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I believe my code can make a positive impact on the world. My goal is to solve major world problems or at least to provide the tools for others to do so. Successful people do the things that no one else wants to.

I'm the rare breed of web developer who can not only program very advanced web-based applications but also make them look and feel nice. I'm formally trained to be a digital media expert and, thusly, I'm challenge myself almost daily to do something different whether it be graphic design, web development, server management, video production, photography, or any number of other things. You could say I'm a jack of all trades with a few expertises.


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Lead Web Developer

2005 – 2006

I was in charge of creating the entire experience which included front-end and back-end design/architecture. The site was modeled after "build your own car"-like systems. This was my very first web-design project but the site has been very successful at pulling in potential customers for the owner and set me on the right path for the future.

You can see the finished project at:

Lead Web Developer

2006 – 2007 was a UCF project who's goal was to create online experiences tied to Florida folk artists in such a way that the visitor would feel like the folk artists' themselves made the site (which they didn't). The site is Flash-heavy. I came on after the previous Lead Web Developer left on medical leave. I finished up the project. This job was taken mostly because I really needed the money.

It was my first real experience with Flash Actionscript and animation.

Web Developer/Programmer

2007 – 2010

I had/have several responsibilities:

  • Design & Program 8 Flash Mini-games for Lunar Quest MMO (Multiverse)
  • Assist in Programming Multiverse MMO, Lunar Quest
  • Tie together Flash mini-games and Java-Based MMO somehow
  • Design RETRO Lab website
  • Develop tools to assist in user-testing the games
  • Manage/Administrate Amazon EC2 server (LAMP + Multiverse)
  • General technical support for team
  • Some graphic design other than for mini-games.
  • Linking other mini-games to the "BlackBoard" education system

Web Programmer III
Info Tech, Inc

2008 – Current

I have:

  • Developed a web 2.0 corporate intranet portal with around 25 custom modules that link all aspects of the company into an easy-to-navigate iGoogle-like interface. Developed using php, jquery, mysql, etc... Heavy in Ajax technologies.
  • Developed several interactive jquery and flash-based dashboards for executives.
  • Helped implement new business Software: Epicor.
  • Wrote several libraries and extensions to Codeigniter to assist us in more rapidly developing useful intranet tools for the company.
  • Developed massive custom javascript library based on jQuery for the use on our corporate intranet as well as select external sites.
  • Created dozens of high-customized SQL views based on corporate project/resource management data in MySQL and MSSQL for use in various applications.
  • Developed a custom hiring system system that handles the entire workflow from creating jobs to hiring/terminating employees. This also integrates into our various internal and external applications and services such as Epicor and ADP's HRB.

Recurring Responsibilities:

  • Code quality assurance
  • Info-service software/server updates/upgrades
  • Server testing (after updates/upgrades)
  • Internal server administration
  • General intranet support (using RT ticketing system)
  • Development of any services, software, and/or scripts necessary for the company to function efficiently

Lead Web Developer
The Inkling Project

February 2009 – Current

This is a personal project—something I hope to be a paying job some day. I believe I've gained significant enough experience through this epically-large project that I can definitely call this a job.

The project's back-end is written using the PHP framework Codeigniter and MySQL database (queried using activerecord). The front-end is developed with HTML 5 and jQuery. This project, from the beginning, has been planned to be something that will experiment with the newest bleeding-edge web technologies to push the edge of what's possible in a web application.

I've learned a lot about web-clusters, scaling, HTML5, virtual hosts, activerecord, and a multitude of other topics throughout the course of my participation in the project.

The project's goal is to provide a way to organize, prioritize, and then solve the world's biggest problems.

I will be look for angel investments sometime around the Spring/Summer 2010 time frame for this not-for-profit organization.

Lead Web Developer
ISUE Lab - College of Engineering - UCF

October 2009 – July 2011

I'm working part time for a small team working on a grant-funded postdoctoral research project. I'm working under the direction of Dr. Chadwick Wingrave who's an expert and forger of a new paradigm called "Concept Oriented Design". I am, and will be, developing various UI prototypes to match his ideas for the system.

Furthermore, while working for him, I've developed an entire database-based game managament system for the MMO engine Multiverse in Codeigniter and jQuery. This has greatly improved the efficiency of how the game (Lunar Quest) can be managed and improved. Essentially it's an IDE for Multiverse written with web standards HTML5.

