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I have extensive experience with web applications using vanilla JavaScript and am very excited about the growth of the browser as a platform and the advancement of the JavaScript community.

I am a Software Craftsman with a B.S. in Computer Sciences from UW-Madison. I believe that test-driven development is critical for successful projects along with effective communication. I strongly believe that being a polyglot programmer (with abilities in multiple languages) is important. Both my CS education and the Software Craftsmanship movement agree that being a developer is understanding how things work not a specific language or programming feature. I am confident that I have the ability to develop in unfamiliar environments and languages.


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Senior Frontend Engineer

March 2015 – March 2015

  • Lead front end developer focused on creating a rich web application with excellent user experience for application behind paywall. Using modern front end technologies (modules, React, Redux, Babel-compiled ES6) along with adding new JSON-based edge API services and contributing to the existing APIs (Ruby, NodeJS).
    • Complex table layout with filtering abilities for querying investor data.
    • Next generation of the company details page.
    • Site-wide search and navigation (injecting React components into legacy pages to avoid having to write multiple versions of search, etc).
  • Primary developer of Mattermark Google Chrome extension.
  • Primary developer of Mattermark public company profile pages which reuses the existing React companies but renders them server-side (to avoid having to give non-authenticated users access to our internal APIs as we do for non-public company profile pages). Uses React and NodeJS along with refactoring to allow for both server-side and client-side rendering and data fetching. More than doubled daily traffic.
  • Responsible for continued development on Mattermark iOS application (primary developer left) while searching for another iOS developer. Written in Objective-C.
  • Explored using react-native to bring Mattermark mobile application to Android (and potentially go in the direction of a shared code-base for iOS).

Senior Software Developer

March 2014 – March 2015

Working on a JavaScript web application used to design T-shirts. Refactoring legacy code without tests to testable state (modules, removing globals, removing circular dependencies, cleaning up events, etc). My previous project was a web-based JavaScript application that we came in to help clean up that had over 600,000 lines of JavaScript. I am applying the skill learned there to our code base to make it easier to change and test.

Software Craftsman
8th Light

February 2012 – February 2014

  • work on client projects with client craftsmen and 8th Light craftsmen
  • mentor new novice and resident apprentices to become craftsmen
  • continuously improve own development and communication abilities
  • write for company blog
  • work on 8th Light invoice generation application (Backbone.js)
  • present new development approaches and techniques at 8th Light University and/or conferences
  • estimate new projects

Web Developer

February 2010 – January 2012

At Webitects I developed websites with MVC in C# with JQuery and SQL Server.

Projects included:

  • email campaign platform for major art museum store that made it possible to send targeted emails to specific customer segments (by order history, etc) with a dynamic front end template picker including product integration from the e-commerce platform
  • multi-threaded windows service written in C# that integrates above email site with MailChimp (email marketing platform) via web services
  • developed custom CMS in ASP.NET MVC
  • a number of CMS-based sites for organizations (using custom CMS)
  • extended in-house data tier layer used for database access to support a number of requirements
  • ported company website from another platform to ASP.NET MVC 3 with Razor-based views

Software Engineer

June 2007 – February 2010

  • Ported look and feel of CDW Newsroom website to customer operations portal which included creating new elements and styles to accommodate greater range of information and display methods utilized on portal
  • Enhanced a Mediawiki search plugin that added support for utilizing Google Search Appliances to also support results from other wikis as interwiki results based also on GSA XML result sets
  • Wrote Perl-based probe to perform trending analysis of monitoring data with threshold-based alarming

Applied Visions, LLC

January 1997 – January 2002

  • Developed company website in PHP and MySQL.
  • Performed Lotus Notes administration and development duties as consultant.
  • Supported and implemented small computer networks.
  • Supported and implemented Linux-based servers to provide printer and file sharing.
  • Wrote AS/400 query scripts in pseudo-SQL report language.
  • Troubleshoot performance issues with software and networks.
  • Experience working at a wide range of clients from a small architectural hardware provider to large paper/coated products company.
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B.S. Computer Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison

2004 – 2007

I made the most of my time at UW-Madison by taking a heavy load of computer science classes including some graduate level courses. My favorite classes where:

  • Introduction to Programming Languages and Compilers (CS 536)
  • Introduction to Operating Systems (CS 537)
  • Computer System Modeling Fundamentals (CS 547)
  • Introduction to Information Security (CS 642)
  • Introduction to Algorithms (CS 577)

The one moment that made me ecstatic to have taken this path was having Professor Solomon explain how a context switch works at the hardware level in an operating system.

