Chad R. Kittel

Director of Software Development
Trek Bicycle Corporation
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From junior .NET developer, to senior .NET developer, to software development manager, to director of software development - I have extensive experience throughout the whole SDLC - requirements gathering, object & UI design, implementation, database migrations, and deployment. I'm looking to become a valuable team member in high-motivated, agile development team that loves to ship. I thrive in an environment rich with unit tests, integration tests, and continuous deployment. Pair-programming is a plus. DevOps mindset is a plus. Code craftsmanship and a sense of ownership is a must!


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Director of Software Development
Trek Bicycle Corporation

April 2016 – Current

Oversee the software development efforts of four agile development teams at Trek.

  • B-cycle, our bike share system (WPF, WebAPI, MVC, Azure, AWS)
  • Ascend Retail Management System (WinForms, WebForms, WCF, MVC, Azure PaaS & IaaS)
  • B2B development team (Java, Linux)
  • B2C development team (Java, Azure IaaS)

Provide technical guidance, code peer reviews, and code troubleshooting.

Ascend Software Development Manager
Trek Bicycle Corporation

January 2013 – April 2016

Promoted to software development manager of the Ascend RMS team. BAs, QA team, dev team, and DevOps team reported through me. About a 1/2 of the team was full-time remote.

Continued over oversee vendor relations, technical decisions, and cloud system architecture. Also grew the team to being one of the most productive software development teams at Trek. Continuously improved our Scrum software development process. Lead hackathons, day of autonomy projects, and formalized our tech debt management process.

Late 2015 I started branching out into other parts of the business as tech and process advisor. Lead a Microsoft Kinect project and assisted our B2B and B2C web technologies team in may ways.

Active developer while managing the team. Splitting time between R&D and sprint tasks.

.NET Technical Lead
Trek Bicycle Corporation

July 2012 – January 2014

As our team became early adopters of Windows Azure, I moved into team technical lead role to oversee our migration effort from WinForms to a PaaS Azure solution. Provided technical guidance in our migration from WinForms to Web & Worker Roles, Service Bus, Azure Storage, HTML5 SPA, and MVC5/WebAPI for the Ascend POS system.

Built relations with the Microsoft Azure Advisers group and our team was featured in Microsoft TechEd's 2013 keynote for our PaaS usage. Quite the thrill!

Senior .NET Developer
Trek Bicycle Corporation

October 2011 – January 2013

Joined the Ascend RMS team as a Senior .NET Developer. Worked as a team member of five other developers on the various retail management systems. This includes Point-of-Sale, PCI-DSS Credit Card Processing, vendor integration, etc.


  • Primary system was a C# WinForms .NET 4.5 application leveraging DevExpress, Entity Framework (Code First), StructureMap.
  • Web Services in ASMX, WCF, and WebAPI
  • SQL Server 2014 (Stored Procedures, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)
  • NUnit
  • Two ASP.NET WebForms systems
  • One ASP.NET MVC site

Senior .NET Developer

2003 – September 2011

I was the lead developer of our small development staff. There was one additional full-time developer and about seven high school & college interns in which I mentored. Daily paired-programming.

Responsible for the whole software development life cycle. From requirements gathering to deployment. Helped transitioned from a waterfall SDLC to Scrum (two-week sprints). I became a certified Scrum Master as part of that transition

Responsibilities and Projects:

  • Maintained three legacy VB6 applications
  • Wrote three large, business-rule heavy, .NET WinForms applications for internal staff.
    • Started out as .NET 1.1 applications, they were updated to .NET 3.5
    • DataAccess:
      • ADO.NET (Stored Procedures against SQL Sever 2005)
      • WCF and ASMX Web Services
    • Business Object Layer: CSLA framework
    • XML processing
  • Wrote four Windows Service services to support business functions (.NET 3.5 and 4.0)
    • XML processing, File IO, FTP transfers
    • One service was a WCF WebApi host that is an endpoint for a RESTful service consumed by one of our ASP.NET MVC projects and by another Windows Service.
  • Company website - ASP.NET WebForms 2/XHTML/CSS
  • Web Applications
    • Three ASP.NET 2 (.NET 3.5) sites
      • DataAccess: ADO.NET (Stored Procedures against SQL Server 2005)
    • One ASP.NET MVC 2 site (jQuery, jQuery-UI, YUI)
      • DataAccess: Entity Framework 4.0 (SQL Server 2008)
    • One ASP.NET MVC 3 site (jQuery, jQuery-UI, Telerik MVC)
      • DataAccess: Entity Framework 4.1 (SQL Server 2008)
      • Dependency Injection: StructureMap
      • HIPAA compliance requirements, extensive internal data audit support and is served via SSL.
  • Third-Party integration points
    • OnBase Document Management/Workflow
    • SharePoint
    • Various vendor EDI systems
  • Also wrote numerous smaller applications/scripts to support business processes in an ad-hoc, as-needed basis.

