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I used to be a good telecommunications engineering student that turned software engineer, but never lost interest in network security, systems administration and of course non-tech stuff like racket sports, learning other languages or having fun with my lifelong friends.


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Software Engineer

July 2006 – Current

I have worked for over three years for Telvent at Bilbao Location, where the payment systems expert group stays. It belongs to Traffic and Transportation branch of the company.

I have worked developing new features, correcting BUGs and integrating several Software Frameworks for Transportation Solutions for different Railway, Metro, Tolling and Parking projects. These framework systems are really versatile and must adapt to many requeriments of several customers. They are mainly devolped in Java and C and run on several system componentes (Automatic Vending Machines, Access Gate Machines, Portable Ticket Checking Machines, Station level or Central Level Information System Server, etc.).

I have worked with and on the following software frameworks:

  • Mobifast. This is the framework aimed at AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) systems for closed or open metro and railway networks. I have specialized on ATVM (Automatic Ticket Vending Machine) modules but also on server business logic and user presentation componets.
  • SmartTOLL. This framework is aimed at highway tolling systems that can use both magnetic stripe ticket technology and contactless technology such as the tandem ETC On Board Equipment and ETC ETC Road Side Equipment. My experience with this framework relies on data mining and business server components enhancement and development.
  • Web.Park. This is the framework for integrated Parking solutions. I have worked supporting some communication and business server components.

Besides extending functionality or supporing software frameworks I have worked on adapting these frameworks for several projects. Some of the tasks I have carried out on these projects are:

  • Supporting complete operational AFC systems fixing BUGs, adding new small features or aiding customers detecting and solving other kinds of problems (fraud, network infrastructure issues, etc.).
  • Developing new features for new or existing AFC systems such as making new EMV payment standard available to purchase transport tickets at ATVMs.
  • Leading a software team (Software Project Manager) to develop (adapting the common frameworks and developing new components) all the sofware needed in a new AFC system (Automatic Gate Systems, Portable Ticket Checking Machines, Ticket Checking Machines, Automatic or Semiautomatic Ticket Vending Machines, Station Level Transaction Servers and Central Communication and Transactional Servers among other components).

Captiva Soluciones y Seguridad S.L.

September 2002 – July 2006

I was one of the 5 co-founders of this small university spin-off that wanted to focus on researching network security and quality of service related projects. As the result of a 3 year research project we developed a prototype that would become the integral network security and performance measurement distributed system called ADVISER. This was aimed at studying network traffic in order to infer network performance problems, security threats or hardware failures.

Other research areas I was involved in as researcher and project manager were Semantic Web and Knowledge Management.

My duty at this company was not restricted to researching but also covered by following activities:

-Security Consulting. I worked as consultant providing several services such as network security studying, security solutions technical advising and european personal data protection european law auditing. -Web Development. I worked as developer or designer on several on-demand projects such as an issue tracking system for system administrators or an e-learning J2EE based platform for the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU). -Marketing and managing. I carried out some tasks on marketing studies, marketing campaings and customer relationship. As manager I also covered some bureaucratic work such as research funding search, application and justification.


Telecommunications Engineering
Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de Bilbao (UPV/EHU)

1996 – 2002

Achieved highest mark (10) with MSc Thesis (Proyecto de Fin de Carrera).

Ranked 14th in 2002 graduation.

Accepted in Telematics Department since third year and granted to research in several projects.

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Amstrad CPC 464



Soon after becoming my first computer at the age of 8, I already knew I wanted to know all about that wonderful, undiscovered universe full of magic. I could not imagine how come the strange music coming out of a tape playing on that thing could bring so much live to the screen and speaker and giving me the power to control all kinds of artificial worlds.

A few months after that I learned that by typing some strange spells on and ancient magic language called Locomotive BASIC, I could indeed make the box talk to me or paint some primitive shapes on the screen. It was really a magical language for me, taking into account I had no english knowledge at that time.

After years on school and then high-school where spent my time learning, meeting my longlife friends, practising some tennis and getting my first failures at the even more difficult art of flirting I finally got to the point where I needed to choose what I wanted to become.

My true passion had directed my pre-university education toward the technical branch and I was determined to keep on learning more about the boxes that had been fascinating me since I was a child. The choice had always been clear (Computer Science), but 1996 was a year of changes. Internet let us know a Computer universe could turn into a larger multiverse by simply letting each one talk to another. Telecommunications and Computers started to tie each other and that would last forever. I decided for Telecommunications Engineering instead of Computer Science, as my grades were not quite bad and gave the chance to choose one of the most demanded Degrees at that time.

At university I got another affair with a newcomer to my life. Its name was digital electronics and it was almost the cause of divorce with my true love, but things changed and in the end I took the path of Telematics, the most software related branch of telecommunication engineering studies at my faculty.