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I am an avid practitioner of best practices and agile development. I am excited about test driven development, continuous builds, pair programming and doing things right. I am a lifetime learner, always reading and learning. I enjoy helping others with what I have learned and learning from others. I believe the single strongest attribute of a good programmer is to take the complex and make it simple.


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Senior Software Engineer

2010 – February 2013

*Consultant* Architect / Scrum Master
Sonmez Ventures LLC @ Idaho Dept of Health and Welfare

2008 – 2010

Brought on as a consultant tasked with training development teams and creating a process to ensure code quality, as well as providing architecture design and support. Took over role as Scrum Master for a failing team later in project.

  • Trained entire development staff of 30 developers on unit testing, test driven development, code quality, and continuous integration.
  • Built continuous integration system which automatically ran all unit tests, and produced reports on code coverage, and static code analysis metrics.
  • Developed rule loader tool which cut the debugging time down to 1/10th or less of original time, due to the ability to dynamically load up only certain parts of the code base.
  • Rewrote entire build system bringing entire build time down from 40 minutes to 5 minutes including unit tests and code coverage.
  • Created a tool for automatically parsing production and other environment logs from multiple sources in order to extract out unhandled exceptions and present a web based interface for seeing statistics on occurrences and details.
  • Took over responsibility for as Scrum Master for a failing team. Increased the team's velocity by a factor of 4 by focusing on best practices and accurate requirements gathering.
  • Acted as main technical architect for the project, and development mentor to each scrum team.
  • Designed and programmed many features of the system from front end to back end.
  • Developed an automated testing framework using Watij by creating an internal domain specific language, increased number of automated tests by over 1000%.
  • Created a custom language and compiler which allowed business users to write and understand automated functional tests.

*Consultant* Architect
Sonmez Ventures LLC @ BitRelease LLC

2007 – 2009

Create architecture of the entire iLoanManager web software platform. Develop all code and database functionality to support the business. Integrate with existing third party companies for ACH, credit checking, and transaction processing services.

  • Built and designed the entire software package in ASP.NET and C# using Visual Studio 2008, LINQ to SQL, and ASP.NET Ajax.
  • Designed the database system for the software using SQL Server 2005. Developed a fully automated transaction processing system, to pull all transactions from the data store, FTP the transactions and responses from the third party system, and automatically reconcile transactions against the data store.
  • Created a fully automated system for checking and reporting credit to loan verification systems via web service calls and secure FTP automation.

Senior Software Engineer
M2M Communications

2006 – 2007

Developed communication software to send and receive messages to mobile devices from a remote administration site through the use of ASP.NET and mobile cell phone technology.

  • Completely redesigned, and rewrote the existing VB6 communication framework using the latest .NET technologies, and design patterns creating a scalable plug and play model able to easily be scaled and expanded.
  • Integrated ASP.NET Ajax technology into an existing web app, creating new functionality and a much improved user experience. Designed and wrote framework code capable of taking an XML product specification and serializing it to .NET objects, greatly improving the productivity of the development environment and ease of maintenance of existing products and software.
  • Drove process improvements and best practices such as unit testing, test driven development and code reviews.

Senior Software Engineer
Amphire Solutions


Maintain and stabilize existing software products. Design and develop new software solutions from business requirements to work within Amphire architecture and framework. Provide guidance to other developers in areas of software development best practices, .NET architecture, and software design.

  • Rapidly learned legacy VB6 BizTalk 2002 application and complex environment, adding immediate value and helping to stabilize a very unstable code base.
  • Designed and developed .NET 2.0 application used to preprocess incoming POs, creating an extendable plugin architecture, fully documented with NDoc and fully unit tested to 95% code coverage. Researched and applied development technologies and tools which greatly improved efficiency and code quality, including: Microsoft enterprise application blocks, FxCop, NUnit unit testing, NDoc, Microsoft Atlas, .NET Framework 2.0, MSIs, and Enterprise Architect.
  • Created documentation and process flow diagrams for legacy code using UML and Enterprise Architect.
  • Assisted in the architecture and design of solutions for many complex business problems.
  • Helped other developers, and acted as a mentor in many areas including: best practices, .Net Framework architecture and patterns, tools, and source control management theory.
  • Ported existing VB6 app to .NET, reducing source code to one fifth the original size.
  • Solved database issues and wrote stored procedures as necessary when DB team was overloaded.

*Consultant* Software Architect / CTO
Sonmez Ventures LLC @ Alpha Beta Unlimited

2005 – 2006

Responsible for all technology related aspects of business.

  • Designed and developed completely new web based order tracking system in ASP.NET which greatly increased efficiency by allowing concurrent access to order data.
  • Automated task of inputting new product data by creating a .NET forms application in C# which could parse product information and automatically insert the data into SQL database. This application was able to save hundreds of man hours and decrease time to market by over 300%.
  • Created custom web based time tracking application using ASP.NET and SQL Server.
  • Developed smart image resizing software using C#.

