Jason Rikard

Senior Web Developer at Blackbaud, and Cofounder at Apparctica, LLC
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I'm a Senior Web Developer at Blackbaud. Previously, I worked as a Web Application Developer at Clemson University.

I love programming for the web, learning new API's and developing business ideas. Building large scalable web applications with best practices is my primary interest. I look forward to learning from other peoples experiences and sharing my own. I spend most of my time immersing myself into the web industry and programming.


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Senior Web Developer

September 2014 – Current

Javascript and WordPress development in an agency setting. Customization of various Blackbaud products and APIs.

Senior Web Application Developer
Clemson University

June 2010 – August 2015

I was developing a grant funded web application for the USDA for recording national SNAP data. I was responsible for all for application development, testing, profiling, deploying, documenting, learning, automating, backing up, and the development cycle.

Apparctica, LLC

October 2011 – Current

I started this company with another technical founder to prototype our own products. My duties include development from front to back on a LAMP stack, in the browser and native iOS apps. Sales, marketing, management, accounting, etc. http://apparctica.com

Undergraduate Research Position
University of South Carolina

August 2009 – April 2010

I developed a Google App Engine web application from the ground up as a prototype for a pending research grant. The application's purpose is to provide social scientist a place to publish, revise, connect and comment on theories and publications. I worked alongside another undergraduate student and a computer science professor.

IT Support and Web Developer
University of South Carolina

April 2008 – May 2010

Develop portions of the the university's website and repaired computers within the division.


B.S. Computer Science
University of South Carolina

2007 – 2010

I held multiple IT jobs throughout college but the most interesting one was my undergraduate research position. I was responsible for developing a web application on the Google App Engine that was a place for social scientist to go and interact with different theories.

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GitHub, Mar 2014; followed by 3 people

A suggested workflow from development to production using Chef.

GitHub, Apr 2014

Anonymize your production dataset for development with faker.

GitHub, Mar 2011; followed by 5 people

Sets up domains and sub-domains on Linode for Apache2 with Ubuntu and PHP


GitHub, May 2011

A simple PHP helper class that converts numbers to words.


Google Code, ; followed by 19 people

The Google App Engine Datastore Backup Utility is an application that allows you to backup, restore and organize your datastore through a GUI.


Google Code

University of South Carolina research project


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I’m a Senior Web Developer at Blackbaud.


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Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

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75mhz Packard Bell



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A few of the things I enjoy other than programming are cycling, cooking, beer, video games, snowboarding, music, travelling, learning, and other active lifestyle activities.