Goran Obradovic

Consultant - Production Support
Japan Tobacco International, Geneva, Switzerland
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Very short about me

  • I love this profession, I enjoy to create products that someone will use, and I love to deliver value to the client. I believe that delivering value is the best way to have your work appreciated.
  • First thing that that I do when starting to work on a task is to understand what is goal of it, what value is expected to be added, and what will user of that deliverable want to accomplish with it. I believe that this is one of most important and most overlooked aspects of software craftsmanship that is completely ignored by most developers. More often than not, client does not know how to express expectations in way that is easily understood by developers, or even analysts - that is where I can help.
  • Technologies and my knowledge of them is the tool I use to accomplish that goal. I believe that technologies are here to come and go, and no matter how good I know some technology, not every project can be done with it, and not every requirement can be implemented with it, there is no silver bullet. Therefore I don't consider any specific technical knowledge as my main quality but engineering spirit, and ability to understand requirements beyond just what is written in document.
  • Independent, intelligent, quick learner & able to hit the ground running when starting to work on new project.
  • Resourceful & versatile, problem solver (in last 3 years I have not worked in a team where I did not become default address for redirecting all blockers to)
  • Expert web (html/js/css) & MS Web stack knowledge (SQL server to ASP.NET), but constantly reading, learning about new technologies, using them in my spare time and improving myself
  • I know how to find things in google before I waste time on solving something somebody already solved

That should be everything you need to decide if you want to know more about me. If not, thank you for your time, and I would not like to waste it any more.


As my best skills I see ability to abstract and understand requirements, to understand the business value that is target of requirement, and to come with ideas what to use and how to implement them.

Besides this, I'm good at problem solving, performance analysis/optimization, design & architecture of modular, reliable and supportable code, and refactoring of existing code to improve readability, maintainability and reusability.

From technology perspective, I have great knowledge of a wide range of (mostly Microsoft) web-related server and client technologies and their usage on different projects: .net and C# in general, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, LINQ, SQL server, JavaScript (Angularjs, Knockout, jQuery (even if I consider jQuery as library of past)), AJAX, JSON, HTML(5), CSS...

My technology-independent skills include design & architecture patterns, requirements analysis, code reviewing, refactoring & simplification (I'm big fan of Uncle Bob Martin and "Clean Code" series). I have rich experience working in small to medium teams delivering software artifacts using agile and scrum methodologies.


  • Professional

    • I want to start sharing my experiences and ideas to many common problems with commynity, but it seems that I cannot fit that into my schedule just yet. I also want to contribute to open source community, and it is one of things I want to do in longer term.
  • Personal

- To find and move to a city which has great infrastructure but still not too big so that I don't waste life commuting for any of private or professional activities. this is now accomplished


I started "programming" at age of 13, using QBasic on Intel 386, limited by lack of English language knowledge (and complete help was in English) and learning more English than programming along the way. Since then, in high school and college, I wrote a few (or more) bytes in Visual Basic, C, C++, Java and PHP, and even (successfully) participated in some C++ competitions on popular summer events among Balkan students of electrical engineering, called “Elektrijada”-s.

Starting from year 2009 I am employed fulltime as a .NET/C# developer working mostly on asp.net and asp.net mvc projects, some of them being integrated with SharePoint portals. In my career I worked on every aspect of software craftsmanship: Collecting and analyzing requirements, writing specifications, designing and implementing modules, testing, support. I have worked on desktop and web applications, system integration, reports, data analysis, from sql queries to complex single-page applications written in JavaScript.

In summer 2011 I became father, then in the fall of the 2011 (school year 2011/12) I started attending master studies in computer science at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka, and finally with beginning of 2012 I became constantly engaged in couple of interesting freelancing projects, so this was very busy year for me and I really had to became good at organizing my time.

In March 2013 I moved to Germany and started working for small company which sent me on my first day to work as consultant in a big tobacco company. It was great challenge to get recognized as one among best and most capable developers in new and unknown environment, and to work at same time at personal plan, to create conditions to bring rest of my family with me. One of most interesting and successful parts of my career.

