Massimiliano Peluso

Senior Software Engineer at Reed Exhibitions, and Managing Director/Architect/Senior Developer at WeDev Limited
  • London, United Kingdom
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Last seen on Stack Overflow on Jun 29

I am an AGILE Senior Developer with good knowledge of Object Oriented principles, SOA / Web API services and performance optimization (High-Transactional/Scalability)

I am able to design and implement enterprise ASP.NET/MVC applications using SOA principles and some of the latest CMS products such as SiteCore and EpiServer

I have a deep knowledge of the latest Microsoft Pattern and Practice along with TDD and BDD to deliver high quality software

I have been working in Insurance and E-Commerce industries for some of the top clients in UK (Beazly-Faraday-LLoyds / Harrods-ASOS) delivering high quality software.

I am a natural problem solver with excellent analytical and reasoning skills. I am familiar with Microsoft best practices and take a keen interest in the latest Microsoft technologies; I also participate in online forums and have several articles on popular technical websites, I’m also a technical moderator on (the top resource for developers)


Experience (19) show all

Senior Software Engineer
Reed Exhibitions

February 2015 – Current

Senior Developer

July 2014 – December 2014

SEO optimization, Redesign JobSearch/JobResult/JobDetail pages to make them responsive (mobile/tablet), adding new features to the existing platform. Improving the locations radius algorithm (Job Search) and database. MVC 5.0, C#, Site Core 7 , Angular JS, HTML 5 , Bootstrap, SQL Server 2012, TDD, BDD, Jquery,Entity Framework , Dependency Injection, AGILE

.Net Architect
Faraday Reinsurance Company

July 2012 – June 2014

I'm working on a greenfield project which is a new reporting system that will replace the old "catastrophic risk event" platform. At the moment all the steps for extracting the data and generating the reports are not automatized except for some VB macros and some store procedures on SQl Server. I'm in charge of design and implementing the new solution back-end/BL/Front-End/TDD. I'm also in charge of choosing the technologies to use along whit the coding patterns.

The first phase of the project is to design the new database which is based on SQL Server 2008 and E/R methodology. The second phase will be designing and implementing the data import platform which will feeds the new database getting the data from several data-sources (other databases,XML,Excel spreed sheet,WebService). Most of the import platform is base on SSIS packages. The front end will be based on a MVC 3.0 web application and it will be developed using a TDD approach. The team is based on 10 people(developers, front end,SQL Server) and we work in AGILE environment with a 2 weeks sprint

Technologies: MVC 3.0 - C# - MS Sql Server 2008 - SSIS - Entity Framework 4.2 - Windows Service - Jquery - CSS3 - HTML/HTML5

Patterns & methodologies:

Dependency Injection - DDD(all the related patterns) - TDD - E/R (database) - Speciation pattern - BDD

Managing Director/Architect/Senior Developer
WeDev Limited

March 2012 – Current

Solution Architect
The Bio Agency

November 2011 – July 2012

At the moment I’m working in a Media Agency as Solution Architect/Senior Developer. We are developing an application for selling books on line which has been commissioned by one of the top book publisher in UK The Application is based on MVC 3 framework and EF 4.2 as data access framework. I’m in charge of the design and all the technical documentation along with providing the guide line for the developer team. We are working in Agile with 2 week sprint

Senior Developer

April 2011 – November 2011

I have been working on the main project which is an enterprise software application to create/manage the Beazley insurance policies. I'm mainly working on the Endorsement/Applicability features and I'm in charge to review and update the code to stick to the latest enterprise pattern to improve the maintainability and the performance in general which is a key aspect of the application.. I have also worked on the front office layer to improve the financial algorithms which are now based on async client side script using JQeury and the latest AJAX pattern. the application has been developed using DDD and CQRS

Solution Architect

January 2011 – April 2011

I have worked on a Greenfield project for “Course Monster” and “Skill Soft” for managing and booking IT courses online. For designing the architecture we have adopted DDD and all the patterns generally used in a Domain Driven Development architecture : Repository Pattern,Factory Pattern, Aggregate Concept, Reference/Object concepts, Specification Pattern,etc The front-end has been developed in MVC and MVP and is based on EpiServer as CMS.

Solution Architect
Mondial Assistance London

September 2010 – December 2010

I have been working at Mondial assistance as Senior developer. Mainly I worked on the Web application that is used by Mitsubishi Russia to manage new insurance policies. The application is “localizated” to support English and Russian. I was in charge of designing the new application following Domain Driven Development as approach for the architecture and TDD/BDD for the software development. The application is based on MVC 2.0 and SQL Server 2008 as DBMS.

