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Senior SAP/ABAP Developer
La Colonia
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I love programming but I need time to stay in touch of everything. My main concern is to learn and improve. Being 3 year with SAP/ABAP I've worked very close to retail operations but mainly with forecast and replenishment.

I've worked as a consultant for Tribunal Supremo Electoral de Honduras giving technical support in electoral systems. I developed with C#, ASP.Net, JQuery and PL/SQL applications for querying electoral results and tendencies.

Now, I'm officially jack of all trades in the office.

I'm christian and I participate in church activities.


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Senior SAP/ABAP Developer
La Colonia

2011 – Current

To give support to the Retail, MM and WM departments with ABAP. I've been creating enhancements for standard transactions like ME2L, MB5S, MIGO, IH09 and others adding some fields required by users.. At this time I've done more than 40 developments which include as I stated before enhancements for standard transactions, BADI implementations, user-exits, object-oriented programming, programs for massive loads and reports. At this time I've spent a lot of time and effort learning and developing solutions to make my users achieve their goals.

When the company first implemented SAP system it was required to load the master data from legacy systems and I created the programs to generate the files with the formatted data for the material information, the tools I used were VB and SQL Server for the system that held the information and SQL queries to generate the files.

The data was for; material, eANs, warehouse, plants, prices and POS. I used the LSMW transaction for that purpose and we made several loads to SAP system. It was difficult cause we had to maintain the business running and also we had to update the SAP system as we went live on production.

I have used / use C# to make several utilities for the users for example; an EAN checker and a program to stack cases of goods or products on to a pallet and many others.

Freelance Developer
Colegio Químico Farmacéutico

2008 – 2011

I developed a system that controls the members registry, accounting, banking and hhrr. I did it in, c# and mysql. Later enhancements were done in jquery.

One of the problems I faced was that I had never made an application before, I also wanted to use something different for the data layer and Castle ActiveRecord got my attention. So it was a risk but a challenge I found myself very confident to do.

I decided to use because I didn't want to install the application to every machine in the company and because they were reluctant to buy new equipment. On the other hand ActiveRecord would help me to go faster with the development.

I began using an excellent tool called ActiveWriter and it took me several months and headaches to get things done but it finally things got well.

I delivered the system in one year because I was the only developer and also because the system went bigger as we discovered another requirements. One of them was to print receipts from, I used iTextSharp for that and a little trick and that solved the issue, you can find my solution in It went good cause later I used this for check printing

After that I just enhanced the UI with jquery to give better look to things, I implemented the jquery calendar and other stuff for validations mostly.

In this project I also used Subversion and AnkhSVN.

System Analyst
TSE (Tribunal Supremo Electoral)


To develop a system to control cellphones stock for presidential elections in 2009. The program worked so a cellphone was registered, labeled and assigned to a voting station to transmit the results via the cellphone. The system was developed in 20 days in and c# and it had ui validations made with jquery. I also used Subversion and AnkhSVN.

Part of my job consisted in leading and training 40 persons to use this system.I was assigned to the preliminary election results transmission (TREP in spanish) department and we managed 15,694 cellphones and distributed nationwide before the election.

System Analyst
Organization of American States

2005 – 2007

Member of the team who developed for Paraguay's government the national citizen record to admin and manage birth, marriage and defunction certificates. We used winforms, webservices, and oracle.

This was an excellent experience cause we started the system from scratch and I was involved in all phases of development. I coded the webservices that handled the birth, marriage and defunction registry, I also coded in PLSQL cause a lot of validation and business rules were embedded in the database.

I also developed the certification printing module, I used Crystal Reports for that and it printed both sides of the paper. This module prints the one side of the sheet first and then asked the user to turn it to print the other side and if it needed another page the system asked for a new page.

The certification printing module printed a security code which could be traced, so the system administrator could know who, when and where the document was printed. This feature was developed basically for the embassies of Paraguay in other countries in order to certify the documents.

In this project I implemented a bug tracking system ( to manage all bugs which was very helpful cause we became very organized about everything and it helped us to make corrections very fast.

We were a team and we had our modules but we knew very well each part of the system.


B.S. Computer Science

1995 – 1999

My GPA was 83% which is one of the highest scores in college. I studied very hard to learn all I could from my professors and one of the best achievements was to make a compiler by mysel only.

The compiler was made with C++ 3.0 and to develop it I read Deiter/Deiter C++, I read the whole stuff and I programmed every day reading every detail of that book.

I developed other things but this was the most relevant. I learned Assembler also but I didn't develop something big. I just learned how the memory and programs worked and it expanded my mind.


ABAP Programming

2012 – 2012

SAP Material Management

2012 – 2012

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My main concern is always to learn and I'm always excited about that. Actually I work in a place where I have time to sharp my skills. My interests have always been C and in the last year the .Net framework.

I always like to finish everything I begin and try to use everything I've learned. My actual job consists in ABAP programming for Retail, MM and WM and sometime FI and also I use C# to make several utilities for the users for example; an EAN checker and a program to stack cases of goods or products on to a pallet .

My day consists in developing solutions to my users and debugging code all day.I'm getting very proficient in ABAP and all SAP components as long as I being requested to make a enhancement to the system (I'm the only abaper in the enterprise, so I carry with all the developments). I have approximately more than 40 developments in 5 months which include enhancements, BADIs, user-exits, mobile implementations, reports, corrections to the original implementations and more, I even requested to check other systems. It has been very hard but it has been also funny and with lot of excitement.

My goal is to learn more cause this is I like to do, I can't see me doing something else, I'd would like to lean from others who have more experience in this field, I want to get to the top.