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Linea Research
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I am a Senior Software Developer with many years experience: primarily in Windows .Net, C#, WPF, C++, Win32, MFC, iOS/iPad/iPhone/XCode, Objective-C, latterly in the pro-audio field..

I have also worked for several banking organisations.

Specialties: Design and development of software solutions, primarily in the pro-audio field.

Areas: I am based in mid-Herts, and can thus reach the northern home counties, and north and central London.

I am not currently actively looking for a new role, but I am open to being contacted for networking purposes.


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Senior Software Engineer
Linea Research

November 2012 – Current

Senior Software Engineer
Cadac Holdings Ltd

February 2012 – October 2012

At Cadac, I was part of a team developing the new CDC Eight digital mixing console using C# .Net and WPF, primarily on the automation section.

The CDC Eight is specified for high end sound touring and fixed installation applications. The console boasts a unique ‘high agility’ user interface, accessed via two 24 inch 16:10 high definition LCD touch screens; and a further centrally located 6 inch LCD touch screen for and automation and system control.

Senior Software Developer
Soundcraft Studer

November 2005 – January 2012

At Soundcraft I developed interfaces to Soundcraft's digital mixing consoles. I wrote an Apple iPad app known as ViSiRemote, which allowed users to view and control elements on a virtual console surface, and additionally allowed connection to, and control of, a physical console over Wi-Fi. The app was written in Objective-C using XCode 4 on a Mac. In order to communicate, the app interfaced to the standard Apple TCP/IP library to send and receive data packets as required.

I also developed a Windows application called Virtual Si that provided a .Net WPF front end to the core C++ digital mixer code that also ran on Soundcraft's physical mixing desks. I implemented all marshalling code (in both C# and C++) as required to pass control and data between .Net and the unmanaged C++ core code. Released as a commercial product, Virtual Si allowed customers to view and edit their mixing desk show files on a laptop, and also served as a useful in-house test platform for the development team. I additionally wrote an test harness for Virtual Si, also in C#, that allowed a developer to write scripts that automatically pressed on-screen button controls, moved faders etc, then tested the values of those controls using .Net reflection. At the end of the script run, the test harness emailed the pass/fail results to the team.

Technologies: iOS / XCode, Objective-C, Visual Studio 2010, C#, .Net, WPF, C++, Agile/Scrum, UML, OOD, OOP, Perforce, Wireshark.

Senior Software Developer

January 2004 – November 2005

Key skills: Microsoft C# .Net on Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003, Win32 interop, multithreading, TCP/IP, MIDI, Windows Forms, ActiveX

Designed and developed several large Windows .Net C# applications, all running on mini-ITX computers installed inside police cars, including a .Net front-end for the well known Tracker stolen vehicle tracking system, providing police officers with a much clearer display and which also had the ability to log vehicle information.

Another application embedded in the PC was ImageLibrary, which maintained an encrypted database of images of individuals of interest to the police, crosslinked to details of their vehicle etc.

Also prototyped iCar, a glue application that was to tie all the embedded applications together using TCP/IP serial IO, providing joined-up information to each part of the system, and providing watchdog style robustness across the platform.

For all systems I produced detailed specifications and design models.

Senior Software Developer

2003 – 2004

Key skills: Microsoft Visual C++ 6 & .Net, Visual Basic 6, Win32, MFC, Windows Services, RPC, COM, MySQL, STL

Developed iAM:Servers, to help organisations keep client servers running reliably. Project ran on multiple PCs with multiple C++ Windows services communicating over RPC, and with a VB front end. Services were all written in C++ and were multithreaded. Product was designed to be easily rebrandable by storing all text in multiple resource DLLs. Developed trace logging system, which logged trace information to time-stamped trace files.

Also wrote a C++ license key generator for the product, linked to a MySQL database, and using an encryption library to generate a checksum for keys, also included report generator & MAPI email facility. As part of design process, developed prototype in .NET (Managed C++) and ADO.NET.

For all projects produced UML design documentation from requirements to detailed designs.

Senior Software Developer

2001 – 2002

Worked on two main projects.

First project was a HTTP web proxy running as Windows service, designed to protect companies from viruses. Wrote a proxy cache, which was completely RFC2616 (Internet standard) compliant. Used a combination of STL map and deque to control cache access. Web page requests broken down into resources, saved in cache, periodically garbage collected when appropriate.

Second project was a email address import utility, read local LDIF file for connections to LDAP directory servers such as Active Directory, used OpenLDAP to programmatically search directory servers for attributes containing email addresses, and saved to local text file. Used STL containers to hold parts of LDAP tree in memory to check for conflicts, writing errors to XML report file.

With both projects, used C++, Win32 & STL, used UML to formalise requirements, document classes and data flows, using RUP to control development stages.

Senior Software Developer

1998 – 2001

Wrote an anti-fraud telecoms system as an NT Service in C++ - was client (TCP/IP) to live call feed - was server (using named pipes) to MFC client app. Both client and service multithreaded. Used STL in client to queue up commands for service. Service was also DCOM client to another server. Interfaced to Nokia switch via TCP/IP. Wrote natural language parser using the Interpreter design pattern. Used MAPI to send email alerts upon fraud detection.

Designed and implemented staff database system as an ASP nTier application (JavaScript active server pages using ADO to interface to SQL database) with MS Interdev, running on company intranet. App included contact information, hierarchy tree, links to details of projects worked on by each member of staff, and full record editing facilities. Implemented Active Server COM Object in C++ with ATL to provide user security information for ASP script.

Freelance Software Developer
numerous organisations

February 1989 – February 1998

Freelance developer for numerous clients in the UK, Europe, and the United States.

Clients in the UK and Europe included PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Reuters, Citibank, Lloyds Bank, ICL, NCR, Siemens/Nixdorf & Galileo.

In the USA I freelanced at Fidelity, State Street Bank and Mass RMV.

Primarily specialised in full-life cycle development of PC-based Windows applications, written in Microsoft C++ and Visual C++.

Senior Software Developer
Northgate Information Solutions (McDonnell Douglas)

May 1986 – February 1989

Designed and developed a terminal emulator in Windows and C that used multithreading to communicate with several host computers simultaneously and 'cut-and-paste' data between them. I designed a set of escape sequences that, when received by my emulator were interpreted as commands to create windows, dialog boxes, menus etc. Was sent to McDonnell Douglas (Ireland) on several occasions to provide Windows development training for colleagues.

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HND Computer Studies
Hatfield Polytechnic

1979 – 1982

Completed modules in software development and design, mathematics, business studies, marketing, and accounting.

A and O levels
Notley High School

1972 – 1979

Received a solid grounding in maths, English literature and the sciences. Was a member of the chess club.

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CADAC's new flagship digital live production mixing console, the CDC Eight.


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The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

The Pragmatic Programmer

From Journeyman to Master

Andrew Hunt, David Thomas

Picked up on the law of Demeter amongst many other great tips, I now try to avoid 'multiple dot' constructs wherever possible!

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Code Complete

A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Steve McConnell

Particularly appreciated the refactoring section - both manually and with Coderush for Visual Studio I've applied many of the ideas here to my own work.

Joel on Software [JOEL ON SOFTWARE NEW/E]

Have enjoyed applying the Joel Test at each organisation I have worked over the last few years, in most places I have managed to increase their score by a couple of points (introduced Bugzilla and continuous integration at one place).


BBC Micro

Visual Studio


I enjoy kayaking, and I am on the committee of Herts Canoe Club, as Membership Secretary and Webmaster

I am also a keen amateur photographer

and occasional snowboarder and sailor.