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My job is to make sure that you get some good code written for you.

There are many different elements that go into producing good code. There is the technical aspect; knowledge about the platform, tools and frameworks in use. There is the interest, the curiosity. The process of reflecting over what makes code better or worse, and from what perspective.

There is also the people aspect, the team must function together, and the knowledge must spread in the team. That is something that I like to do; to share my knowledge. I guess that is why I hang around at Stackoverflow in the first place.

Anyway, I have got long experience, interest in code quality and business knowledge. And humour, I think.


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Senior .NET Consultant

October 2010 – Current

Working as a Senior .NET Consultant at Webstep.

My assignments within this employment has included

  • Back-end software for web based financial trading
  • WPF based application for managing and monitoring surveillance cameras over a network
  • Web based authentication provider
  • Service based software for BI

I was a speaker at the Øredev conference in 2011 and 2014, and at DevSum 2014.

I am also part of the Øredev program comittee.

Note: Webstep was previously called Diversify in Sweden, but changed names in October 2014.

Self Employed, Sweden

August 2008 – October 2010

Worked as a consultant, mainly with large companies as customers.

Selected projects (most recent first)
Web based issue submission application
The application allowed users to search for existing issues in the issue management system and also providied a user interface for efficiently submitting new issues. The tasks included developing a custom Ajax control, communicating with WCF services both through Ajax and in code-behind and developing a JavaScript-based rule engine evaluating UI state.

Back-end system provding access to issue management system
Participated in the development of a WCF based back-end system that allowed other systems to interact with the central issue management system. The system maintained a queue of updates to be performed in the issue management system. These jobs were picked up and processed by a handful of server installations (distributed world-wide).

Automatic priority calculator
Took part in developing an application that would calculate and assign a priority score on issues in the issue management system. Based on data in the issue, one of several different calculation rules was selected and applied to the issue.

Parental leave
My son

August 2008 – October 2008

Maintaining a 1½ year old child. My tasks included all sorts of interaction with the external interface.

Consultant, Co-founder
Eqinox AB, Sweden

2000 – 2008

Co-founded the company (consisting of 4-5 consultants), working with mainly large companies as customers. Participated in a number of projects in a role that was typically a mixture of programmer, architecht and mentor.

Selected projects (most recent first)
Web based system for importing issue reports
A system allowing users to upload Excel files containing issue reports. Issue data was parsed from the files, validated, and presented to the user. The user could choose to attach files to an issue before submitting it into the central issue management system. The application also pulled out updated data from the central system, allowing the user to download Excel files with updated issue data in them. My roles in this project was architect and developer, in a 4 people team. The system was developed in C#.

Log parser
I developed an application parsing large log files from an automated test tool. The purpose was to locate the "worst" results from each kind of test found in the logs. The definition of "worst" varied between different tests, so the application featured a plug-in interface, where test cases could be mapped to a certain plugin that performed the comparisons. Once the log files were parsed, the test results that were found was written to an XML file for import into the central test management system (Mercury QualityCenter). The system was developed in C#.

Test result reporting system
I developed a specialized user interface for mechanic tests (drop tests and various forms of physical abuse of consumer products), that allowed the user to define found problems and connect them to the tested unit in a highly efficient manner. The test results were stored in Mercury QualityCenter. The system was developed in C#.

Translation management
Designed and developed a system that managed translations of user interface texts. The system consisted of different applications: a translation editor used world-wide (accessed via Citrix), a resource file exporter that packaged and exported the texts in various resource file formats, and an import application that imported from various formats into the translation database. The system was developed in VB.NET.

Communication framework
Maintenance and development of a proprietary communication framework for a service oriented architecture. The system consisted of a communication layer that was used by many applications developed in-house in the company. I also worked on a code generator for the communication framework. Systemet utvecklades i VB.NET.

Project Manager, Programmer
Exentia S.A.R.L, France

1998 – 1999

Working on a project developing an accounting software for micro companies. My role (in a team of 5) was project manager/architect/lead developer.

Consultant, programmer
Exentia AB, Sweden

1996 – 1999

Worked on a number of different projects, including a document management system, a salary management system and others.

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1993 – Current

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Code samples for blog posts, presentations and such

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Delegates and lambdas 101 - Tech.Pro


The purpose of this article is to demystify delegates and help you gain some understanding about how different ways of using delegates relate to each other.

This static thing, is it evil or not?

A discussion about the use of static functions and state, and how it affects your codes' testability and usability.

Using-blocks and asynchronous operations // software blog | Occasional writing on software development by Fredrik Mörk

An article showing how to create a helper method that has a similar structure to a using-block (for IDisposables), and that works with asynchronous operations. Also doubles as a walk-through for the thought process of creating the code and unit tests for it.

Using extension methods to hide infrastructure code // software blog | Occasional writing on software development by Fredrik Mörk

Extension methods have been around for a while in C# by now, and sometimes you see questions regarding the real use of this approach. That can be debated, and this text is not aiming to cover the subject in whole, but instead show on one case where you may find them usable.

Using “or” to combine A and B? Explaining that bitmask thing. // software blog | Occasional writing on software development by Fredrik Mörk

This article deals with the basic concept of bitmasks, something that still causes some confusion at times.


Visual Studio



OK, so I am not one of those that produced BASIC programs before I learnt to read properly. Quite the contrary, I slipped into computer programming after finishing high school, but it was a good slip. I taught myself Visual Basic (version 3) during the summer of 1993 and never looked back. Since then I just love programming.

I have worked mostly in the Microsoft environment, with a brief flirt with Delphi in the mid-90's. When .NET was introduced I learnt it using VB.NET and also worked on VB.NET assignments the first few years. Later I switched over to C# which is now my language of choice. I am fairly fluent in both though; it's still the same framework.

I like design, which is something that comes in many different shapes. Designing a API can be just as challenging as designing a UI (I would even say that an API is a UI, of sorts).