Jean-Francois Beaulac

R&D Analyst Programmer
  • Montreal, QC, Canada
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I'm an experienced software developper from Montreal, Québec. I'm looking for opportunities in dynamic small to medium size team of developpers that work closely together to create new and interesting products.

I have experience working both in a startup environment and in a larger corporation. My main expertise is currently focused on both Java and .Net programming environments, but I am always looking forward to learning new technologies.

My first language is French, fluent in English as well.


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Analyst Programmer

May 2004 – July 2006

Developing and maintaining web-based Java based applications. The solution the company offers includes a project management system, a search engine and a terminology database.

The company also offers hosting solutions, which I have responsibilities into. I am responsible for deployment of the solution on our servers, as well as rolling out updates to new versions.

I also occasionally performed implementations at client sites, as well as meeting with the users to gather feedback and customize their system.

Vice President Technologies

July 2006 – June 2009

When I got promoted to VP Technologies, the company had grown to 8 employees, with 5 directly under my supervision.

  • Managing the development team, the support group and the infrastructure group
  • Client/Providers relationships
  • Maintaining budgets for our infrastructure and development costs
  • Implementation of Virtualization (hyper-V) in our datacenter
  • Plan releases of the software and choose the features contained in new releases
  • Keep an eye open for new technologies on the market we can make use of
  • Participate to trade shows, setting up booths and doing presentations

R&D Analyst Programmer

June 2009 – Current

Works as an analyst programmer's in the company's R&D department. Versacom is a translation company and we develop various tools to assist with a professional translation process.

I participate in every step of the product development and release, analysis, coding, release management, QA/testing, etc.

  • Development and maintenance of a web based bitext search engine, which extracts text from various document formats, associates documents that are translations of each other together and aligns the source language and the target language content. The search engine must scale to billions of sentences while maintaining adequate performances. The front end is an ASP.NET website and the backend is based on Windows Communication Foundation.

  • Development of a translation memory engine, which does distributed fuzzy matching against previously translated units of text. The TM is client server, with a Windows Presentation Framework GUI front end working with a set of Windows Communication Foundation services in the backend. The TM must support all the common file format used in the business. It's based on a collaboration concept, meaning users can work simultaneously on the same documents to increase productivity and consistency of translations.

The company uses exclusively Windows/.NET/Microsoft SQL Server.

I also had the responsibility to migrate aging SourceSafe databases to a more modern source control system. Since the company is a really conservative one SVN was chosen, even though I recommended GIT over SVN.


Computer Science
College Édouard-Montpetit

2001 – 2004

I was hired and by the CS departement to do tutoring for other students having difficulties with computer science classes content.

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I am 31 years old, proud father of a wonderfull 10 months old daughter.

To relax I enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hunting.