Kevin Kenny

Senior Developer and Hosting Specialist
Tollon Limited
  • Perth, United Kingdom
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I work as a software developer and hosting platform specialist for a UK hosting and internet services company.

Whilst my primary skills (tag-wise) appear skewed towards Microsoft tools (MS SQL, Visual Studio, etc), I don't live in a Microsoft bubble nor do I have a desire to either. My day job brings me in regular contact with MySQL, Python, PHP, Perl, Linux, bash scripting, our Citrix XenServer and VI platforms and so on. Working for a small web-hosting and internet services company you have to be a jack-of-all-trades to get things done, this level of variety is an aspect of the job I enjoy very much.

I'm also interested in "devops" and automation. As a side project at work I'm investigating ways in which we can replace some ageing automation scripts with Ansible, LogStash and the like.

I was also responsible for replacing a proprietary monitoring system (HostMonitor) with Nagios and a user friendly front-end called Centreon.

I actively keep myself apprised of the state of other technologies and ecosystems such as Docker, AWS, Javascript (node.js, backbone.js, coffeescript, angular and the like), NoSQL, Python and Ruby, mobile platforms and so on. I also frequent Hacker News multiple times a day.

My job at Tollon has always been a Telecommute role. I'm very well set up for this type of work and have a dedicated office space.

I'm also a long time user and ex-moderator (I retired due to lack of time) of Stack Overflow.

In my personal life, when not working, I like to do stuff that normal people like to do such as reading, putting my feet up in front of the telly, drinking good wine, eating hot curries and forgetting the punch lines of badly delivered jokes.

I also used to be a radio broadcaster with Heartland FM in Scotland ( until I moved away from the local area. I still have an interest in broadcast radio and have seeded the idea of a local radio station to service my surrounding area.


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Senior Developer and Hosting Specialist
Tollon Limited

2003 – Current

Senior Developer for UK Web Hosting company Tollon Limited

I'm responsible for many aspects of our system code including:

  • Site and server provisioning systems
  • Billing
  • Secure Payments (via PayPoint/SecPay)
  • xDSL provisioning
  • Back Office Services
  • Domain name registrations
  • Virtual Server Provisioning (Virtual Iron, Citrix XenServer)
  • Nagios/Centreon - I rolled this out to replace an ageing HostMonitor system and have already added a couple of enhancements such as a detailed audit trail of user activity which isn't available in current shipping code from Merethis.
  • Our Mercurial, Jira and Confluence servers
  • Our local NuGet package server - I'm presently packaging up a number of shared libraries, "helper" and common code so they can be delivered right into new Visual Studio projects via NuGet

I am also responsible for third line IIS and ASP.NET support questions/issues from our customers - I'm not afraid to capture a process dump with DebugDiag and load it up in WinDbg+SOS to investigate gnarly problems. I've also worked with .NET since v1.0-beta days. I'm also quite familiar with IIS6 and IIS7 troubleshooting and configuration (being the top answered across all of the IIS tags).

I've also freshened up my Linux skills. I'm quite comfortable working with customer CentOS servers performing such tasks as building servers from scratch, compiling tools from source, resolving dependency issues, managing Apache and MySQL and writing and maintaining the various bash, perl and python scripts that keep our systems humming away.

I also like to automate repetitive tasks and I'm reasonably familiar with Ansible.

The time I spent installing and managing our Nagios/Centreon environment has also been time spent dusting off my PHP skills for the purpose of extending and providing a few bug fixes to the Centreon project.

Additionally I've also been getting to grips with Python and Django for some work related to the management of our Mercurial environment.

I'm also researching Docker and containers in general to see how we can fit this into our current service offerings.

Whilst I'd class myself as a developer, my role at Tollon falls partly into the area of DevOps as well.

Senior Developer
Edina Software

2002 – 2003

Built the data loader and defined the data provider data export format for the Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics project:

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics

Designed the 2003-2004 data import XML Schemas for the ScotXed unit which is part of the Education Analytical Services division within the Education Directorate of the Scottish Government:


In both cases I was deeply immersed once again in XML, XML Schema and XSLT. The primary tools used were Visual Studio .NET and Altova's XML Spy.

Front Tier Build Manager
Intelligent Finance (HBoS which is now part of Lloyds)

October 2002 – November 2002

Officially....responsible for maintenance of the front tier build process for Intelligent Finance's online banking website.

The purpose of this role was to redesign the rats nest of VB scripts the IF team had cobbled together over the years into a unified and extensible deployment tool.

Such as things are with some banks, IF took around five weeks to approve my vetting and security, during which time I was unable to perform any useful work despite pestering the relevant authorities within the bank to get my clearance sorted. I left the "job" after six weeks of not doing very much and moved on to Edina (above).