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GitHub, May 2014 - May 2016; followed by 541 people; forked 74 times

Browserify + Rails = CommonJS Heaven

Primary developer for Ruby gem to integrate browserify with the Rails asset pipeline. Most useful as a stepping stone from global-style typical JavaScript to modular-style. Used at Teespring to migrate from legacy JavaScript to a modular codebase which then made it possible to step away from the Rails asset pipeline.

GitHub, Jul 2015; followed by 546 people; forked 18 times

A Google Chrome extension that highlights React components on the page.

I wrote a chrome extension that highlights the DOM on the current page that is rendered by ReactJS.

GitHub, Feb 2012

HTTP server written in Clojure for learning purposes.

I wrote this as a learning exercise to pick up Clojure during my apprenticeship at 8th Light. It is not meant for any type of actual production usage.

GitHub, Sep 2010 - Current; followed by 9878 people; forked 891 times

browser-side require() the node.js way

Contributed bug fixes.

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Do I Have Too Much Experience to Become an Apprentice? | 8th Light

Becoming an apprentice is a challenging prospect to those who already have some professional experience however it is worth considering the option to advance your career.

Reflections on Using Backbone.js | 8th Light

JavaScript frameworks like Backbone.js can provide the structure missing in ad hoc approaches but there are some common pitfalls.

Mime types for ASP.NET at personal blog

Cymen's Blog

Provides background details on the ApacheMimeTypesToDotNet project which is a simple program to generate a C# dictionary of mime-types based on the mime.types file from the Apache project.

The L in SOLID: Liskov substitution principle at personal blog

Cymen's Blog

Summarizes some of the presentation of the Liskov substitution principle in Robert Martin's Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices.

SQL Server Express and Performance Tuning at personal blog

Cymen's Blog

Some methods that I've used to tune SQL Server Express that focus on finding indexes that may be poor or missing. Some of the tools that come with full SQL Server do not come with Express and this blog post goes into other approaches based on query statistics.

MySQL and Round Robin Database (RRD) at personal blog

Cymen's Blog

Initial exploration of storing RRD data in MySQL.

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Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Clean Code

A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Robert C. Martin

Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices

That SOLID provides a common language for developers to discuss design.

C# in Depth, Second Edition

A historical perspective on changes in the syntax of C# that makes it easier to identify common patterns of usage. An understanding of the benefit of nullable types which I used in further development of an internal code generation tool that made classes based on database schema (an ORM wasn't an option in this case). The power of lambda expressions combined with the use of small classes that can make code far more expressive. The stronger understanding of LINQ.

Programming Pearls (2nd Edition)

Programming Pearls

Jon Bentley

That with enough thought and creative approaches difficult problems can be solved in much less time/memory than expected.

The Joy of Clojure: Thinking the Clojure Way

The Joy of Clojure

Thinking the Clojure Way

Michael Fogus, Chris Houser

Agile Web Development with Rails (Pragmatic Programmers)

Agile Web Development with Rails

Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson

Head First Design Patterns

Head First Design Patterns

Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra

ASP.NET MVC 3 in Action

ASP.NET MVC 3 in Action

Jeffrey Palermo, Jimmy Bogard, Eric Hexter, Matthew Hinze, Jeremy Skinner

An introduction to how MVC frameworks are used in practice along with the benefits of dependency injection. The discussion of architecture is thought provoking. Ideas on how to solve some common problems faced in ASP.NET MVC development.

Clojure in Action

Clojure in Action

Amit Rathore

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Built my own AMD 386 DX-40 with 8 MB of RAM and a 100 MB hard drive.



I have a fairly diverse experience working in the IT industry. After high school, I worked as a consultant for a small company in Chicago with a wide focus including some software development. I returned to school and completed a B.S. in Computer Sciences at UW-Madison out of personal interest while working at an Internet Service Provider. I stayed at the ISP in a development role but wanted to focus on development and returned to Chicago to do that. At UW-Madison, I particularly enjoyed classes focused on compilers, databases and operating systems.