James Black

Sr Mobile Architect at IBM, and Owner/Mobile Architect at BlackfoxTN
  • Knoxville, TN, United States
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I have over a decade doing Java,C/C++,C#,PHP programming, from architecting and coding apps from mobile devices to enterprise-wide systems.

I have designed and helped to implement solutions involving mobile, embedded devices and massively distributed networks, as well as SAP integration across enterprises.

My current focus has been mobile application development, where I started over 10 years ago with JavaME, then PalmOS and Blackberry, before I settled on iOS and Android. Currently my personal projects involve writing fitness-related apps integrating wearables with mobile devices and STEM-related games, to help children understand science by experimentation. I am using Unity3D for prototyping games, to get feedback from children. I have been working with iOS for about 2 years, and really like Swift, and Android for about 4 years.

My research has led me to find solutions on massively distributed systems, mainly how to securely operate when there is no central server, while having nodes add and leave, without compromising security.

With moving more data to the cloud I have explored and resolved how to store data even when the servers and sysadmins are not trustworthy, so organizations don't lose their intellectual property, while keeping the impact on the user to a minimum.

Hybrid languages, such as Scala, Groovy, Javascript and C#, are exciting, as are functional languages such as Haskell and Erlang, especially since industry is continuing to put more cores on each die and now having GPUs on the same die, so using techniques from functional programming helps to improve performance.

Integrating the IoT, mobile devices and Big Data, while protecting privacy is my own personal goal, as well as helping students to develop deeper understanding of complex subjects through experimentation, which may include devices interacting with the real world.

Cyber-physical and cyber-biological innovations can lead to improved qualities of life, but protecting privacy and cyber security becomes more important.

Robotics and tinkering are also interests, as they force me to be more creative and I get to explore multiple ways to do tasks. Working with children in these areas is also exciting, to try to help them see that you can fuse science, technology and art and play while learning.


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Sr Mobile Architect

May 2015 – Current

Design mobile applications for clients Mentor developers in new approaches for mobile web applications and Swift.

Application Architect
Deloitte LLP

October 2014 – May 2015

Work with remote teams to ensure their work meets standards, provide architectural guidance.

Work with customers to help resolve production issues.

Help other architects by providing guidance.

Designed a responsive web application to start move toward a mobile solution.

Cybersecurity Researcher/Architect
Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL)

February 2013 – October 2014

Architected an application to enable a real-time view of a cyber network.

Architected and prototyped a system to allow organizations to make data available to authorized users, but protected from those files being leaked or stolen.

A Java/Scala/Python project written by researchers needed to be production-ready, so added unit tests to it, added continuous integration using Jenkins.

Given a netlist, used pyglet to create a circuit layout, grouping transistors into larger units, and then grouping those larger components, in an iterative fashion.

Architected a distributed data collection/processing platform that has pieces that can be reprogrammed on-the-fly, to allow business logic to be changed while collecting information, based on business needs.

Architected and developed a webgl and Google Earth visualization for the distributed system.

Working on getting hadoop to run on a Cray supercomputer by replacing socket calls and using a more flexible communication framework called through a JNI layer I wrote.

Designed and built a master honeypot that will help attract malware.

Research Interests: Designed how to help programmers better understand how to parallelize their code for multi-core/multi-GPU systems.

Designed how to provide real-time visualizations of complex, dynamic networks.

Designed an application to securely store sensitive files on untrusted systems with untrusted administrators, and being able to securely and quickly find relevant files by search terms.

Architected and developing a distributed data collection/processing system that will, among other things, allow organizations to have situational awareness of a cyber network to determine risk scoring in real-time.

Owner/Mobile Architect

December 2011 – Current

Published an Android program to allow people to keep track of which books they have read My Book Tracker and a program to help people find a best path to multiple locations Errand Assistant

Current projects: Exploring how to write native mobile games to teach STEM concepts in an exploratory fashion. So, given 8 molecules can a student intuitively know which ones can form new molecules, and what it would take. Or, can they discover the existence of negative energy, or if a person is compressed smal enough that that person will become a black hole.

Exploring how to re-invent the cookbook to take advantage of mobile devices, and replace television.

Using Unity3D to prototype mobile games to get feedback.

Exploring creating wearable circuits by using conductive thread.

Prototyping a fitness program to improve how people exercise, taking advantage of wearable devices, such as Samsung Gear.

Prototype applications with Xamarin to get feedback from friends.

Writing 3D iOS game that has lawyers as hero in outdoor adventure game.

Computer Analyst/Architect
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

February 2011 – January 2013

Wrote an iPhone and Android application to allow users to be informed more readily about needed training. This wan't released because of DOE concerns regarding native mobile applications.