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Consultant - Production Support
Japan Tobacco International, Geneva, Switzerland

July 2014 – Current

  • providing support for rest of the team
  • last level of support - investigating issues that cannot be resolved via workarounds or by first level of support
  • providing temporary/permanent solutions for critical issues
  • investigating performance issues
  • implementing change requests
  • hosekeeping (proactive code reviews to fix bugs before they are uncovered in production)

Home-office position.

Japan Tobacco International, Trier, Germany

March 2013 – June 2014

Development of Enterprise Resource Planning software for global vertical integration of company business. End-to-end distributed solution for managing tobacco business from disconnected instances in far away parts of the world where tobacco is grown, through all parts of transport and production, to central instance where all aggregates are available to decision makers.

Great challenge, great people, great experience.

My role in agile, self-organizing team was constantly changing, and I had the chance and pleasure to work on many function modules that I wanted to work on, to use technologies I liked, to take responsibility for bug-fixing worst set of function modules - and as a reward opportunity to rewrite some of them.

Consultant / Freelancer
Softbase Solutions Inc, Mississauga, ON, Canada

November 2012 – Current

Providing technical support for migration of legacy ado.net backed project to entity framework code-first (generated from existing database). - Answering technical questions about technologies (entity framework, asp.net mvc) - Reverse engineering code-first models from existing database - Customizing mappings and relations - Importing existing stored procedures to code-first context - Helping in migration of asp.net webforms GUI to asp.net mvc 4

Contractor / Freelancer
Salutoo UG, Koblenz, Germany

January 2012 – Current

Working on salutoo.com - platform for social gifting.

  • Development of social timeline in html5 canvas. Social timeline is 2d canvas which displays time with social events in a manner similar to Guardian's Arabian spring timeline.

  • Development of user interface for shopping cart and checkout process.

  • Development of T-Shirt designer - a html5 canvas for drawing on T-Shirt, where you can customize T-Shirt with pictures, text etc.

Senior software developer
ComTrade Group

November 2010 – January 2013

  • Technical lead on ComTrade IGP - Back Office part of the system, player management submodule
  • design/development of components in all layers of system (back-end: sql, ado.net, wcf; front-end: wcf, mvc, javascript, json, ajax, html5)
  • designing/building complete web applications from scratch for client use or integration into existing solution (asp.net/MVC/HTML5/AJAX/MSSQL)
  • design and coding of reusable pieces of software used across company
  • using SharePoint API to implement some features or automatize tasks from windows services, http modules, or simple and dirty web-tools for internal use
  • creating rich client interfaces for web applications using KnockoutJS, jQuery UI and AJAX
  • maintenance/support of legacy solutions (asp.net/C#/MS SQL/SSRS)
  • integration with LivePerson APIs

Development of core and GUI for Comtrade iGP Back-Office system: player management, crm, integration with 3-rd party systems, scheduler.

Created solution-wide ajax framework for usage by developers without ajax experience, and strongly typed helpers (similar to Telerik but far far simpler) for easy creating knockout.js backed grids with paging and sorting.

Software developer

January 2009 – November 2010

  • Development of software based on ASP.NET, .NET 3.5, MS SQL, MS Reporting Services and MS SharePoint technologies.
  • Maintenance/support of legacy solutions (asp.net/C#/MS SQL/SSRS)
  • Development of web portals (like this) based on customized SharePoint Services with specific applications developed in asp.net and integrated into it
  • Part of teams of 2-5 people
  • Suffering from working on projects prone to Creeping Featurism and not adhering to SOLID principles, lots of overtime and pressure to comply with deadlines
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M. S. Computer Science [abandoned]
University of Banja Luka

2012 – 2013

I have started this specialization but abandoned it to move to Germany.

Planning to start over again here.

