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  • Wan Chai, Hong Kong-China
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Chief programmer at Hong Kong code shop. Projects at all scales. Rates start at USD10k month.


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Hardcore Programmer

June 2012 – 2999

Project work for anything. 3D graphics, visualization, algorithms, apps, database and websites.

Time Out Hong Kong

April 2012 – June 2012

  • Wrote Staycation/Vacation cover feature for June 2012.

Software Development Intern
A Hong Kong-based Startup

April 2012

  • Software development for proprietary robotic tech.

Research Assistant
Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

August 2011 – March 2012

  • Topic identification using a variety of metrics
  • Document summarization using maximum entropy models
  • 3d Graphics navigation of virtual worlds in web browser.
  • Fast pattern matching over huge datasets using suffix trees created online.
  • Fast matching of huge sets of augmented regex to small inputs using NFAs.
  • Unsupervised learning of semantic relations via n-gram mining.

IT Support
Compass Group

January 2011 – May 2011

Liasing with business at head office (on site) and in remote locations via LogMeIn / phone to provide support to the Compass infrastructure network for products like billing, ordering, and computer hardware and software upgrades and continuity of service.

Afex Research

2009 – 2011

  • Novel integer factorization methods not using GNFS, EC or RHO.
  • Novel circuit minimization algorithms.
  • Design of 3 new approaches based on binary congruences, matrices and graphs.

Bon Vivant
Better Living Through Travel

2005 – 2009

After finishing college, I wanted to learn about the real world. In traveling the globe for 3 years, my notable adventures include : hitchhiking from Osaka to Tokyo, riding the trans-Siberian railroad, biking from China to Thailand via India, and starting an art business in Hong Kong.

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B. Science (Chemistry)
Sydney University

2002 – 2005

Talented Student Program. High Distinctions in Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Integral Calculus and Mixed Media. Also studied Chemistry, the central science. The ideas behind statistical thermodynamics continue to influence my thinking about algorithms, data and nature. One awesome application of this is the Hasting-Metropolis algorithm in simulated annealing, using stat thermo to effectively walk the energy landscape and do global optimization. Thank you, year 2 chemistry.

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Open Source

Bitbucket, Jan 2012

Processing based applets for prettifying data visualization. See a video here :

Design, test, code, deploy.

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URL service for making short, descriptive and custom links.

Wrote and deployed code. Co-founder handles graphics.

A more blue and chunky version of the big pulsing orb. Navigate this 3D world with standard first-person shooter controls : w,a,s,d,c,space and mouselook.

Designed, wrote, tested, deployed.

Highlights this month's events in Hong Kong and Macau and provides details of sightseeing and eating & drinking in Hong Kong and Macau. Weekly entertainment listings, travel…

Intern - production assisting, preview writing, sidebar writing, interview Q&A writing

Want to go camping in luxury and style without chipping those manicured nails? Let Kawai Wong and Cris Stringfellow fill you in on the basics… Dear Time Out I want to venture out…

Sourcing the merchandise items from around Hong Kong and taking care of them without incident!

Art goes out to the public via LED screens at various spots around London.

Made GIFs for London public art installation.

An orbit graph. Watch the sphere-graph pulsing alongside music. Play with the orb here :

Deployed then made video.

Some 3D programming around visualizing social networks. Play with the apps at :

Wrote around 25 apps and built the video.

The Processing Portfolio of Cris Stringfellow - OpenProcessing

Wrote about 25 demos around 3D naviagable worlds (use WASD,C,SPACE to nav and mouselook), focussed on data visualization, social graphs, and math. I believe in 3D in the browser.

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Algorithms on Strings, Trees and Sequences: Computer Science and Computational Biology

Algorithms on Strings, Trees and Sequences

Computer Science and Computational Biology

Dan Gusfield

Good overview of suffix trees, their formation and use in pattern matching. Intro to motif finding.

Elementary Number Theory (6th Edition)

Elementary Number Theory

Kenneth H. Rosen

Inspiration for building new factoring algorithms, including from congruence arithmetic, p-adics, and Hensel lifting.

Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, Second Edition

Applied Cryptography

Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, Second Edition

Bruce Schneier

Gave me an early introduction to symmetric ciphers, random number generators and entropy.

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

Taught me a basic education in discrete maths, including generating functions for combinatorics /recursions.

Flexible Pattern Matching in Strings: Practical On-Line Search Algorithms for Texts and Biological Sequences

Flexible Pattern Matching in Strings

Practical On-Line Search Algorithms for Texts and Biological Sequences

Gonzalo Navarro, Mathieu Raffinot

Bit parallel implementations (condensing representations into machine words.) Approximate matching with bounded errors, using DFA/NFA "layers" and epsilon/sigma transitions.

