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I'm a web developer with a passion for technology, testing, and building cool stuff.


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Principal Engineer

January 2015 – Current

Senior Developer

January 2014 – August 2014

Continued supporting the CropUp product

  • Switched from Sinatra to Grape
  • Started work on switching from BrainTree Payments to Stripe
  • Switch node.js Express shopping app to Rails

Built a Rails app for Canadian Ford dealerships to manage charity and community test drive events

  • Manage event coordination with Ford and dealerships with marketing materials, funding, novelty checks, test drive statistics, etc.
  • Provide online questionnaires for test drivers (via tablets)
  • Importing tool to continually import new dealerships via CSV

Tech Lead

June 2012 – March 2013

Built a JSON restful API using Ruby/Sinatra with features including:

  • E-commerce checkout flow
  • Payment integration with Braintree
  • Transaction syncing, refunds and voids
  • Versioning with accept headers
  • Pagination with link headers
  • CORS support
  • oAuth 2.0 provider support along with scope based authorization

We primarily built the API and oAuth 2.0 so we could build a front end site that consumes the API. The front end site is mostly static html, using AngularJS to create a client dashboard for managing orders and products and the public facing shopping site is for placing orders. AngularJS interacts with the user and makes requests to the API server for authentication and to interact with server resources. The front end is responsive and built for mobile first.

Software Engineer
Big Fuel Communications

March 2011 – June 2012

Created a Social Media Management System for building and deploying Facebook pages/tabs in Ruby on Rails and MongoDB. The platform was a single Rails application that contained reusable components (surveys, polls, signups, image submissions, image galleries, asset downloads).

Facebook tabs could be quickly built by using available reusable components and then those components could be managed via an admin console. Each tab was essentially a single git repository. Pages were written using any language supported by tilt (haml, sass, coffeescript, slim, etc). Assets used the Rails asset pipeline and supported sprockets. Building pages wasn't dumbed down with a drag'n drop GUI. The idea was to allow a developer to build any thing by letting them hand code the html, css, ruby and giving them an helpers to accept reusable components.

Tab versions could be scheduled and deployed automatically. The platform server would pull the specified git repo and branch/tag at the scheduled date and compile assets, upload them to S3 and then update the internal cache to reflect the new page.

Software Engineer
Olia Designs

March 2010 – August 2012

Add features/bug fixes to a an online jewelry e-commerce application.

  • Added a user authentication system which allowed users to login, reset their password, store billing/shipping profiles, and view order history. Also built an admin module to manage users and modify their information.
  • Added a wholesaler system, for wholesalers to apply for bulk discounts. Wholesalers filled an application to be verified by the staff and then wholesalers would login to a different themed site with discount pricing and access to wholesaler coupons.
  • Added “People who wear it” feature, which allows staff to post images of people, their testimonials, and attach products to them.
  • Added a product rating feature (5 stars) that allowed registered users to rate products.Uses jQuery, ajax and custom data attributes.
  • Re-factored code for performance and simplicity: Replaced hardcoded mysql queries with activerecord equivalents, replaced custom settings configuration loader with a YAML config loader, replaced complex query methods with namedscope, swapped out attachmentfu for Paperclip for file attachments, rewrote much of the javascript to use jQuery
  • Added unit and functional tests.

Software Engineer
International Masters Publishers

January 2009 – October 2009

Development of a photo book/card/print e-commerce web application (hoorray.com) and a cooking recipe web application (cookingvillage.com).

  • Contributed in design and development of the architecture and usability of the e-commerce photo book application.
  • Wrote the authentication component with Spring Security.
  • Developed the order checkout process, which included address/payment validation (both server and client side), converting guest user’s orders and projects to a registered user if the user logged in at checkout, generating order receipt and emails.
  • Wrote the mailer interface used to interact with Lyris ListManager for sending emails and (un)subscribing users from our mailing lists.
  • Wrote the messaging notification framework that allowed the web application to send unobtrusive notifications to the user as a bar that would appear at the top of the page. Designed with progressive enhancement in mind, worked whether or not the user had javascript enabled.
  • Set up a convention using url rewrite filter and spring controller annotations to create restful URLs for our resources.
  • Created an internal recipe tool application in Groovy on Grails for importing recipes from xml, editing recipe data and uploading images of recipes.
  • Applied a new theme to the Cooking Village. Removed flash components and replaced them with javascript/ajax alternatives such as recipe viewing, registration, creating new recipes.
  • Wrote and deployed an internal administrative Groovy on Grails application for the photo book app that used the existing MySQL database to populate the data. This allowed the previewing of photo book XML payloads/PDFs generated from PDFLib, view real time orders, user registration, and eventually become a customer service tool so they could communicate any problems or discrepancies directly with the customer.
  • Maintained legacy photo book application written in Java using Spring and Hibernate. Mostly bug fixes and minor feature additions.
  • Wrote groovy scripts that used an email inbox as a job queue to identify orders that were not processed correctly or received by the printer. Also allowed the user to resend/reprocess or display the payload xml for examination.

