David Masters

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  • Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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I am a confident developer in the Microsoft stack having accumulated knowledge in various technologies during my 6 years of commerical experience. This includes working on projects built with WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC3/4. I'm a highly enthusiastic individual with a real passion for doing things the right way; always striving to write clean and elegant code that makes for easy reading, and straightforward to maintain.

Although confident in various technologies (MVC & jQuery being my pick of the bunch), my real passion lies with object-oriented modelling, and I'm well versed in the philsophy of Domain Driven Design as well as implementing architecture based on it's design patterns. Whilst highly motivated to apply myself individually, I thrive in a team environment; collectively discussing design ideas for problems described by domain experts.

I'm interested in like-minded companies who really care about the quality of the software they produce, and the quality of the code that runs it.


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Senior Developer

April 2015 – Current

Senior Developer

July 2011 – April 2015

Currently working on a SaaS based product built with ASP.NET.

Liaising with the product manager and business analysts I am responsible for the design & development of new features. In my first 6 months I designed & developed a long awaited piece of functionality. The new screens provided a big improvement in usability compared with the rest of the product (which has historically been poor) and helped modernize the application by introducing jQuery animation. The feature release was praised by customers' who had become frustrated with the products progress.

I have also been able to completely re-style the application with CSS, improving from it's heavily criticised 'dated' look, and bringing it more inline with competitors.

In addition to development, I was responsible for moving the team to TFS; introducing continuous integration, a branching strategy, automated deployments and a work item work flow using the TFS Agile template. This has been very successful and allows the team to be much more organised and flexible for what needs to be delivered as well as providing management with KPI's via emailed daily reports of progress.

System C Heathcare

December 2007 – July 2011

Originally called 'IQ Systems', a small company targeting the private healthcare sector, I worked on a patient administration system built using ASP.NET. As a key member of the development team, I won the employee of the quarter within my first quarter. Responsible for implementing solutions from the point of liaising with domain experts through to designing and developing solutions, as well as demonstrating prototypes to clients, I was soon promoted to a lead developer. I worked on all aspects of the application including the web front-end using HTML, JavaScript & Ajax, the core business layer, and a messaging system which interfaced with third party applications using a variety of protocols (Web Services (SOAP)/raw TCP/OLAP). My biggest achievement during this period was successfully re-writing the complex core feature of the application which had historically been a performance problem area. I introduced a more object oriented approach to the problem which had previously been tackled with a procedural & SQL solution. This was hugely successful; improving performance whilst providing a flexible and easy to maintain code base.

I then moved onto the parent company's (System C) flagship product; an enterprise level distributed client/server application aimed at managing all aspects of a patient journey for NHS hospitals. I have been involved in developing all aspects of the application including the original Win Forms client, the new WPF client and the application server. The Win Forms client has been developed with the use of the Microsoft enterprise library’s smart client application block and the MVP pattern. I am now part of the team re-developing the client with WPF using Microsoft’s PRISM framework (MVVM pattern). Both clients communicate with an application server via .NET Remoting (soon to be WCF) designed with scalability in mind in order to support thousands of users. The team use SCRUM as the working methodology and make use of Cruise Control .NET for continuous integration and to execute unit tests upon new code submissions.

Junior Developer

July 2006 – December 2007

Initially, I was tasked with maintaining the existing suite of software (written in VB6) (EnterpriseMRM – www.enterprisemrm.com) by adding in new functionality and fixing bugs.

This swiftly moved on to writing bespoke Windows and web applications for clients that often integrated with the company’s suite of software. This role included liaising with clients ensuring that all of the agreed requirements have been met in accordance with the agreed specification.

During the latter part of my time with the company my role was to re-write an existing product called ‘Enterprise Portal’. This is a web based product that allows clients to provide their customers with a web front end to their membership database which is fully customisable and designed to integrate with their existing website. It allows a client’s customer base to login or register, buy or renew subscriptions, book onto events/courses, buy products, and search for other members. I designed and developed the majority of the product using ASP.NET and AJAX. With the use of Web Services clients are able to synchronise their back office database with their websites database.


BSc (hons) Internet & Computing Technology (HND Top-up)
Bournemouth University, UK

2005 – 2006

Passed with a 1st

HND Computing (Software Engineering)
Bath University

2004 – 2005

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Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Clean Code

A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Robert C. Martin

Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software

Domain-Driven Design

Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software

Eric Evans

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Being quite a sporty person I enjoy playing in a 6-a-side football league, tennis, running and going to the gym. My other hobbies include cooking & playing guitar.