Daniel Beardsley

CTO at Wompt Inc., and Contract Developer, and Creator at wikiwalki.com
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I love overcoming challenges, learning new things, and working with emerging technologies. I don't just love these things, I'm amazing at these things. I've been programming professionally since I was 15 when I first got a job at Adobe in 1997, and as a hobby since I was 9. Now, I'm most interested in real-time communication within browsers.


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Wompt Inc.

January 2011 – Current

Everything: system design, development, architecture, server admin, technical design, UX design, front-end design, graphic design, marketing.

Contract Developer

2007 – Current

I do a lot for clients: application development, server setup and admin, some graphic design. I work productively, solve problems with efficient and elegant solutions, and create systems that make future maintenance easy.


2006 – Current



B.S. Computer Science
CalPoly San Luis Obispo

2000 – 2005

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GitHub, May 2011 - Jun 2014; followed by 82 people; forked 36 times

A collection of service contracts for the development and design crowd

GitHub, Jun 2010; followed by 2 people

A simple web-app that converts textual input to HTML using one of several markup languages (rDoc, Markdown, Textile, ...)

GitHub, Jun 2011

Source Code for the official Wompt.com Google Chrome Extension

Apps & Software

Come chat on wompt - Easy-to-use. No registration required. Embed chat rooms on any web page.

Founder and Lead Developer.


Free Contract for Development / Design

For The Community

I needed a contract recently for some programming / development work and I wanted it to be free so I wrote one and open-sourced it.


Projects and links

In my work on Wompt.com I've contributed or added on to Socket.IO, Connect, Mongoose, and others.