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B.A. Digital Media
University of Central Florida (UCF)

2004 – 2008

President's Honor Roll 4 Times Graudated with 3.78 GPA (4.0 upper-level) "Best Presenter" - UCF Digital Media Showcase Dorothy Howard Prize for Folklore Education


SANS GSEC - Security Essentials

2013 – 2017

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GitHub, Aug 2011 - Mar 2013; followed by 2 people

EllisLab's Open Source PHP Framework

I've added several new features to the Form Validation library

  • in_set
  • after_date
  • before_date
  • name
  • phone
  • valid_url
  • ssn
  • greater_than_equal_to
  • less_than_equal_to

I've fixed capitalization bugs in the Inflector Helper.

I've added a new function to the Date helper that will convert some more out-there date formats when dealing with bad data.

I also added the following methods to the QueryBuilder library:

  • get_compiled_select
  • get_compiled_delete
  • get_compiled_update
  • get_compiled_insert

GitHub, Aug 2013 - Apr 2016; followed by 6 people; forked 2 times

Node-QueryBuilder is an ambitious attempt to create a kind of "universal translator" which provides programmers a consistent API to connect to and query any database (traditional and NoSQL) supported by the module. The module is highly extensible and, in theory, can suppport any database provided th

I wrote this entire library based off the CodeIgniter QueryBuilder library. Essentially, I ported the library.

GitHub, Sep 2013 - Oct 2015; followed by 31 people; forked 7 times

Use Node JS to scan files on your server with ClamAV's clamscan binary or clamdscan daemon. This is especially useful for scanning uploaded files provided by un-trusted sources.

I wrote this module to assist with the virus-scanning of uploaded files for a project I worked on for Info Tech.

GitHub, Sep 2013 - Dec 2014; followed by 3 people

A simple NodeJS wrapper to the Unix shred command.

I wrote this module to assist with the secure shredding of uploaded files for a project I worked on for Info Tech.

GitHub, Sep 2013

Retrieves system stats such as CPU, memory, HDD space, etc... on a regular interval and sends them to a specified redis server.

This is a hobby project I worked on but haven't done much else with since I started initially.


eMachines 500 mhz celeron, Windows ME



Projects and links

My wife's wedding blog (wordpress):

My wife and I's wedding videography company:

This is a project I'm currently working on. Obviously it's not ready yet, but, it will be epic and awesome because it will provide a way for the world to organize, prioritize, and solve it's biggest problems!

A project I've put on the back-burner. It started out as a school project. I have no plans to continue this at the time being:

A website for my dad's company:


I started off my computer obsession in 8th grade when my dad bought me my first computer. Within a few months, I had the entire thing disassembled and figured out. I began saving and eventually built my own computer about a year later. It was a 1.2 ghz AMD Athlon machine. I thought it'd be so fast that it would predict my click before I even clicked the mouse. It didn't, but I was stoked nonetheless.

That same year, I got a book on HTML4 from my older brother as a Christmas present. This started my obsession with programming (even though HTML is clearly not programming... it was good enough for being 13). I took a Visual BASIC class in high school and learned some of the key concepts of actual programming. My geeky gadget brain, however, had me obsessed with computer hardware and how it could be integrated into homes as an appliance. I was accepted into the University of Central Florida College of Electrical and Computer Engineering on the hardware track.

After 4 semesters of torturous calculus, I decided I no longer cared for engineering because calculus didn't care so much for me. It wasn't that I was bad at it, per se... it was more that I just couldn't see myself struggling to think about the world in this manner. I changed my major to Digital Media in summer 2006 and I'm so happy that I did.

I was no able to be creative... get right to work. I had no more mindless math/physics/chemistry classes, I had REAL, hands-on, experiential classes that I could stand out in. I'm a designer and a programmer so Digital Media was precisely the major to suit me. There were several classes that I was so ahead in that I ended up helping to teach the class.

I always chuckled at the corny UCF slogan: "UCF Stands for Opportunity". How cliche' is that? Well... in retrospect, it couldn't be more true. Honestly. While attending UCF, I held two jobs provided by research teams that were granted money by big names like the NSF and the DoD. If it wasn't for UCF's opportunity-creating skills, I would not be who I am today.

I'm continuously building my skills and trying to become a premier web developer. I'm trying to make a name for myself at the companies I work for but also to a greater audience. I'm currently working on a new project code-named: "The Inkling Project". It aims to provide the tools and knowledge repository to organize, prioritize, and solve the world's biggest problems.