Installed the Saba LMS for a company of 10k users, which involved, in less than a year, importing 10 years of training data, creating courses, writing SOAP/REST services in Java and C# to integrate with SAP, wrote a single interface that allowed single-sign-on for people on work computers and same-sign-on for everyone else.

Maintained and extended the work to better integrate with new needs with minimal customization of the actual LMS.

Contractor/Architect at Oak Ridge National Lab
Tek Systems

February 2010 – February 2011

Wrote import programs in C#4 to import data into Saba 5.5 LMS

Wrote import programs in Groovy to import some data into Saba 5.5

Installed Saba 5.5 on a distributed group of computers.

Architected and developed SOAP/REST webservices in WCF4 to integrate Saba with SAP, as well as other internal systems.

Worked with two off-shore teams to test custom code, and ensure that they continue to fix the code until it meets the requirements of the customer, while helping them troubleshoot problems.


May 2009 – February 2010

Convert Access application to an ajax-driven php application using SQL Server 2000.

Design a javascript-driven application to help create safety documents that uses SQL Server as the database and ASP.NET for the server-side, that is being hosted by RackSpace Cloud.

.NET Developer/Architect
Optimal4 Software,LLC

August 2009 – September 2009

Write stored procedures and user-defined functions to make it easier to work with an entity-value database.

Create and implement a database level API, using UDFs and stored procedures to allow the Reporting Service and Integration Service to work with the EVA database.

Implement custom SSIS components for source, transform and destination to interact with the EVA database.

Embedded Software Engineer
ICx Technologies

June 2008 – April 2009

Write software embedded on detection equipment.

Short-term Contractor, Computer Programmer
Brunswick Boat Group

May 2008 – June 2008

Created a framework for unit testing a pdf generation controller that uses xsl-fo.

Created a framework to unit test a hibernate 3 class that I wrote.

Started to move some of the code for one application to use some of the new features of Spring 2.5.

Software Engineer
Jewelry Television

October 2007 – May 2008

Integrate commercial backend system with locally written front-end software, going through the BEA AquaLogic ESB.

The front-end system was written using Spring MVC/Webflow and dojo, and the back-end was in Java with Spring 2.0 and Ibatis.

Computer Research Specialist & Principle Architect
University of South Florida

September 2001 – October 2007

Senior software architect/developer for Academic Computing, providing technical guidance to those in my group that are doing software development.

Troubleshoot and fix any problems with the datafeeds from the various Oracle databases on campus, into our main database for the academic side. This involves writing SQL, C and Java programs.

Became the sole Blackboard building block developer, to improve the learning experience of those using Blackboard at USF.

Maintain the older version of our Lab Management System (LMS), which uses a client written in C# and a java-based webservices.

Wrote a building block that is in the process of being marketed, that is the only way to submit grades at USF now. It is the first ajax-driven enterprise application at USF.

Specialist, Computer Research
Academic Computing Technologies, University of South Florida

1998 – 2007

Maintained various applications needed for the academic side, wrote and debugged same applications, in C, Java, PHP, Javascript, C#.

Computer Programmer
University of South Florida

January 1998 – September 2001

Rewrote the Motif application that was used in all the open use labs at USF (LMS) to be a client-server app, and then made the following comparisons. Compared the following, to determine which was best for our needs: Having the server in Java, C, C# or having it be a web service in Tomcat or JBoss. Using Spring, JSF, JSP, PHP, Apache Beehive for the presentation layer. Hibernate, Spring and my own jdbc calls for the database layer. Using JSON, XML or my own messaging API to pass data back and forth. Using RSA/IDEA encryption for passwords to just using https to connect to the web service. Wrote unit tests for the various solutions, to get qualitative results, and learned to profile the application to gain additional information.

Assist maintenance of the MySQL database that LMS and the department's main user database (NAMS).

Designed and maintained the MySQL database for LMS.

Wrote C-based servers to allow applications to connect to oracle databases and an ldap server.

Student Computer Programmer
University of South Florida

May 1995 – April 1996

Wrote a print filter in C that would process postscript files just before they went to the printer, and added the user's name on the top of each page, by inserting some postscript code that I wrote.

Wrote a postscript program that would take a bitmapped image and output to the printer a run-length encoded program for that image.

Wrote a cgi program that generated a usage plot in .xmp and .gif.

Wrote an X11 program that would generate the usage graph, in C.

