Konstantin Mayarovich

Technical Manager, Web & Mobile Development at Harte Hanks

Newtown, PA
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Director of Software Development

Liberty Fox Technologies

Dec 2020 → Current (1 year)
.net c# jquery angular rest php wordpress sql-server mysql html css sass less reactjs react-native javascript webapi agile jira jira-agile estimation architecture xamarin android ios mobile

Lead Software Developer


Sep 2017 → Current (4 years, 4 months)
.net c# web wcf soa jquery linq web-services rest soap entity-framework html5 css3 twitter-bootstrap

Lead Software Engineer


Jun 2016 → Current (5 years, 7 months)
.net c# web angular angularjs jquery html5 css3 d3.js linq web-services rest

Technical Manager, Web & Mobile Development

Harte Hanks

Jul 2013 → Current (8 years, 6 months)
c# .net jquery javascript html html5 css knockout.js entity-framework sql linq android facebook design-patterns project-management web-api wcf web-services soap rest json sql-server iis angularjs


B.S. Computer Science

Drexel University

1996 → 2001
c c++ java software-engineering programming-languages operating-systems


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Best way to understand complex SQL statements?

Dec 2008
These may be some helpful hints.. Comments - figure out what a small chunk does and comment it so you understand it when you refer back to it later. Syntax highlighting - make sure you're viewing ...

How to inherit constructors?

Oct 2008
387 constructors?? That's your main problem. How about this instead? public Foo(params int[] list) {...}

Do you ever feel confident in your skills? [closed]

Oct 2008
I'd say a good/rational developer will always question his/her ability. It's that self-doubt that drives many of us to get better. Conversely, the only developers I ever met who are self-professed "...
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First computer i386 with Windows 3.11
Favorite editor flo's Notepad2

Technical Skills

Likes: .net jquery model-view-controller c# sql linq html css javascript android angular angularjs webapi
Dislikes: sharepoint


Dec 2020 → Current Director of Software Development Liberty Fox Technologies
.net, c#,, jquery, angular,, rest, php, wordpress, sql-server, mysql, html, css, sass, less, reactjs, react-native, javascript, webapi, agile, jira, jira-agile, estimation, architecture, xamarin, android, ios, mobile
Sep 2017 → Current Lead Software Developer Entech
.net, c#,,, web,, wcf, soa, jquery, linq, web-services, rest, soap, entity-framework, html5, css3, twitter-bootstrap
Jun 2016 → Current Lead Software Engineer QuintilesIMS
.net, c#,,, web,, angular, angularjs, jquery, html5, css3, d3.js, linq, web-services, rest,
Jul 2013 → Current Technical Manager, Web & Mobile Development Harte Hanks
c#, .net,,, jquery, javascript, html, html5, css, knockout.js, entity-framework, sql, linq, android, facebook,, design-patterns, project-management,, web-api, wcf, web-services, soap, rest, json, sql-server, iis, angularjs


1996 → 2001 B.S. Computer Science Drexel University
c, c++, java, software-engineering, programming-languages, operating-systems


Projects & Interests

Sep 2008 → Current Stack Overflow
Written 624 answers. Active in dom, javascript, variables,, android and 18 other tags.

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ASP.NET Blog — Kon's Blog

Life, liberty and the pursuit of clean code. With focus on .NET, SOA and all things Web.

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Apps by kXm Interactive - Android Market
java, android, google-maps, web-services

Android apps by kXm Interactive.



First Computer: i386 with Windows 3.11
Favorite Editor: flo's Notepad2