Technical Lead Developer
Hewlett Packard

2004 – 2005

Designed and developed core functionality and framework of Embedded XP .NET MFP product. Contributed to architecture of entire system in biweekly architecture meetings. Lead other developers in .NET development and windows development technologies. Served as .NET expert for the team, by providing in depth solutions to technically challenging problems. Owned and implemented feature for workflow application as part of .NET deliverables.

  • Discovered critical design error in the custom tool framework, which would have required a large amount of rework to fix.
  • Used Cruise Control and NAnt to create a fully automated build system, which automatically creates new labels in clear case, runs NUnit tests, runs FxCop, and runs NDoc on all assemblies.
  • Developed custom Tab Control for .NET from the ground up.
  • Key driver in development process improvements to include unit testing, code reviews and other appraisal activities as well as design methodologies.
  • Developed virtual keyboard custom control for .NET.

Software Architect / Triage Team Lead
Hewlett Packard

2003 – 2004

Architected internal HP testing tools and lead the development teams for each of the tools. Conducted weekly meetings to discuss architectural plans for future tool growth. Drove test automation initiative. Led a 9 developer system level triage team responsible for finding root causes of firmware and software defects for a 2 million lines of code product. Acted as liaison between development and testing teams, negotiating processes and procedures. Maintained and developed ASP.NET tool for managing triage team progress. Chose technologies and software to be used for development and testing projects.

  • Defined job requirements and processes for system level triage team. Interviewed and hired expert C++ developers to create a highly successful and productive team.
  • Designed and developed a 3-Tiered ASP.NET application that automated over 40% of each triage engineer’s job, resulting in a huge increase in total team performance and increased morale. Called COM components from .NET code in order to integrate with defect management system.
  • Designed XML web service based API to allow 3rd party tools to access and manipulate data in test execution and management database.
  • Served as a mentor and leader for other developers by increasing knowledge of best practices, design methodologies, STL, and .NET technologies.
  • Submitted two patents and wrote several internal technical papers for HP technology conferences. Pioneered efforts to increase database efficiency by normalizing databases, creating triggers, using stored procedures and connection pooling.
  • Developed C# windows form application which allowed the automation of defect entry into triage team database. Greatly decreased overall turnaround time for defect resolutions.
  • Personally selected to lead triage team by management based on previous performance and reputation.

*Consultant* Solutions Architect
Sonmez Ventures LLC @ Macro4

2002 – 2003

Designed object-oriented applications based on specific customer needs. Developed C++ programs to parse data streams and translate data into compliant format. Designed web-based solutions and custom interfaces. Met with clients and analyzed requirements. Selected products, deployment process and technical environment. Performed post sales customer support for issue resolution, upgrades, modifications and new installations.

  • Developed C++ program using STL that enabled documents to be re-archived during index updates.
  • Designed C++ based report extraction tool that retrieved text documents and translated them for export into Excel spreadsheet, utilized for integration of Macro4’s software products.
  • Reverse-engineered metacode language and developed instream Xerox Metacode Parser to dissect components of print streams and version resources. Produced $1.3 million in new contracts.

*Consultant* Application Developer
Sonmez Ventures LLC @ Netcharge

2001 – 2002

Designed and coded software in C++ on Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms. Created print stream applications for development of Postscript parsing engine. Supervised and mentored junior developer.

  • Developed C++ application that parsed Postscript to create PDF documents after being informed the task was impossible. Enabled company to gain key functionality and meet critical client requirement.
  • Re-designed Remote Transaction Protocol client/server system with secure transaction method over HTTP to transport data. Delivered authentication mechanism, which created secure transaction capable of storing information in database while achieving improved performance and availability.
  • Led efforts to create web-based manual invoice entry system that provided necessary functionality for customers to rapidly create online invoices. Enabled company to meet time-sensitive deadline.

*Consultant* Senior Software Engineer
Sonmez Ventures LLC @ Xerox

2000 – 2001

Provided leadership in the development and maintenance of applications for printing module. Established testing procedures and monitored testing activities. Developed new features and redesigned existing applications for enhancement. Attend architecture meetings to plan for future software development. Created development requirements documentation. Led several software development projects.

  • Developed application to generate Postscript code for splitting documents sent to printer, which improved overall efficiency while significantly reducing maintenance costs.
  • Redesigned printing module to transition from non-object C structure to object-oriented C++ program, Doubled speed of execution, decreased size of code and reduced resources for code maintenance. Created PDF imposition algorithm that served as key tool in the continuation of project to convert Postscript to PDF while delivering improvements in software efficiency.
  • Brought together team of developers to lead redesign efforts, establish new software development processes and enhance overall product.

*Consultant* Software Engineer / Lead Test Engineer
Sonmez Ventures LLC @ Hewlett Packard

1999 – 2000

Managed team of testers to test and develop SDK for laser jet firmware. Designed and formulated test plans. Conducted software quality assurance activities. Identified and resolved software bugs. Developed new software features.

  • Built testing tools in C to automate testing of firmware and improve test productivity.
  • Developed Cshell scripts to automate testing of HP printers. Created functionality to perform duration testing in-house, eliminating need to purchase costly testing software.
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You can tell a lot about a developer by what books they have read or are reading, so here are my recent:

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