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MS Engineering Management
University of South Florida

2000 – 2002

University of South Florida

1999 – 2001

University of South Florida

1995 – 1998

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GitHub, Oct 2014 - Dec 2014

A WCF project in VS2012 to demonstrate using Unity and how to test the webservices using javascript

GitHub, Oct 2014 - Dec 2014

The C# and javascript unit tests for MyGiftCard

GitHub, Oct 2014

initial commit

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Tired of buying a book and realizing you have already read it? Please watch the youtube video to see how to use the program. Book Tracker will help by building a dat...

I wrote it

With the high price of gas, optimize your errands using Errand Assistant. Enter up to three locations either by typing in the address or speaking it, and on a map th...

I wrote it.

An in-process application to track distance travelled and time a task took to help consultants to keep track for book keeping purposes. When the spreadsheet is generated and emailed it will either be zipped or encrypted and zipped.


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Smart Growth: Issues/Questions Before Designing A Mobile Application

Before properly thinking it through mobile applications are developed, and then some critical issues are encountered that lead to either rework or being unable to finish the application. By considering some of the critical issues in the beginning this can be limited.

Smart Growth: Developing an overall vision before requirements or use cases

The big-picture, or vision of where a program is going is vital if the desire is to build something that is going to have much complexity.

This is just an introduction to the idea of not only the need for vision, but to introduce some ideas on tools that may help with self-organization of teams.

Smart Growth: An authentication system for mobile devices.

The first article, where I define the problem of authentication involving mobile devices and corporate services, over a hostile network.

Smart Growth: Insurance companies opportunity using mobile apps

Looking at how mobile apps can help insurance companies in ways that may not be obvious.

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Programming in Scala: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide, 2nd Edition

Programming in Scala

A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide, 2nd Edition

Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon, Bill Venners

It exposed me to new ways of thinking of programming, with the benefits of domain-specific languages and the mixing of hybrid and functional languages.

Dialogue: The Art Of Thinking Together


The Art Of Thinking Together

William Isaacs

The benefits of not always arguing, but to focus on how to have a dialogue, to find better solutions.

Inside the Tornado: Strategies for Developing, Leveraging, and Surviving Hypergrowth Markets (Collins Business Essentials)

Inside the Tornado

Strategies for Developing, Leveraging, and Surviving Hypergrowth Markets

Geoffrey A. Moore

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

An Inquiry into Values

Robert M. Pirsig

This book was about quality, but told in a way that was interesting, to answer what quality is.

On Dialogue (Routledge Classics)

On Dialogue

David Bohm

On Creativity (Routledge Classics)

On Creativity

David Bohm

Before this book I didn't really understand how I was creative, but, after reading the book I understood that in order to maximize creativity it is important to have differences of viewpoints, and if a dialogue is open then creativity will take place within the area of the differences. The large the differences the more opportunities of creatitivy.

Out of the Crisis

Out of the Crisis

W. Edwards Deming

His 14 points I found incredible, in order to see how management can help people achieve more without creating a threatening atmosphere. The biggest lesson for me was how much the system can negatively impact employees, especially when I realized that agile programming methodologies are basically a software version of Deming's ideas.



William Gibson

The first book to truly show me how people could interact with the digital world.

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

Gödel, Escher, Bach

An Eternal Golden Braid

Douglas R. Hofstadter

A fascinating approach to build up to teaching about artificial intelligence. This book helped to show an interesting way to teach complex ideas.

Le Ton Beau De Marot: In Praise Of The Music Of Language

Le Ton Beau De Marot

In Praise Of The Music Of Language

Douglas R. Hofstadter

The challenges of translating languages was fascinating to me, as it helped to show the limits of what a computer can do, as it has the limits of what can be done.

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Articles & Blogs

Painless Software Schedules

Joel on Software

An excellent approach for me to track my ability to give accurate estimates.

by Joel Spolsky

Programming Satan's Computer

The Computer Laboratory

If Satan was the sysadmin, or network administrator, how do you write software that will ensure he is unable to make it less secure, or to change the information, and to ensure he can't gain access.

This paper was the first one that really opened my eyes to how to judge if what I write is secure. I always go back to questioning, "If Satan was my ... how secure is my application."

Designing an Authentication System: a Dialogue in Four Scenes

This paper influenced how I see designing authentication systems, and though it isn't perfect, it is still a great paper since it was written around 1988.

Copyright 1988, 1997 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All Rights Reserved.


My first computer was an Amiga 2000, but the first computer I programmed on was the Commodore PET

Visual Studio and XCode are both great editors.


I spent time as an aircraft specialist in the US Air Force, and that helped me to understand the importance of process and to think about the fact that whatever I design will need to be maintained.

I worked as a programmer while going through college, after leaving the military, and learned more about time management.