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I enjoy creating quality products that both surprise and delight users. I design and deliver interesting and exciting user experiences and I have a proven track record of inventing and building features to increase user engagement. I am active in the iOS developer community. I speak at developer conferences, participate in open source projects and events and I co-organise the NSLondon meetup.

I have experience in running a small, lean businesses, developing products for sale direct to consumers. I am able to determine relevant app analytics, capture the data and provide evidence based new features to improve apps. I deliver and ship products and updates regularly to the app store. I create scalable systems and have delivered products and services to millions of users. I have designed and worked on systems delivering large amounts of traffic around the globe.

I have mentored junior developers and co-ordinated teams to deliver products for both the general public and for clients. I have worked with clients directly to explain the development process, refine backlogs and co-ordinate feature development.


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iOS Software Engineer

July 2015 – Current

iOS Product Consultant
Four Letter Works

November 2014 – July 2015

I consulted on the development of the game Qiktionary. I sourced and secured a hire for the development of the game. Throughout the development process I provided development support and devised ways features of the game could be shaped to increase user engagement and retention. I guided the business in choosing third party services to use and integrate to best monitor the business metrics and have provided focus areas for ongoing development of the project. I have made the business aware of key marketing deadlines and actions to take with regard to publicity.

Co Founder, iOS Engineer
Play Video

August 2014 – April 2015

I co-founded a startup with two others to create a series of mobile video quizzes with the aim of monetising archive video content. Users would watch a ten second video and then answer a question, unlocking a longer version of the video if they succeeded. I was responsible for the implementation of the app while collaborating closely with a designer to have spirited discussions on usability and implementation detail. We drove perfection in our smooth interface animations and our delightful design flourishes.

We successfully launched two apps in the App Store, partnering with West Ham and Everton Football Clubs to provide their video archives for the content. We had secured deals with a youtuber and Top Gear via BBC Worldwide and had their apps ready to go in our pipeline.

I oversaw the development of a web service with a third party company. I co-ordinated the design and implementation of APIs and architected the system design for our scaleable video download and HTTP live streaming services.

We released several versions of our initial apps, iterating the features and social loops based on the valuable analytics I devised and collected. We optimised for retention and revenue and saw 30% retention after 4 days while collecting an ARPU of £0.06 per user after app store fees.

Senior iOS Developer - Consumer

April 2014 – August 2014

At VisualDNA I was responsible for the architecture and delivery of the app for the company's brand new Youniverse project. I worked with the Youniverse team to come up with the conceptual design and functionality for the iOS project. I then implemented the app while working with the back end team to synchronise the development of back end functionality.

The team was new to working with iOS so I provided much needed support and advice about how to integrate the service with a mobile client and design an API for mobile consumption. I had input on stories and sprint planning for the whole team so that we could all pull together to make an integrated product in a short amount of time. We released in the app store quickly and got on a deployment cycle of weekly releases to the app store delivering sprint based incremental updates to the product.

I worked with a Junior iOS developer to co-ordinate on feature development and helped mentor them by pair programming.

iOS Engineer
Portable Pixels

April 2012 – April 2014

I designed and implemented iOS apps at this exciting small company. I worked as part of a team on delivering the Audi Magazine app to newsstand and I implemented the complex animations for the Alfa Romeo Magazine app. I developed several apps for clients including architect firms, pharmaceutical companies and the NHS.

I worked on Hatchi, the original no.1 game. Working with a designer I architected and implemented features that have been responsible for increasing revenue from in app purchases by 100%.

I lead the development of Alien Hatchi. I was responsible for architecting the user experience, gameplay and look and feel and I managed the team at Portable Pixels, leading scrums to distribute tasks. Alien Hatchi is now live in the App Store and features in the games charts.

In response to increasing support complexity I researched and implemented a support ticketing system so that we could better communicate with our customers. I hired and managed the part time customer support agent.

iOS Framework Engineer
New Bamboo

February 2013 – August 2013

Portable Pixels partnered with New Bamboo to provide my expertise to this well known and respected Rails shop to develop an iOS Framework for 3rd party developers to integrate into their iOS apps. The Framework abstracts access to a RESTful Ruby on Rails hypermedia JSON API.

I worked on site with the Ruby on Rails programmers developing the API to implement an SDK that encapsulates all API functionality. I was responsible for designing and implementing the public interface and internal implementation of the SDK, documentation and sample code. My experience as an iOS developer allowed make significant contributions when discussing the technical challenges needed to develop the infrastructure required to tightly integrate an web service and a mobile app.

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BSc Mathematics
University of Leicester

2005 – 2008

PGCE Mathematics
University of Leicester

2008 – 2009

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GitHub, Jul 2013 - Sep 2013; followed by 2 people

Moneyhole is a simple game built with UIKit that is a fun introduction to the Small-Bet real money betting service on iOS. The project is open source to aid third party developers with their Small-Bet integration.

