Andrew Nosenko

Senior Software Engineer
Nuance Communications
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Programming since early school years, I used to be good at C++, COM and ActiveX. Nowadays I develop mostly with C# and JavaScript. I favor Microsoft tools and platforms, although I'm constantly fascinated with Linux, Mono, Xamarin, Node.js, AngularJS.

I like making complex stuff simpler. I'm especially interested in design and optimization of asynchronous and concurrent workflows, using modern .NET libraries like Rx and TPL Dataflow.

At the moment of this writing, I'm a top answerer for [webbrowser-control] and among the top ones for [async-await] and [task-parallel-library] questions. Links to some of my favorite q/a can be found in my twiter.


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Senior Software Engineer
Nuance Communications

May 2014 – Current

Various parts of Emdat Medical Transcriptions and Dictations System (now a part of Nuance Communications), including transcription editing, printing and delivery components.

Senior Software Engineer
Emdat, Inc

Responsible for various parts of Emdat Medical Transcriptions and Dictations System (now a part of Nuance Communications), including HTML-based editing, printing and delivery components, frontend and backend.

TeamCTI, Inc.

XMLSP Studio Development Suite - a bespoke client-server RAD web development tool.

Senior Software Engineer
MeadCo, Ltd.

Authored the MeadCo ScriptX Printing Framework, a widely deployed HTML printing solution.

Published a related article on MSDN: Scripting Support for Web Page Printing.

Software Engineer
Computer Multimedia Systems, Inc

Participated in creating of 2D Animation Engine, video game development, HDD Partitioning software, firmware development for network routers.


Software Engineering
University diploma

1992 – 1997

  • Employed since year 1 of studentship.
  • Graduated with a specialist diploma in Software Engineering.

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Stack Overflow 36497 reputation points
Ask Ubuntu 176

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GitHub, Jan 2014 - Feb 2014; followed by 5 people

Task Parallel Library (TPL) Extensions

Design and implementation.

Using .NET WebBrowser control (WinForms and WPF)

Design and implementation.


CodeProject: ATL/AUX Library

ATL/AUX Library is a set of C++ ATL helpers and patterns for use in COM projects.