All projects were following Test-Driven Development practices using NUnit and MSTest (Moq as mocking framework). Continuous Integration provided by CruiseControl.NET, which I managed. Source control systems were Visual SourceSafe (Eek!) and TFS 2010.

Linux Distro Developer

2001 – 2009

Volunteer developer and package maintainer for a source-based Linux distribution called Lunar-Linux. I occasionally worked on the distribution's core tools (bash).

I also developed a .NET (mono) library that wrapped around the core Lunar Linux dev tools (which are written in Bash scripts), and started a Gtk# application to expose the distribution's package management system as a GUI application.

Tools used:

  • Bash/shell scripting
  • SSH
  • gcc
  • CRON jobs
  • SVN & Git
  • Monodevelop

Ray's M/C Show World

2005 – February 2010

Designed and maintained the website for my father's business. The website was written XHTML, PHP, and used a MySql database. Created a very basic content-management system of sorts so that my father could update a "blog"-like section of the site without assistance from me.

I hosted this site from a Lunar-Linux webserver that existed in my home office and hen later migrated it to DreamHost.

Tools Used:

  • VIM as editor
  • Subversion for source control and deployment

Unix System Admin
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Computational & Visualization Lab

2001 – 2003

Systems maintenance and security of one SGI Origin 2000 server, 12 SGI O2 IRIX workstations, and a few Linux servers for the UW-Whitewater chemistry department.

Implemented the use of NFS and NIS to ease end-user complications when roaming from machine to machine.

Installed and maintained scientific chemistry and astronomy software (IRAF, MacroModel, Spartan, ChemX) for professor and student research.

Computer Lab Monitor/Support
UW-W Disabled Student Services

2000 – 2003

College campus job. Aided physically and/or mentally disabled students in everyday use of lab computers. This involved special adaptive devices for computer usage.

I also provided technical support for the lab's PCs and other hardware (scanners, network printers, etc.).

Web Developer
Imprex USA

2000 – 2000

Contract web design position while I was in college. Replaced the company's static HTML pages with some more lively content using DHTML and JavaScript. Oh boy!

Tools used:

  • FrontPage (give me a break; it was my first gig!)
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Management Computer Systems (BS)
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

1998 – 2003

Majored in Management Computer Systems through the school of Letters & Sciences.

Minored in Web Development and almost had enough credits for a double-minor in their Computer Science minor.

Attended an astronomy trip to Kitt Peak National Observatory to provide support for the SGI IRIX workstations and servers used on the trip.

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GitHub, Apr 2013

A C# Wrapper for the SkyTap REST API

Original Author. Side project. Used by DevOps team at Trek Bikes prior to us moving away from SkyTap as a vendor.

GitHub, Aug 2011 - Sep 2011

That "Utils/Common" assembly that no one talks about

Original Author. This is just a side project of mine. Whenever I run across a cross-cutting concern that could work for any application I write, I put it here.

CodePlex, ; followed by 29 people

Wheelmud is a Multiple-User Dimension (MUD) created using the .NET 4.0 platform and the C# language, utilizing modern architectural and development strategies.

Only recently joined the dev team, hoping to spend my free time contributing. I enjoy playing MUDs, and miss some of the old BBS door games.

GitHub, Feb 2015

A C# API client to interact with their web services.

Sole author.

GitHub, Feb 2015; forked 2 times

Board gaming is a hobby of mine, this is a C# API client to pull data from their XML web services.

Sole author.

GitHub, Nov 2015 - Feb 2016

Sole author. Used for the Trek BI team for campaign reporting.

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