I created this sample app over the course of a few days to demonstrate how to integrate the small-bet SDK into a game of skill. The app shows developers how the SDK is expected to be used.

I came up with the idea, the design and the game mechanic. I designed the particle emitter effect and built a compelling experience in a short amount of time.

GitHub, Nov 2012; followed by 3 people

A sample project for this stack overflow question

I made this nifty effect to help someone out on stack overflow. It was so cool I published it. This project demonstrates how to use a scrollview as a proxy for scrolling an arbitrary view in a way that feels natural on iOS.

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A video quiz. Watch a 10 second moment and answer the question to unlock your favourite goals.

As the sole iOS developer at Play Video I built this application from scratch. I particularly enjoyed building the custom container view controller and custom UIViewController transitions. I also enjoyed mixing and matching Sprite Kit with UIKit. For the challenge and to get to grips with the language I wrote all the Sprite Kit scenes in swift.

Phonics with Alien is a fun educational game with a super cute character for your 3-5 year old to teach beginning to read in a fun way. The game has been developed with early years and primary school teachers in the UK to match the learning style used in education.

I architected, built and tested this app in a team with a designer. I recorded the voice overs for the app and built a fun game that kids enjoy.

Small-bet is a platform for enabling real money gaming against your friends.

I designed and built and documented the Small-Bet SDK while working with a team of Rails developers who designed and implemented the web based part of the service.

A game for iOS where you raise an alien virtual pet on a spaceship in a far away galaxy.

I lead the development of this project providing direction for designers and other developers. I designed the Human Interface for the game and created an amazing parallax scrolling effect which enabled the app to scale to the iPhone 5 with ease. I animated all the characters and effects. I designed and implemented an innovative use of background location updates as a core game mechanic.

A retro virtual pet. A game for iOS with several hundred thousand users.

I have worked as part of a team to build on Hatchi's success in the App Store. I implemented several new features in the game including a the interchangeable backgrounds, dynamic colouring of the Pets and one of the popular minigames. I am responsible for the Game's outstanding Accessibility features. The game is fully playable by voiceover users and I took extra steps to make sure they find the game a delight to use.

This project is a PDF based magazine platform for iOS. The app downloads its content and theme from a ruby on rails server. The user selects magazines to download and they can then be read quickly and easily

I designed and built the iOS app while working with a Rails developer to produce the back end server software.

The Audi Magazine iPad app has been redesigned from the ground up, bringing out the best from the new iPad's high-definition screen. The new Summer 2012 issue of the Audi Magazine…

I worked as part of a team to bring the new version of the Audi Magazine app to news stand. I implemented the lazy loading of article images in the background such that the scrolling is buttery smooth. I used instruments to efficiently profile the code and offload all the work into a background thread. I use core graphics to pre-render the images in the iOS on screen format to produce a fast loading, yet memory efficient scrolling effect, even on the iPad 1.

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Joel Parsons - The Modern Password and You

Joel talks about why passwords are rubbish, how we are in the age of the password manager and how we can do better by building password manager support…

Debugging Like a Gentleman -

Debugging effectively is quick to learn and easy to do. While sometimes an NSLog can be enlightening I have a few quick tips that can have you using lldb like a pro in very little time at all.

The Queue Observer Pattern -

I’ve been using the “new” block based NSNotificationCenter addObserver methods for a long time now but I’ve come across some projects that use the old target action style notifiction listening so I thought I would post about why I believe this newer method is better.

The Boggle Board Question -

My Solution to the "Boggle Board" interview question written in objective-c.

Getting Root on OS X

The Mac OS X Server Admin

There is a myth that exists that to have a root prompt on an OS X machine you need to enable the root account by performing some manipulation of the system settings that…

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Rob Fahey, Nicholas Lovell

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NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C and Cocoa. My suggestion gets a mention in the New Year 2013 article

Cadence and Slang Book

Cadence & Slang

Cadence & Slang is a small book about interaction design: a series of rules that advocate simplicity, consistency, and humanity in technology. Funded by its readers and looking really good, Cadence & Slang is a great resource for aspiring designers in any branch of technology. It comes in either book or PDF form, and both have been painstakingly customized to fit their context.

Your app makes me fat — Serious Pony

Serious Pony

A fascinating article about how the cognitive load of your interface can place a burden on end users that goes far beyond the time they use your product.


Amstrad CPC-464

I'm strongly on the Vim side of the debate but spend most of my time in Xcode


I love to travel. I enjoy seeing new places and am passionate about travel photography developing my photos in my own dark room. My photographs have been exhibited in a gallery. I take pleasure in experimenting with computers and software in my spare time and write a blog about Mac OS X Server management. I keep fit by running, making use of the Nike+ run tracking system, and by using a bike hire scheme to cycle to work.