Matthew Newport

Independent developer / contractor
Virtual Light Software Inc.
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Senior programmer with 15 years professional game development experience. Rendering specialist with extensive experience in all areas of the rendering pipeline. Thorough knowledge of hardware and significant low level optimization expertise. Good appreciation of artist workflow and pipeline issues and focus on delivering artist friendly systems. Over 4 years experience as a team lead and engineering manager.


  • Very strong C++: 15 years in professional game development, 20+ years in total.
  • Strong HLSL.
  • F#, C#, C++/CLI, some UnrealScript, SQL, Python and Lua.
  • Familiar with x86/x64 and PowerPC assembly, SSE and VMX intrinsics (Xbox 360 and PS3).


  • 15+ years Windows development (Win32, DirectX 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12). Extensive knowledge of PC hardware.
  • 2+ years Xbox One experience, platform owner for core technology at EA.
  • 2+ years PS4 experience.
  • 7+ years Xbox 360 experience, including 1+ years with Kinect. In depth knowledge of Xbox 360 hardware.
  • Some PS3 experience, including SPU programming.
  • Xbox, PS2, some GameCube and PS1.
  • Windows Phone 8, WinRT.
  • ASP.NET MVC 4, Windows Azure.

Graphics / 3D

  • Solid background in 3D math and thorough understanding of the 3D pipeline.
  • Up to date with latest techniques for real time 3D rendering.
  • Substantial experience with D3D9 on PC and Xbox 360. Significant experience with D3D10 and D3D11.
  • Considerable experience with vertex and pixel shaders, HLSL and D3D Effects Framework.
  • In-depth knowledge of current PC 3D hardware capabilities and performance characteristics.


  • Very experienced with Visual Studio (every version from VC6 through VS 2013) and Perforce.
  • Experience with PIX, NVPerfHUD, VTune, Xbox 360 profiling tools (xbperfview, trace dumps, etc.).
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 3, UnrealEd and UnrealScript.
  • Some experience with SN Systems ProDG for PS2 and PS3, familiar with GCC for PS2 and PS3.
  • Familiar with 3ds Max 8 and 9, MAXScript and the Max SDK. Some Maya, Photoshop.


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Independent developer / contractor
Virtual Light Software Inc.

November 2014 – Current

Independent development on a non-games Virtual Reality data visualization / GIS project for the Oculus Rift. Short term contracting for Oculus Rift development with IMVU. Contracting with EA on Star Wars: Battlefront development.

Senior Manager, Engineering
Electronic Arts

May 2011 – November 2014

Working on a central technology team, porting existing core technologies to new platforms and developing new shared technology for use throughout the company.

As an engineering manager I split my time between software engineering and people management with 6 direct reports. As a hiring manager I was heavily involved in technical recruitment. I also played a technical product owner role for our team focusing on our runtime task scheduling library.

I have represented EA on the OpenCL and OpenCL HLM committees and helped drive efforts to apply GPU compute to solve problems for our customers.

Senior Programmer
Smoking Gun Interactive

June 2009 – April 2011

Senior Programmer with a focus on rendering. Shipped titles include Kinect Me, an app for auto-generating a player Avatar using data captured using the Kinect camera and 20,000 Leaks, part of the Kinect Adventures! minigame collection which shipped as a pack in title with the Kinect hardware.

Graphics programmer on a variety of unannounced internal projects and demos for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, mostly built using Unreal Engine 3 as a technology base.

Responsible for setting up and maintaining continuous integration server using TeamCity.

Senior Programmer
Relic Entertainment

May 2006 – June 2009

Rendering Lead on Dawn of War II (85 Metacritic). Responsibilities included engine optimizations and feature additions; tool, pipeline and artist workflow improvements; shader development; new pre-baked lighting system; collaboration with art leads to create, prioritize and schedule rendering backlog; oversight of other rendering programmers, candidate evaluation and interviewing and reviews of technical designs for new features.

Joined Relic towards the end of development on Company of Heroes (93 Metacritic) and assisted with optimization and bug fixing, as well as preparations for the D3D10 port of the graphics engine.

Software Engineer 2
Electronic Arts

November 2003 – April 2006

Software Engineer in the central tech group at EAC with a focus on rendering. Became part of RenderWare development team when EA purchased Criterion.

Optimized RenderWare animation and math libraries for PS3 and Xbox 360 using VMX intrinsics and SPUs. Wrote a substantial document on optimizing for the PS3 and Xbox 360 which was widely distributed within EA.

Played a key role in delivering the first version of RenderWare to support the final Xbox 360 hardware. Spent 3 days on site at Microsoft’s Xbox offices ensuring RenderWare worked on the first final hardware before it shipped to EA studios. Designed and implemented the runtime and pipeline backend for the shader system used in two of EA’s Xbox 360 launch titles – FIFA 2006 and NBA Live 2006.

Development and support for EA internal graphics library prior to purchase of RenderWare. Fixed several challenging rendering bugs for FIFA 2005 and NHL 2005 on PC, credited on FIFA 2005 PC in recognition of dedicated support. Implemented various shaders for NHL 2005 on PC, Xbox and PS2.

Senior Programmer
Nicely Crafted Entertainment

January 2002 – September 2003

Senior 3D programmer on Time of Defiance (73 Metacritic), a Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Game for PC. Responsible for all rendering and most client code. Wrote majority of the DX8.1 3D engine: error logging for customer support; frustum culling; vertex and index buffer management; mesh loading and rendering; render state and texture management; camera system; object picking and drag-selection; particle system and special effects; object oriented GUI framework and in game UI; dynamic sky dome with day / night cycle, orbiting planetary bodies and procedural cloud generation; 3D sound support using DirectSound. Optimized server physics code; implemented hierarchical object support on client and server.

Developed new DX9 3D engine for use in Time of Defiance boxed release and future products. Implemented object oriented scenegraph, DX9 rendering pipeline utilising D3DX Effects Framework and basic animation pipeline.


September 2000 – December 2001

Delta Force: Urban Warfare (70 Metacritic) for PS1. Control system, weapons and weapon effects. Prototype for Xbox action game. UI, controls, graphical effects and game logic. Prototype for PC strategy title. DX8 GUI framework, special effects, AI and game logic. Gunlok, a PC action/strategy title. Particle effects, gameplay scripting, bug fixing.

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MA Natural Sciences
University of Cambridge

1997 – 2000


Certified Scrum Master

2013 – 2013

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GitHub, May 2015 - Nov 2015

GitHub, Feb 2015 - Aug 2015

Simplified minimal version of Oculus TinyRoom D3D11 sample

GitHub, Jan 2012

CUDA raytracing test

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Matthew Newport has been credited on games developed by the following companies: Relic Entertainment, Rebellion Developments Ltd., Good Science Stu...

Credited on 8 shipped games on a variety of platforms.

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