Software Engineer

June 2006 – January 2009

Development of content management systems for use across multiple financial publications. Maintenance and development of some 20 legacy content sites.

  • Developed a content management system (CMS) in a team from the ground up with Spring MVC, Hibernate, and MySQL on Apache Tomcat. This was a complete rewrite of an existing CMS. Wrote data models, hibernate validations, service implementations, multi-action controllers, extensive tests coverage, views in JSP with spring form tags.
  • Wrote client side validation, dynamic form elements and reordering for quizzes and polls using jQuery. Also used jQuery for AJAXified polls.
  • Maintained legacy CMS for dozens of sites written in ColdFusion MX (front end) and PHP/Firebird/MySQL backend on Windows 2003 Server. - Duties included bug fixes, new features, Doubleclick ad integration, Lyris mailing list integration.
  • Built a quiz system to provide Continuing Education Credits to subscribers as well as a customer service application to manage results/reprocessing.
  • Developed and designed a web app that allowed corporate executives to add or edit their company survey data to be included in a annual directory publication. The app also exported this data into a format readable by QuarkXpress, and later Adobe InDesign.

Web Developer
Aroma Antico


Development of a B2B e-commerce web application for sales of Italian gourmet pretzels.

  • Led a team of 3 in developing an e-commerce shopping cart system working directly with the business owner.
  • Shopping cart featured user registration with payment/address profiles, UPS shipping calculations, using restfulauthentication, activeshipping, sslrequirement.
  • Developed an administrative backend to manage orders, users, and payment processing and mini CMS to handle front page news and static information pages.

Web Developer
Central Park Media

1999 – 2006

Development and maintenance of e-commerce web apps, CMS web apps, and marketing websites for japanese animation (anime) and asian cult video products.

  • Developed a cross site, theme-able e-commerce web application in ColdFusion and MS Access. The first for the company, which had relied on other e-tailers for online sales. Later iterations used the cf_objects framework which simulated OOP in ColdFusion and eventually changed the datastore to MySQL.
  • Created dozens of “one off” web applications using ColdFusion for questionnaires, surveys, and contests.
  • Designed/developed a CMS for AnimeOne.com using ColdFusion which gave away free multimedia media like wallpapers, video clips, streaming video, etc.
  • Designed many marketing type websites for new product releases.
  • Added a DVD pre-order feature to the e-commerce application.
  • Added a coupon system to the e-commerce application, which allowed the business to provide coupons that gave free shipping, $X off $Y, a free product when you purchased another product, or a percentage off an order.
  • Editor for a monthly web newsletter called AniMail.
  • Took a server administrator role when we moved from a managed Windows 2003 Server host to a Linux platform.
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B.S. Computer Information Systems
Baruch University

2006 – 2007

  • 3.7 GPA
  • Dean's List

B.S. Computer Science
Polytechnic University

1997 – 1999

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GitHub, Feb 2012 - Current; followed by 220 people; forked 15 times

Retriable is an simple DSL to retry code when an exception is raised. This is especially useful when interacting external api/services or file system calls.

GitHub, Nov 2014 - Jun 2015

A ruby library that parses and sorts http accept headers.

GitHub, Sep 2013 - Apr 2014; followed by 2 people

Web API DSL for writing API specs and to generate documentation

GitHub, Aug 2013

DSL to describe, document and test web services

GitHub, Apr 2011 - Jan 2015; followed by 28 people; forked 10 times

Uploads heroku pgbackups into the cloud using fog.

GitHub, Mar 2010 - Jun 2012; followed by 23 people; forked 5 times

Provides a simple way to add rating functionality to your application. This fork adds unobtrusive javascript and uses jquery instead of prototype.

GitHub, Jan 2013 - May 2014; followed by 2 people

Workflow persistence adapter for the workflow gem

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