Numerical Recipes in C++: The Art of Scientific Computing

Numerical Recipes in C++

The Art of Scientific Computing

William H. Press, Saul A. Teukolsky, William T. Vetterling, Brian P. Flannery

Fast square root algorithm(graphics). Singular value decomposition(association mining:google).

The Elephant Vanishes: Stories

The Elephant Vanishes


Haruki Murakami

Looking for the shortest short story I could find. Picked up a white cover book. Found 100% perfect girl at 3 pages. Read it. Then read all his other books.

HTML5: Up and Running


Up and Running

Mark Pilgrim

Local storage, semantic form fields, and the possibilities of now.

A History of Algorithms: From the Pebble to the Microchip

A History of Algorithms

From the Pebble to the Microchip

Lots of cool stuff about a whole range of algorithms. From Newton approximation, Chinese Remainder theorem, to primality testing.

Number Theory: A Programmer's Guide

Number Theory

A Programmer's Guide

Mark Herkommer

Fantastic book from author -- I think it's his only one. Great simple overviews of the clever ideas in general number field sieves + stacks of other usually difficult algorithms + what's more awesome is heaps of straight forward commented implementations.

Graph Algorithms in the Language of Linear Algebra (Software, Environments, and Tools)

Just getting started in this great book on how to implement and view all graph algorithms as matrix operations. Very insightful, and offers performance/implementation improvements due to the common-"matrix"-ground and ops on sparse matrices it talks about.

What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20: A Crash Course on Making Your Place in the World

What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

A Crash Course on Making Your Place in the World

Tina Seelig

Great to flick through and get inspiration / strategies for doing your own thing and making stuff.

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Articles & Blogs

Data Analytics: So, What's Your Algorithm? -

Business News & Financial News - The Wall Street Journal -

Analytics harvested from massive databases will begin to inform our day-to-day business decisions. Call it Big Data, analytics, or decision science. This is playing…

Data Data Everywhere and Not a Drop of Value


If I had a nickel for every founder who told me how much data they were going to collect, well, I’d have a lot of nickels. If I had a nickel for how many of those same founders knew what they were going to do with all of that big data, well, I’d have significantly less nickels.

Does Algorithmic Trading Improve Liquidity? - 2011 - The Journal of Finance

The Journal of the American Finance Association

Technological change has revolutionized the way financial assets are traded. Every step of the trading process, from order entry to trading venue to back office, is now...

MAKE | Smartphone-Controlled Ikea Lamp

MAKE | DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from the workshops and minds of geeks, makers, and hackers @ Make: magazine

Bluetooth chip to control your lamp.

A Rose by Any Other Name Might Smell as Sweet, But it Would Probably Be Larger | Webmonkey |

Webmonkey - The Web Developer's Resource |

The JS1K contest seeks the web's smallest, most impressive JavaScript experiments. This year's love-themed entries include a remarkable 3D rose rendered with less than…

Army FY12.A STTR Solicitation Topics

DoD SBIR Resource Center

Build a virtual lab to host gatherings of thousands of human participants to gauge human response to various settings. ARMY seeks submissions. Sounds like a project for Media Lab!

Optimal Error Correcting Codes

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A sampling-based framework for parallel data mining.

ArnetMiner - Academic Researcher Social Network Search

On efficient data mining...great -- The goal of data mining algorithm is to discover useful information embedded in large databases. Frequent itemset mining and sequential pattern mining are two important data mining problems with broad applications. Perhaps the most efficient way to solve these problems sequentially is to apply a pattern-growth algorithm, which is a divide-and-conquer algorithm [9, 10]. In this paper, we present a framework for parallel mining frequent itemsets and sequential patterns based on the divide-and-conquer strategy of pattern growth. Then, we discuss the load balancing problem and introduce a sampling technique, called selective sampling, to address this problem. We implemented parallel versions of both frequent itemsets and sequential pattern mining algorithms following our framework. The experimental results show that our parallel algorithms usually achieve excellent speedups.

3d js » Román Cortés » 1k Rose

Román Cortés - Portfolio

Great 3d render in JS overview -- "I’ve participated in the love themed 4th edition of js1k. My submission is a static image, a procedurally generated 3d rose. You can take a look of it here.

On Exploring the Power-Law Relationship in the Itemset Support Distribution


About that common structure -- the power law -- seen in graphs, the web, and nature and now also noted in itemsets. Cool.

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IBM 286 (with x86 on the box), SVGA monitor, DOS 3.1, asm(debug), QBASIC.

Visual Studio (C flavors), Eclipse (Java), Vim(Python,Ruby,Perl),gedit(HTML/CSS/Js)