Dennis Delimarsky

Currently a student. .NET Zone Leader at DZone, and Student Insider at Microsoft
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Eager to be at the core of the software development process. Able to quickly pick up new technology and tools, as well as collaborate in a team.

I started programming in early 1998, when I was 7. My parents were (and still are) university professors who teach how informational technology can be used in the economical field, so when they saw that I was interested in programming, they did their best to ensure that I expand my knowledge in the domain.

I started by creating Notepad-like applications with Visual Basic 6, then I worked a bit with reading and writing data to Microsoft Access databases via my own programs. Soon enough I created my own drawing application with the help of which I almost filled my 1GB (at that time pretty big) hard drive with random meaningless BMP creations.

In 2002 I installed Visual Studio .NET and tried working with VB.NET, but I didn't really like the way VB.NET changed, so I decided - since .NET is a completely different platform that introduced a completely different paradigm, I should try using a different language, just for the fun of trying.

That's when I started learning C#. At the time I didn't have any books on C# (although the shelf was full of VB6 reference guides), so the only learning resource I could use was the Internet and the installed MSDN documentation. Surprisingly, the C-like syntax didn't seem that hard after all and soon enough C# became my main language. I started working with WinForms, web services and ASP.NET; however my focus remained to be desktop applications. When .NET Framework 3.0 came out, I started learning WPF and continue to do so.

At the moment, I develop desktop and web applications, also learning Windows Azure API and the possibilities of app interactions with the cloud.

I developed a few contract-based solutions for internal company use using .NET and I am also working on my own projects (the one I am focused on right now is WeatherBar -


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.NET Zone Leader

April 2010 – Current

Writing .NET-related articles on a regular basis. Covering various .NET Framework tools and development methods.


August 2009 – June 2011

Managing content as well as resolving issues between members. Contributing to community improvement and development by actively participating in the forums that are tied to my area of expertise - Microsoft .NET Framework, as well as promoting new software development technologies.

Student Insider

August 2010 – Current

Technical writing on various Microsoft topics. Covering professional Microsoft developer events. Developing mobile and NUI applications.

Software Development Engineer [Vendor] - Channel9/C4F

July 2012 – May 2013

Building complex solution to demonstrate the capabilities of the Microsoft development platform. Among core projects developed were FallFury ( and MissionControl (


Computer Science
Independence Community College

2010 – 2012

Best Web Master Scholarship (Entrepreneurship – Independence High School – 2008)

First Place Web Design Scholarship (Missouri Southern State University Business Competition – 2009)

Microsoft Tech Student of the Month (January 2011 -

First Place Computer Concepts Scholarship (Missouri Southern State University Business Competition – 2009)

First Place Computer Concepts (Independence Community College Competition - 2009)

Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) Scholarship (academic year in the United States of America – 2008-2009)

Microsoft Code7Contest Winner (runner-up - Europe and United Kingdom - 2009)

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Stack Overflow 13833 reputation points
Stack Apps 2101

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CodePlex, Jun 2011; followed by 51 people

A set of extensions and helpers that will facilitate the use of the Microsoft Kinect motion sensor with the Kinect SDK.

Project coordinator and main developer.

CodePlex, Mar 2011; followed by 18 people

A library and sample Windows Phone 7 application that allows developers to access the undocumented Zune web API.

CodePlex, Feb 2010 - Mar 2010; followed by 24 people

WeatherBar is an application written in C# to show the weather in a specific location. One point that makes this application different from other weather applications and gadgets is the ability to integrate with the Windows 7 taskbar.

CodePlex, Apr 2011; followed by 4 people

A Dropbox picture uploader for Windows Phone.

CodePlex, Oct 2010; followed by 10 people

Flickr for Windows Phone 7 is an application that allows users access various Flickr features directly from their Windows Phone 7 device.

CodePlex, Jan 2011 - Mar 2011

Student Insiders

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486 / 16MB RAM / 1GB HDD / 14'' Display

Visual Studio


Projects and links

WeatherBar (

An application that allows weather information to be displayed in the Windows 7 taskbar instead of using desktop widgets or accessing a weather service in the web browser.