University of Banja Luka

2003 – 2009

  • Member of ETF Banja Luka team in competitions in Informatics and Object-Oriented Programming at "Elektrijada" 2007 and 2008
  • Lead developer for faculty library software (.NET windows application with MYSQL database)
  • Participant in Hardware & Software 2008 competition (RFID based system for access control with MS SQL & ASP.NET Administration & Reporting)
  • Written 3D simulation of Solar System in C# using Tao Framework for Computer Graphics course

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GitHub, Nov 2011 - May 2016

Project assignment at colledge course of 3D graphics: Solar system simulation in 3d using Tao Framework. Planets configuration is saved in xml file, so this project easily can become some other star system or model of an atom.

Team leader/lead developer

My task was design and implementation of planet moving algorithm (in radial coordinate system), model classes, and rendering engine and xml representations of Solar system planets.

CodePlex, Apr 2012

Shopping List is a simple WP7 application that enables tracking of items to buy when going for groceries.


If you have Windows Phone, you can install it from Marketplace for free.

CodePlex, Apr 2012

SecTool is library for using System.Security.Cryptography API-s for symmetric and assymetric encryption and digital signing.


Bitbucket, Jul 2011 - Mar 2012; followed by 3 people

Source code for cascading dropdowns blog post I have written. Done with jQuery and obsolete today, but at the time it caused a lot of positive feedback.


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SharePoint-based portal for internet presentation of Republic of Srpska Postal Service

  • Lead developer

This is evening project I have done for my friend while learning angularjs and nancy fx.


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Remake of cascading dropdowns with KnockoutJS: Part 1 – creation of custom bindings | Responsible Coder

Remake of one of most popular articles on this blog - cascading dropdowns, this time with KnockoutJS

Script resource localization in ASP.NET MVC | Goran Obradovic's blog

As modern web applications are becoming more and more reliant on JavaScript, and world of SPA is getting new members every day, I wanted to be able to localize JavaScript resources, so my dialogs and other JS-generated gui is localized.

Check which rule is not fullfiled in jQuery validate plugin

Goran Obradovic's blog

Recently, I have encountered a situation where I used jQuery validation plugin and needed to know which of validation rules are failing.

Deserialize form from JSON data using jQuery

Goran Obradovic's blog

Solution for deserializing form data from json.

Simplify common data access functions by using Entity Framework extension points

Goran Obradovic's blog

Whenever there is a new project with database, there is substantial amount of time spent on design of that database, as changes to database later cause much more overhead and problems than in beginning

Cascading Dropdowns tutorial

Goran Obradovic's blog

Simple 3-part tutorial for making cascading dropdowns in asp.net with jQuery.

Take my work with me

Goran Obradovic's blog

Solution for quick migration of project to another machine without svn.

Fix selected tab in SharePoint top links menu

Goran Obradovic's blog

Quick and dirty fix for SharePoint top links menu when customizing look & feel of SharePoint site.

Unobtrusive attachment of functions to events in jQuery

Goran Obradovic's blog

Lets say I have text input field that is part of search form, and when user clicks on find, it gets results in another part of screen. What I want is, when user changes value in some of the inputs of search form, that search results be invalidated/removed as they are not actual anymore.

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The Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection (Collection) (Robert C. Martin Series)

This is one of my favorite books. One from which I improved the most.

Thinking in C++: Introduction to Standard C++, Volume One (2nd Edition) (Vol 1)

Thinking in C++

Introduction to Standard C++, Volume One

Bruce Eckel

Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0

Rob Conery, Scott Hanselman, Phil Haack, Scott Guthrie

Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It

Why We Get Fat

And What to Do About It

Gary Taubes

Articles & Blogs

Model Metadata and Validation Localization using Conventions

you've been HAACKED

By default, ASP.NET MVC leverages Data Annotations to provide validation. The approach is easy to get started with and allows the validation applied on the server to…

An Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Extensibility

Simple Talk: SQL Server and .Net articles, forums and blogs

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Intel 386@25Mhz & 4MB RAM

Visual Studio (with Resharper); Notepad++; Evernote, Any.Do