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I am the Mobile Engineering Lead at YPlan, previously the Android Lead for Fantasy Football at Yahoo.

I am a strong proponent of modern development practices and I employ different clean architecture concepts to create testable mobile apps.

I am also a big believer in sharing knowledge internally and externally and I have a proven record of helping kick-start technical blogs, meetups and open-source efforts. I started YPlan's technical blog, I started the Yahoo London Tech talks, I was heavily involved in launching and writing for the Yahoo mobile blog and I published the first Android open source contribution from the Yahoo London office.


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Mobile Engineering Lead

May 2015 – Current

YPlan Droid

Senior Android Developer

January 2014 – May 2015

Tech lead for Yahoo Fantasy Football (since project inception in January 2014) and the internal video library (since December 2014).

I have helped build Yahoo's Android team in London and in July we shipped Fantasy Football to the Play Store. The app, localised in over 20 locales from launch day, has topped 100k MAUs and has had a consistent 4-star rating.

From the very beginning I ensured we use a continuous integration pipeline, heavy testing using Robolectric and also, to a lesser extent, Robotium UI tests. After the initial launch, we started making very heavy use of A/B testing and instrumentation for data-driven product decisions.

In December I also took lead of the Android internal video library. At the time this was only a companion library for one of our apps, but it had to become usable by any app in the company. By end of March, I had published a new version of the library with a new API (heavily simplified and fluent), internal instrumentation, CD pipeline with unit tests and significant performance improvements in terms of cold start time and memory use.

Back-end / big data developer

May 2013 – December 2013

Created a simulation prototype for the native ads marketplace. The goal was to get an intuition of how adjusting parameters for serving our native ads could influence the overall metrics. The prototype was a success and a team was formed to develop the project full-time.

Created JVM-based webservices using Spring and Jersey for web and mobile clients. I optimised our REST API for the mobile clients and wrote an in-memory cache system to improve response time.

I designed and built key parts of a static webpage analyser. The goal was to analyse landing pages for mobile ads and score these based on their mobile appropriateness so that we could feed this back to advertisers.

Analyst in Technology (Software developer role)
Goldman Sachs

November 2011 – May 2013

I worked in Commodities IT on the EDealing team. My team developed and actively maintained a real-time trading platform for clients that allowed them to place trades with us either algorithmically through an API or directly through our desktop application.

I worked on many different parts of the stack, including the responsive client-facing application (C# / WPF), as well as the back-end server processes (Java and Slang -- GS's internal language) that were handling our large trade volumes. I also directly supported our sales and trader teams and created ad-hoc applications for them.

Summer Analyst (Software developer role)
Goldman Sachs

June 2011 – September 2011

I designed and developed custom WPF controls, as part of the core technologies group in the Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities division.

My main project was building a search-as-you-type drop-down box capable of handling very large sets of data and also of being connected to the varied database systems that the company employed. This project was adopted by the core technology team after my internship.

Technology Intern

June 2008 – August 2008

Fixed bugs in the back-end libraries of the AIM client, worked on new connectivity functionality for AIM and ICQ, designed and developed AIM plug-ins for use with social networks and contributed to the developer website with a script to facilitate writing AIM plug-ins.

Graduate Teaching Assistant
George Washington University

September 2010 – May 2011

Prepared weekly labs for the undergraduate introductory course and the database and software engineering course.

Research Assistant
George Washington University

June 2009 – May 2010

Designed and implemented an electronic voter-verifiable voting protocol with an accessible interface. Led a small team of undergraduate students working on development and testing.

Programming coach
George Washington University

September 2008 – May 2011

Coached the university’s teams for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

Senior Computer Technician
George Washington University

December 2006 – May 2009

Provided technical support over the phone and in person for software, hardware and network issues.

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M.S. Computer Science
George Washington University

2010 – 2011

GPA: 3.97 (99%)

B.S. Computer Science
George Washington University

2006 – 2010

  • Dean's list
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Arnold P. Meltzer Award for Best Computer Science Senior Design Project
  • Pelton Award for Outstanding Senior Project, 2nd Place
  • Benjamin C. Cruikshanks Award for Highest Computer Science GPA
  • GPA: 3.73 (93%)

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Open Source

GitHub, Dec 2014 - Jul 2015; followed by 171 people; forked 86 times

It provides a SeekBar similar to the default Android one, but with two thumb controls allowing a range to be selected, and some other extras as well.

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* Play major tournaments including EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and MLS * Set up and manage your team seamlessly and effortlessly and compare results with your friends or in public leagues * Research with in-depth stats * Live scores and points during matches

Technical Lead

I founded and recruited the team from scratch, setup our CD pipeline and testing libraries, organised weekly code reviews and technical discussion (in addition to using git flow). I started the project and had contributions that touched all areas of the app, but I I have had the most impact on our application architecture. Some other areas of focus are the player research screen and the friends screen.

I also focused a lot on performance, in terms of cold start time and stability (goal was under 0.5% crash rate, measured as total daily crashes / DAUs).

Departure times for your favourite River Bus stops are just a touch away. We automatically detect the closest pier to you and let you know when the next boat will depart in either direction.

Personal project, I am the sole contributor

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Material Design & Testing Tools: Highlights From... | Yahoo Mobile Tech

Yahoo Mobile Tech

Material Design & Testing Tools: Highlights From Droidcon London By Alex Florescu, Android Developer Image © 2014 Droidcon Just before getting out our droid suits for trick-or-treating, the London...

Tech debt: it ain’t all bad | Seconds & pixels

Seconds & pixels

An experienced engineer should know when the time is right to clean-up some debt and when to let it linger a bit longer. Sometimes it’s appropriate and sometimes that God object just needs to go and you can’t have it any other way. Knowing when to do either of these is the hard part...

Testing on multiple Android devices simultaneously | Seconds & pixels

Seconds & pixels

If you're developing for Android, sooner or later you'll have to test your app against different versions of Android and different screen sizes and you probably want to see how these changes get re...

Static factory methods | Seconds & pixels

Seconds & pixels

Last week the LJC kindly offered me the chance to do a lightning talk before Tim Berglund's presentation "Git from the Bits up" at Skills Matter. I decided to do a quick introduction to Static fact...

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Effective Java: Second Edition

Effective Java

Second Edition

Joshua Bloch

Head First Design Patterns

Head First Design Patterns

Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Robson, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra

Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (Voices That Matter)

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Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products


How to Build Habit-Forming Products

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Daring Fireball: Native Apps Are Part of the Web

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A primer about technical debt, legacy code, big rewrites and ancient wisdom for non technical managers

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HC-91 (ICE-Felix)