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I'm ambitious, self-learner, always looking for challenging projects. I love dealing with any kind of technical issue and I'm extremely passionate about what I do. I enjoy taking care of every detail, from the design of a new software to its deployment and maintenance.

I'm an open source software enthusiast and I love contributing to open source projects. My specialties are Java, Elasticsearch, Apache Lucene and Spring. I'm interested in other technologies as well, mainly in the open source software ecosystem.


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Software Developer

July 2013 – Current

Software Developer

October 2011 – June 2013


  • Software development, mainly related to enterprise search using open source technologies like Apache Lucene/Solr and elasticsearch
  • As search consultant I worked with many customers on either improving/reviewing their search solutions or creating new ones using open source technologies
  • Technical trainer of courses about apache lucene, solr and elasticsearch
  • Apache Lucene/Solr contributor
  • Blogger at

Author of the following open source projects: 

Some of my Apache Lucene/Solr released contributions:

  • SolrEntityProcessor: a DataImportHandler processor which can be used to import data in Solr using another Solr instance as data source. More details on the related Jira issue and SearchWorkings article.
  • Check for index locks at Solr startup: feature that allows to check during the startup process whether the index is locked or not. More details on the related Jira issue.
  • Ability to choose a specific Directory implementation while running the Lucene CheckIndex tool: more details on the related Jira issue.
  • Division by zero in Solr StatsComponent: corrected bug reported on this StackOverflow question. More details on the related Jira issue.

Software Developer
Cup 2000 s.p.a.

May 2007 – September 2011


  • Software development within the e-health area
  • System integration
  • Team leading
  • Technical trainings
  • Technical support and 2nd level help desk support
  • System administration of development servers
  • Technical documentation

Key achievements:

  • Development and deployment of various applications distributed to the 4000 family doctors within the Emilia Romagna region
  • Development and refactoring of the sever side components for the clinical documents storage
  • Design and development of some libraries, especially for xml handling, system diagnostic and communication through web services
  • Implementation of a generic build script used by all Java projects throughout the company
  • Migration of the source code repositories from Subversion to Mercurial
  • Setup and tuning of Redmine to improve the team collaboration

Software Developer
BST - Banking Solutions & Technologies s.p.a.

January 2007 – May 2007


  • Software development within the banking field
  • As consultant I worked with different clients on improving their existing applications and integrations between them, as well as creating new ones

Key achievements:

  • Development of different web applications to manage bank accounts
  • Development of custom tag libraries (JCTL)

Java/J2EE Developer
Esis s.r.l.

March 2006 – December 2006

Consultant nearby CSE - Consorzio Servizi Bancari


  • Software development within the banking field
  • Development of a banking product and its customization based on customer needs. The product was a presentation framework written in Java which allowed to render dynamic user forms, customizable through a rich client application.

Key achievements:

  • Development and maintenance of a rich client application for the visual customization of user forms.

Software Developer
GeDInfo s.c.r.l.

July 2005 – November 2005

Internship at the end of my degree studies

Analysis of an existing web application written in Java and its possible improvement using advanced Java technologies like Custom Tag Libraries (JCTL), Hibernate, and JBoss as application server rather than Apache Tomcat.

Key achievements:

  • Degree thesis titled “Analysis and design of an enterprise application using advanced technologies of the Java environment”
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Computer Science
Università degli Studi di Milano

2001 – 2005

  • Degree thesis titled "Analysis and design of an enterprise application using advanced technologies of the Java environment"

High School diploma, Informatics specialization
Istituto Statale di Istruzione Industriale G. Marconi, Piacenza

1996 – 2001

  • Development of a stand-alone application that helps keeping a music library organized by means of reading and writing id3 tags contained by the music files.

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GitHub, Feb 2013 - May 2015; followed by 92 people; forked 12 times

A javascript shell for elasticsearch

I am the author of the project

GitHub, Nov 2012 - Apr 2015; followed by 31 people; forked 18 times

Solr River plugin for elasticsearch

I wrote the elasticsearch solr river plugin, which allows to import data from solr to elasticsearch

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What’s so cool about elasticsearch? « Orange11 Blog / Orange11: Enterprise Java, Open Source, software solutions, Amsterdam

Trifork Blog

Whenever there's a new product out there and you start using it, suggest it to customers or colleagues, you need to be prepared to answer this question: “Why should I use it?”. Well, the answer could be as simple as “Because it's cool!”, which of course is the case with elasticsearch, but then at some point you may need to explain why. I recently had to answer the question, “So what's so cool about elasticsearch?”, that's why I thought it might be worthwhile sharing my own answer in this blog.

Elasticsearch beyond “Big Data” – running elasticsearch embedded « Orange11 Blog / Orange11: Enterprise Java, Open Source, software solutions, Amsterdam

Trifork Blog

It turns out elasticsearch is not only good for what everyone calls “Big Data”, but it is also very well suited for indexing only small amounts of documents and even running elasticsearch embedded within an application, while still providing the flexibility to scale up later when needed. In this article we'll see how to integrate elasticsearch in a spring web application and use it as an embedded search engine.

Introducing the elasticshell « Trifork Blog / Trifork: Enterprise Java, Open Source, software solutions, Amsterdam

Trifork Blog

A few days ago I released the first beta version of the elasticshell, a shell for elasticsearch. The idea I had was to create a command line tool that allows to easily interact with elasticsearch. The article presents the elasticshell and its main features.

Searching with the elasticshell « Trifork Blog / Trifork: Enterprise Java, Open Source, software solutions, Amsterdam

Trifork Blog

This is a sequel to my previous post Introducing the elasticshell. The article shows how you can use the elasticshell to search against the elasticsearch index.

How to write an elasticsearch river plugin

Trifork Blog

Once you have a search engine running you need to index data; when it comes to indexing data you usually need to choose between the push and the pull approach. This blog entry will detail these approaches and goes into writing a river plugin for elasticsearch.

Different ways to make auto suggestions with Solr -

Nowadays almost every website has a full text search box as well as the auto suggestion feature in order to help users to find what they are looking for, by typing the least possible number of characters possible. There are different ways to make auto complete suggestions with Solr. You can find many articles and examples on the internet, but making the right choice is not always easy. The goal of this post is compare the available options in order to identify the best solution tailored to your needs, rather than describe any one specific approach in depth.

Importing data from another Solr -

The Data Import Handler is a popular method to import data into Solr. It provides out of the box integration with databases, xml sources, IMAP services and rich documents. There is also integration to retrieve data from other Solr instances. This feature is really handy when for example you need to restore data or deal with schema changes with re-indexing via an external process.

Common SSL issues in Java - …not just java

Much has been written about making SSL connections in Java. I think it would be useful to share my personal experience, so I’m gonna write about some common issues I…

How to SSL with Http Client and Spring WS - …not just java

In the previous post I wrote about some SSL common issues in Java. One of them, the most popular in my opinion, points out to a flexible way to make ssl connections…

Spring 2.5 compatibility issue with JUnit 4.5 or later - …not just java

Unfortunately, I haven’t switched to Spring 3.0 yet all my projects. So, I recently came across this error using Spring 2.5 and JUnit 4.5 (or later):

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The 10 rules of a Zen programmer « Grobmeier on Dart, Java, Struts, PHP and more

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Beyond my passion for computers, programming and open source, I play acoustic and electric guitar, I love blues and rock music, and I like riding my motorbike.