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Currently a Systems Engineer with, I was Chief Technology Officer and Senior Developer at Digital Fruition, LLC. Our flagship product is Site Palette, an OOP, Modular Web Framework which we have developed over a bed of robust open source projects. I enjoy writing challenging, innovative web applications which solve real-world problems. After receiving my first Mac computer at the age of 11, I very quickly taught myself to program with the intention of becoming a video game developer. I learned C/C++ in high school and after leaving college I taught myself PHP and MySQL. In 2003, with the help of a business partner, I formed Digital Fruition to invent, design and build web software.


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Systems Engineer

May 2014 – Current

As Website Hosting Operations System Engineer I am tasked with keeping the backend rendering fleets for the Retail websites and associated sites up and running. During On-Call shifts I respond to high severity issues to maintain high uptime and mitigate customer impact, and manage a ticket queue of requests from other teams at Amazon. While not on-call my responsibilities include developing tooling and platforms to support on-call operations and streamline the role of Website Hosting within Amazon.

I am primary owner for an internal Java/tomcat tool used to manage the AWS Autoscaling technology used by my team's fleets of servers. I also build fleets of servers, manage load balancers, consult with other teams regarding product launches and the infrastructure to support them, test new AWS instance types for deployment, configure monitoring and automation to improve efficiency and reduce downtime, and work to enable developers to have a smooth, continuous deployment experience.

Chief Technology Officer
Digital Fruition, LLC

2003 – 2014

I founded Digital Fruition in 2003 with the help of a business partner and manage all aspects of the technology we use, from selecting hosting providers, evaluating software, configuring servers, performing systems administrative tasks, to planning and designing technical aspects of the code we write, overseeing all of our custom development and writing a majority of our code myself.

As CTO of Digital Fruition I have:

  • Designed the Object Oriented Framework for our Site Palette product
  • Evaluated and Selected managed hosting providers
  • Provisioned and Configured multiple VMware Virtual Servers
  • Designed and built a cluster of Apache application servers behind an HAproxy load balancer
  • Configured, installed, and maintain cPanel servers
  • Planned and designed all Site Palette modules
  • Wrote the majority of the code for Site Palette and it's modules

Systems Administrator
Venue Communications

2004 – 2014

I manage several servers for Venue Communications, a Web Development company I work closely with. My responsibilities include:

  • Provisioning new servers
  • Configuring / managing cPanel installations
  • BIND 9 DNS primary/slave server administration
  • Exim MTA configuration and management
  • Apache server installation, configuration, compilation, management
  • PHP compilation, configuration, management
  • PHP development and debugging
  • Security management, including intrusion detection, prevention, analysis, etc
  • Dovecot IMAP server management
  • MySQL server management and optimization
  • Backup strategy planning, ZFS Backup server setup and administration
  • Postfix MTA configuration and management
  • Network design and Networking configuration
  • Nagios monitoring setup and management
  • Cacti performance graphing setup and management
  • Many other miscellaneous tasks

Programming Manager
Venue Communications

2002 – 2004

  • Planning large scale PHP projects
  • Managing contract developers
  • Custom development using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Coordination between customers and development/sales teams
  • Worked closely with CEO on internal development projects in PHP, Perl, and JavaScript

Instructional Technology Assistent Webmaster
City of Newton Public Schools

2001 – 2002

Assisted the Senior Webmaster and other ITC staff in various tasks including developing Intranet sites, developing internal C++ applications, developing internal PHP applications, help desk support, Mac OS 9 client management, Mac OS X server management, and more.

Cisco Systems

July 2000 – August 2000

Having an internship at Cisco right out of High School was fantastic. It was a great place for me to be at that age. I was tasked with various responsibilities which included setting up, deploying and testing Cisco CDN servers and software, coordinating between the development and QA teams, developing Netscape plugins, and other miscellaneous tasks. At Cisco I got my first real hand-on experience with Linux servers, RAID arrays, networking, and more.

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Computer Science
Brandeis University

2000 – 2002

While studying computer science at Brandeis University I was also working part time as a PHP developer and I found that I was learning more from the PHP development I was doing and enjoying that more than the Computer Science courses I was taking. Perhaps Computer Engineering would have been a better discipline for me. I decided to focus on full-time web development and left Brandeis to pursue my career instead.

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Secure Message eXchange (SMX) is a web-based interface to PGP/GPG, allowing users to create PGP/GPG keys, encrypt, sign, view, and exchange messages. Ideal for password storage or exchange of other sensitive information.

I created this project with hopes that a community would develop around it to help build and improve it. I am still the project leader, but have not focused on this project much as my own business consumes the vast majority of my time.

GitHub, Aug 2012; followed by 10 people

SOXMPP is a Ruby project I developed to allow users of the Stach Overflow / Stack Exchange chat system to participate in chat using a Jabber / XMPP client. It is an [XMPP component]( which hooks into an XMPP/Jabber server and then bridges with SE Chat.

I created this project myself, mostly just to see if I could. I reverse engineered how Stack Exchange's chat system worked and built a Ruby application to parse the JSON messages from chat and pass then to an XMPP server.

GitHub, Aug 2012

"Thirdplace" is a JavaScript library designed to make writing Userscripts for the Stack Exchange Chat system easier. It provides objects representing events and objects in chat (messages, edits, users, etc) and allows easy attachment of event handlers.

I created and maintain this project.

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Site Palette is an OOP, MVC based website framework system with a modular design, handling the site design and URL routing for a website and providing a common framework for modules which provide the website content. It is similar in some ways to CakePHP or Zend Framework.

I am the Senior Developer of the Site Palette framework system. I was frustrated with repeating the same tasks over and over each time I would build a new site for a customer: I needed to install a common set of libraries, develop a template so all pages had the same design, and often build in editing functions so the customer could edit the site themselves.

Inspired by my work with Ruby on Rails and based off of concepts I had from the Ecommerce system I had built for Venue Communications, I designed Site Palette as a shared framework system which would power many sites. Each site loads it's own set of modules, which are packages of MVC code each with a self-contained purpose. Site Palette provides a design template which can then be themed using CSS, comes with a built-in admin side with a CMS and other standard modules, and then can be extended on a site-by-site basis by adding modules to each site.

A custom-built Ecommerce store module for the Site Palette system, allowing website owners to create and manage their products and categories, and create unique and innovative *Product Groups*, a non-linear, dynamic ordering experience for a customer.

As the senior developer for Digital Fruition I built our Ecommerce system from the ground up. I came up with the technical design and the database structure, implemented the User Interfaces designed by our senior designer, I wrote all of the PHP and JavaScript code. I also had a hand in planning out many of the features like our Product Groups, which is an extremely powerful feature we have tried to make simple to a website owner. (Product Groups allows a website owner to create a branching flow of ordering multiple products. It's capable of creating very in-depth, even recursive, paths for ordering a series of products)

A module for Site Palette which provides a WYSIWYG editor within the browser for customers to design stationery, greeting cards, invitations, and more.

I designed the technical side of the Card Customizer and wrote almost all of the code. (We do use a number of open source libraries as well) This project was a major challenge because it requires that end-users using their browser be able to edit text in any of the available fonts without those fonts being installed on the system. Originally we did this using a Flash editor embedded in a DHTML UI. The software was then heavily rewritten to remove the Flash components and replace them with CSS3/HTML5 editors. I also built a print backend system which allows the stationery manufacturer to review the customers' customized cards, make edits, and download a printable file in SVG or PDF format. This project presented numerous challenges due to the specific nature of the technologies involved and provided a way for me to express and hone my problem-solving skills.

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Programming Ruby 1.9: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide (Facets of Ruby)

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