Myles Gray

IT Admin, Networking and Virtualization at Exitex LTD, and Founder at Myles Gray Design
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My technical skills range from HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP & JavaScript to C, C#, VB as well as GIT and SVN for collaboration.

I am very competent in Linux CLI and server configurations (mainly for web apps, including software load balancing (NginX), distributed caching (Memcached), MySQL and NginX server optimisation and redundancy), Particularly proficient with VMWare products.

I have considerable experience with high end firewalls and switches for high performance networking that I have configured from the ground up for new networks that include DMZs, VLANs, SSL and IPSec VPNs, Microwave links, Traffic shaping, QOS, AD integration for Single Sign On and security filtering policies to allow for endpoint control. I am comfortable with FortiOS units (thus far I have configured up to 300 series boxes), HP ProCurve and Cisco Catalyst switches as well as Cisco CME, Elastix for VoIP and OpenStack for Cloud Computing. Dell PowerEdge 8K series experience for 10Gig networking to include fiber optics.

As a scout leader, programmer and web developer I have proven communication and team skills. I enjoy finding problems then working towards theirs solutions; it leaves me with a sense of achievement, pride and motivates me to try harder things, learn more about the subject and further improve myself.

I am a strong public speaker, I find it very natural to talk in front of groups including my peers and I interact very well with individuals.

My strengths lie mainly, but not exclusively, in the IT field. I have covered many of the aspects of business strategy and management during my readings. Being a strong believer in self-motivated learning, setting goals and undertake many self-teaching courses.

This technical experience coupled with the courses in management I am undertaking during my studies help me to be more productive and relate to manager’s and team member’s expectations.


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IT Admin, Networking and Virtualization
Exitex LTD

January 2007 – Current

Advising the company directors on new software and hardware.

Work to move entire sales, workforce tracking and production scheduling from EFACS manufacturing package to Sage 200 Manufacturing.

Designed and built the majority of as well as the content, including 3D renders and graphics. A New iteration of the website based on Magento is under construction to include automatic product export/updating to Mage from Sage 200 manufacturing.

Responsible for structural networking and virtualization infrastructure redesign to include synchronous SANs, 10GbE, Fiber optic networking and a new virtualization solution base.

Expansion solutions implemented including microwave links for remote premises, VPN connectivity for remote workers as well as a move towards QOS and VLANs.

Myles Gray Design

March 2010 – Current

I am a freelance web-developer in my spare time, I love to learn about anything that will enhance performance of web apps and spend great deals of time researching and configuring new virtual setups in ESXi to test new software solutions that could be of benefit.

My own site: works as my personal blog (more coming on that soon) and in the future will host my portfolio.

I developed an application for hardware “overclockers” namely the “BenchTec Toolbox”; used to optimise any Windows operating system that supports .Net, enabling the fastest operation possible. With over 7K downloads it is renowned within the overclocking community. You can find it on or on my site here:

IT Manager, Consultant and Developer
Unislim Ltd

March 2011 – June 2012

At Unislim I carried out large internal system reorganisation, upgrades and optimisation as well as a full network redesign.

I worked to spec a new software system to be used by Unislim's 150 remote class leaders to record details from over 50 thousand clients including accounting integration, a synchronization framework, a reporting system and a web access portal for admins, clients and leaders.

Wrote plans to make the company's databases and comms cloud based to give them a boost in program performance, availability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Leveraged a CDN, proxy and browser caching, GZIP compression, modifying file headers as well as VPS hosting (downgraded from dedicated server due to the traffic saved) to reduce page load time on from 13s in to 2.5s. Tailored the site for tablet users.


2:1 - BSc Business I.T.
Queen's University, Belfast

2009 – 2013

Accounting for Non-Specialists

Introduction to Multimedia I

Introduction to Multimedia II

Introduction to Software Engineering and Project Management

Management Information Systems

Principles of Management 1

Software Development for the Web

Professional Computing Practice

Technology of e-commerce

Computer Programming for BIT

Operations Management

Principles of Management II

Business Development

BIT Project

Database Systems

Information Systems in Organisations

Managing Innovation

Supply Chain Management

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Open Source

An Android app for the Dashboard to notify of question updates as well as profile status

Apps & Software

An application for hardware "overclockers" that will strip out and tune any windows operating system that will support .Net, with over 7K downloads in such a small community it is the "de-facto" standard for new overclockers.

Sole designer and programmer with occasional outside help for testing.

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How to: Run emoncms on NginX & PHP5-FPM

This tutorial shows you how to download, configure and install emoncms on NginX w/ PHP5-FPM

Fixing/Flashing a broken motherboard w/ SPIPGM2 and Serial

A guide on how to flash a BIOS to a motherboard that will not POST using the serial interface and SPI port.

How to: Use geolocation to get a user’s location and weather from IP address

A how-to on detecting a user's location from IP using geolocation and using this to find their WOEID to query the Yahoo! weather database and display the information.

BenchTec Toolbox

An article describing the functioning of the Benchtec Toolbox software that I wrote.

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Agile Web Development with Rails (Pragmatic Programmers)

Agile Web Development with Rails

Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Code Complete

A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Steve McConnell

High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers

High Performance Web Sites

Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers

Steve Souders

Even Faster Web Sites: Performance Best Practices for Web Developers

Even Faster Web Sites

Performance Best Practices for Web Developers

Steve Souders

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide


The Definitive Guide

David Flanagan

JavaScript: The Good Parts


The Good Parts

Douglas Crockford

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