Team Leader
The white company

April 2010 – August 2010

I have been at Mondial for 3 months on an exciting project as Team Leader and Senior Developer. My role is head the developer team to re-implement the check out process (that was originally based on VS2005) because it lack of best practice and the latest patterns. I re-design the process following DDD pattern and using Entity Framework as ORM/ODR. We also upgrade the front end to 4.0 getting the vantage of the new framework. I introduce Agile in this company and we work with 3 weeks sprint using an online task board to keep track of the activity and resources against the task and the Estimations. I was in charge to keep update the task board and to produce a daily Burn Down chart the better highlight the development against the estimation time I help also the developer team to speed up the development process working as senior developer as well.

Senior Developer

January 2010 – April 2010

Asos London – Contractor –

Design and reengineering of the old Asos check out process to face the high amount of access and transactions making this process reusable and SOA oriented to be compliant with the latest Microsoft Pattern and practices

• Design and implementation of the new architecture using domain driven development patter • Design and implementation of the new Exception manager using AOP • All the software is written following the latest Microsoft patterns • TDD methodology and Windsor component to implement the dependency injection • Design and implementation of custom solution to have partial rendering using JQuery • We work using Agile methodology • The front end is based on ASP 3.5 using MVP pattern • Design of for IPhone web App

Harrods London - Contractor

May 2008 – March 2009

Design and implementation of and Contact Centre Application Asp.Net 2.0/3.5,C#/SQL Server 2000/2005 (E-Commerce / CRM) Agile - Framework 3.5,LINQ,Scrum / XML, XSLT, XHTML, HTML, CSS Integration between company web site and Omniture Site Catalyst. SQL Performance tuning. Asp.Net 2.0/3.5/C#/ Visual Basic .NET/ SQL Performance tuning/ SQL Server 2000/2005/ Store Procedure/ Code reviewing / Commerce Server 2007 / Web Application / Win Application; Upgrading of the Main web site ( from the framework 2.0 to 3.5 MVC adding new features and replacing all the related processes (BizTalk) with WWF and WCF to be SOA compliant

Design and implementation of the product catalog update, re-price and post-order: me and the team designed and implemented the integration system to do that task. We use BizTalk 2006 to manage the data flow and the business logic for the those processes. As data access layer we used the commerce server adapter. The data base was based on Sql server 2005. BizTalk 2006 / Sql Server 2005 / C# / Commerce Server 2007

Implementation of the Manual review and fraud reject process: I implemented the system to review the refuse payments. The data base was based on sql server 2005.Biz talk was the engine to process the refuse payment by getting the data from SAP system and update the data base.

Technical support for the develop team, guideline and best practice


Senior Developer
ECA Engineering

November 2009 – December 2009

Design and implementation of the new ECA CRM. My role is Technical leader. I’m in charge of Design the Architecture following the latest Domain Driven Pattern using Hibernate as ORM. The front end is based on ASP.Net MVC using NCache for the distributed cache management. I design also the Data Base using an E/R approach. We work in Agile/Sprint environment

Asp.Net MVC-C#-NHibernate-Ncache- DDD – TDD – MS SQL Server 2005 – WCF

.NET Architect/Developer

April 2009 – October 2009

• Design and implementation the integration system to manage the order process WCF,WWF,C#,Sql Server 2005 • Design and implementation the Credit card check system C#,WCF,WWF • Design and implementation of several win32 services to manage the file data flow C#,WWF

Senior Developer
Consultant for PosteItaliane (public - Italian post office network)

September 2005 – October 2005

Solution Developer on several .NET Web applications using: .Net 2/3.0, Enterprise Library

.Net Consultant

November 2005 – May 2008

application to manage the ministry project contracts. Sql server performance tuning. C#/ Visual Basic.NET /.framework 2.0/ Sql Server 2000/2005(Developing and Maintaining)XML/XPATH

• Alitalia: Design and implementation of the check out process for Alitalia web site. Asp.NET/ Visual Basic.NET/C#/Web Services/SQL Server 2000/2005

Implementation of the web check-in. Asp.Net 2.0/Sql server 2005/ .net Custom/User control/ Web Services

• Poste Italiane. Design and implementation of the E-Commerce web site. Asp.Net 2.0/Sql server 2005/ .net Custom/User control/ Web Services

Implementation of the web application to manage the “poste Italiane” contracts and the manager’s activities. Implementation of the complementary smart client application based both on win form and Windows Mobile 2003 Asp.Net/C#,Mobile/win form,SQL Server 2000/2005

Implementation and integration of the service to able the “poste Italiane” customers to send the certified mail straight from their Intranet Application. Asp.Net custom control/BizTalk/XML

BNL (financial)

February 2005 – August 2005

Senior Developer
Consultant for Accenture on Telecom Italia

April 2004 – February 2005

Several projects using 1.1,MS SQL Server 2000

Senior Developer
Consultant for Bulgari

January 2004 – April 2004

Web/Win32 development

Monte Paschi di Siena (Bank)

May 2002 – December 2003

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Computer Science
G.Armellini, Rome - Italy

1993 – 2002

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