Senior Developer
Cedalion Limited (now Charteris)

2001 – 2002

Worked on a series of projects the most notable being:

  • Bank of Scotland Corporate Banking - ERoS System (Electronic Recording of Securities) and CLio (Contingent Liabilities) (Classic ASP, MS SQL, COM/MTS)

  • Bank of Scotland Corporate Banking - BASEL1 - Designed and wrote the proof of concept "Probability of Default" Risk Assessment Engine and Modeller (.NET, C#, MS SQL, XML)

  • Edinburgh University Management School - Student Alumni and Examination Marking (Classic ASP, MS SQL, COM/MTS)

  • SCVO - (Classic ASP, MS SQL, XML)

  • Scottish Enterprise - Future Skills Scotland (.NET, C#, MS SQL)

Despite really enjoying working for Cedalion, my job was culled in a wave of cut backs and cost savings.

Operations Supervisor
TeleCity Limited (now TeleCity Redbus)

1999 – 2001

Responsible for TeleCity's data center operations at their Edinburgh location.

I joined TeleCity for a change of scene and to get the opportunity to work for an internet data center company that "housed" the internet. Whilst the role didn't involved any software development, I did learn:

  • Lots of TCP/IP
  • How to build a Route Collector and Internet Exchange Point. It was quite exciting to see the whole of the internet's route's build up over a few minutes on my route collector box for the very first time (~90,000 routes at that time).
  • AS Peering
  • RIPE Procedures
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP-4)
  • Advanced cabling techniques and management
  • Fibre splicing - I'm a qualified fibre splicer :)
  • Telecoms networking (PDH, SDH)
  • How to build a £5m Data Center. When I joined TeleCity, our Edinburgh facility was just a bare shell (we initially had 20 racks in Bank of Scotland's Sighthill computer center round the corner). I spent a fair amount of time in a hard hat, steel toecap boots and hi-vis vest during this time. Eventually when the new site went live I managed the migration of customer equipment to the new facility over the period of a couple of weeks.
  • Building and Facility Management
  • Health and Safety

Support Developer
PeopleDoc (now part of Hummingbird)

1998 – 1999

Responsible for supporting end user development teams using PeopleDoc's document management system API and an older legacy Win32+MFC document management application.

I was involved in the design of the COM to CORBA bridge API to allow MS applications such as Word, Outlook and any old COM application to talk to the document management engine which was written in Java and utilised CORBA.

I learned a lot about distributed computing, RPC, DCOM and CORBA.

Technical Services Manager

1991 – 1998

Involved in many aspects of the business:

  • Redesign and coding of the company helpdesk and trouble ticket system
  • Worked with British Steel (now Corus) on an application to capture and analyse data from mass spectrometers
  • Design and implementation of a branch retail WAN for Pitz Super Soccer
  • Design and implementation of internet connectivity and branch site WAN for Graham and Sibbald
  • Management and support for various Private and Public sector clients as a Senior and Field Engineer


1989 – 1991

This job is soooo long ago in the past. I vaguely remember writing accounting and VAT management systems using Clipper (back when they used the seasons of the year for version numbers).

I also customised an accounting application called DBFlex which was written in DBase-III but compiled in Clipper.

Did tinker with MS C version 6(?) to knock out one or two performance boosting libs called from Clipper.

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IT Data Processing

1985 – 1988

Miscellaneous Vendor Qualifications
Microsoft etc

1998 – 2005




  • CCNA (now expired)


  • Telecoms Fibre Splicing City & Guilds

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Essential COM

Essential COM

Don Box

Pretty much the definitive text on COM programming way back when. I still dip into it from time to time whenever there's a COM interop puzzle to solve.

Transactional COM+: Building Scalable Applications

Transactional COM+

Building Scalable Applications

Tim Ewald

Back in the day when you were doing MTS/COM+, this was THE book.

Essential .NET, Volume I: The Common Language Runtime

Essential .NET, Volume I

The Common Language Runtime

Don Box, Chris Sells

Probably one of the first .NET books I added to my library, and who better to teach the core fundamentals and inner workings of the CLR than Mr Box and Mr Sells. It's a damn shame they never followed it up with volume 2.

Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming (Pro-Developer)

Another early addition to my .NET bookshelf...every .NET developer should've had a copy of this when it came out.

CLR via C#

CLR via C#

Jeffrey Richter

Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code


Improving the Design of Existing Code

Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, John Brant, William Opdyke, Don Roberts

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Design Patterns

Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John M. Vlissides

Thinking in Java (4th Edition)

Thinking in Java

Bruce Eckel

I learned that Java, a copy of Rational Rose and the GOF book in a graduate developers hands is a dangerous thing.

Pro LINQ: Language Integrated Query in C# 2008 (Windows.Net)


Language Integrated Query in C# 2008

Jr., Joseph C. Rattz

The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

The Pragmatic Programmer

From Journeyman to Master

Andrew Hunt, David Thomas

Windows® Internals: Including Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, Fifth Edition (Pro Developer)

Windows® Internals

Including Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, Fifth Edition

Mark Russinovich, David A. Solomon

11 more


High School: Apple ][ Plus (1980'ish), Owned: BBC Micro Model 'B' (1983)

Depends on the task: Vim, SublimeText 2 and Visual Studio 2012