Kevin Nattinger

iOS Software Engineer
FitBit, Inc.
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I started programming on my TI-83 early in high school, moved on to Java by the end of HS, and continued using Java throughout my college education. I graduated from Amherst College with a double major in Physics and Computer Science. For two years, I worked at the Massachusetts General Hospital's Institute for Technology Assessment programming and gathering data from a computer simulation of esophageal cancer. The program is written in C, run on Linux.

For the last year I was a software engineer at LuckyLabs, a startup in Boston. There, I maintained and redesigned the LuckyBingo iOS app, wrote significant portions of the LuckySlots app, and contributed to the Python backend, both in code and system administration.

When I'm not programming at work, I am usually either at home learning a new programming language or solving puzzles, or doing any of various activities outdoors. I run, and ran my first marathon last October.

I am looking for a position where I can work on a variety of projects, learn new things, and solve interesting problems.


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iOS Software Engineer
FitBit, Inc.

November 2013 – Current

Software Engineer III

June 2012 – June 2013

iOS developer. Maintained and then redesigned LuckyBingo app, native Objective-C. Contributed significantly to the LuckySlots app in ActionScript with the Adobe Air framework. Contributed to the backend in Python, using the Tornado and Django frameworks; performed system and MySQL Amazon EC2 instance cluster.

Programmer/Research Assistant
The Mass. General Hospital Institution for Technology Assessment

June 2010 – June 2012

At the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Technology Assessment (MGH ITA), I worked two years rewriting, maintaining, running, and analyzing the output of a computer simulation of esophageal cancer.

Education show all

B.A. Computer Science and Physics
Amherst College

2004 – 2008

Inducted into Sigma Chi, the scientific research society.

Graduated Cum Laude in Computer Science after completing a senior honors thesis, using genetic algorithms to improve upon existing page-replacement algorithms.

Certificate in Premedical Sciences
Columbia University in the City of New York

2008 – 2010

GS Postbac Premed Scholarship

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