources) – We built this reporting system to integrate a variety of reporting data sources, including Epicor ERA/Platinum, Walrus, Payroll and other data into an integrated practice financial and statistical management dashboard.

Payroll Supreme (time and attendance system) – this payroll input management and reporting system was my first project at OCA and has migrated through several incarnations, the latest of which is a pure web-based system which integrates with UltiPro HRMS system

Hard Days Night (biometric timeclock) – optional front end accessory to Payroll Supreme, which uses XML/SOAP to integrate with the payroll system to record times directly by employees


December 1993 – December 1996

CompuVend provides software to the vending industry. I specialized in their handheld platform and turned around a struggling pilot project into a shipping product and then built and shipped a significant upgrade and an entirely new warehouse management product. I was also responsible for managing the hardware purchasing, shipping and receiving process and all handheld technical phone support and even a few onsite installations and training.

RouteMaster, WarehouseMaster, OCSMaster – These systems for route and warehouse accounting were handheld-based but often required frequent interaction with the server systems. Reliability was paramount for route-based systems where the users were away from a regular computer and often away from a phone


Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge


Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge


Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Mathematics Part III)
Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge

1992 – 1993

BA (Hons)
Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge

1989 – 1992

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