Oscar Reyes de la Cruz

Software Engineer Java
Blizzard Entertainment
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Software Developer who happens to like to code.

I'm currently working at Blizzard Entertainment for the Battle.net team; we are in charge of the community sites for all the blizzard games.

I have worked using Java for the most part of my career, also worked on C# for a while and a fair amount of BPM.

I'm currently enjoying living in Texas, playing SC2 games when possible (I'm finally silver GOLD! ) and learning Go in my spare time.


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Software Engineer Java
Blizzard Entertainment

March 2013 – Current

Part of an awesome team responsible for the creating new ( and improving existing ) applications in a high-load, high-availability environment. My role focuses heavily on server-side web programming, interfacing with front-end design teams to create applications

Most of the work is performed in the community sites within the Battle.net portal ( World or Warcraft, Startcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch ) which are used by millions of gamers worldwide with special focus on keeping quality level Blizzard is known for.


Sr. Lombardi BPM consultant / Sr. BPM Consultant
Alkimia Consultores

June 2008 – March 2012

Worked as technical consultant using BPM technologies I performed several roles; from being external auditor in an ongoing project to have the whole responsibility of a 18+ developers team from the conception to the closing of the project. The one I liked most was as developer.

In this position I had to integrate with different technologies such as CRM, ECM, webservices, different databases, etc. using the Lombardi API when available and creating Java adapters from scratch if needed.

This position also included product installation and configuration in different OS/HW configurations; Windows, AIX, Linux using DB2, Oracle or MS-SQLServer

Also as BPM consultant I spend a fair amount of time understanding business process directly from those who define it, CFO, CEO's, managers and those who actually execute it. This experience complemented my technical knowledge tremendously.

Customers including:

Centro Médico Imbanaco / Alkimia - Cali Colombia Jan - Mar. 2012

Sr. BPM Developer performing external audition role and team development coaching with IBM BPM 7.5

Banco Davivienda / Alkimia - Bogotá Colombia 2011 - 2012

Project Leader responsible for 18+ consultants using Lombardi WebSphere Edition v7.2

Financiera Independencia / Alkimia - Mexico city 2010 - 2011

At charge of the technical architecture of the solution using Lombardi WebSphere Edition v7.1

Novartis / Alkimia - Mexico city. 2008-2010

Project manager for small ( 4-6 developers) projects and Software Developer using Oracle BPM.

C# Software Developer

March 2012 – October 2012

As part of an excellent self-directed work team, I'm participating on the whole development process performing functional design, technical design, coding, testing and 3rd level support of an Electronich Health Records solution called MedTzin (http://www.knowtion.biz/medtzin.html), in an agile environment using .net technologies ( C#, WPF, Linq to SQL )

We use Kanban to organize the work to be done, and put special attention to the details of the product we are developing.

In this position I was also responsible to coach junior developers in agile practices such as TDD and refactoring and pair programming.

Java Developer/Consultant
Several companies

2001 – 2008

Most of my professional experience come from this period using Java as main developing platform dealing primarily with server side optimizations and helping my co-workers to better use the language.

I have always been recognized for playing key role in the success of the projects I've been involved into, from both my team members and customers.

Customers including:

VFC / Sofftek - North Carolina. 2007-2008

Project leader / Software Developer using Java Enterprise + Swing.

As project leader I was in charge of a 8 developers team and had daily contact with the customer for both technical and functional requirements definition and project tracking with the project manager.

We spend 3 months on site at VFC head quarters in Greensboro N.C. and then returned to México to continue the solution development using IBM Websphere for the backend and Swing for the front end.

Nextel - Mexico city. 2004-2007

Project leader / Technical supervisor using core Java.

After being a successful team member I was promoted to be in charge of the 3 projects, tracking progress and defining both technical and functional definitions to outsourced development team for the BPM department at Nextel México.

I also helped to optimize/monitor the core engine of the formerly BPM Suite Fuego v4.2 written in Java, providing support to both my IT area and the product manufacturer.

Other customer for which I have had short term participation ( 1-4 months ) include: Axa, MetLife, HSBC, Ford and others

Objective-C Developer - WebObjects

1999 – 2001

This was my first job and here I had my first exposure with object-oriented technology using Objective-C in OSX Server using WebObjects Framework. Here we develop some of the firsts web apps of that time in México.

I learned the foundations of my whole career, unix, vi, cvs, oracle rdbms, object-orientation.

Back then I didn't knew Objective-C would have so much traction as it does today and since this was my first professional job I remember clearly the concepts and would reduce dramatically the learning curve to catch it again now for iOS development for which I have developed small apps just to test drive the technology.


4 years of Computer Science equivalent
FCA UNAM Mexico City

1998 – 2002


Certified Developer Websphere Lombardi Edition 7.2


Sun Certified Java Programmer


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Stack Overflow 110535 reputation points

Open Source


GitHub, Mar 2015

The Ryz programming language.

On my spare time I developed this small programming language only to better understand the way things work under the hood. Although it is not a production ready programming language makes me proud and teached me the only limitation is ourselves.


Blog de OscarRyz | Java México

Java México | Comunidad de Desarrolladores Mexicanos

Comments and post about the Java programming language and surrounding technologies


Effective Java (2nd Edition)

Effective Java

Joshua Bloch

Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code


Improving the Design of Existing Code

Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, John Brant, William Opdyke, Don Roberts

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Design Patterns

Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides




Projects and links

Lately, I've been working on my spare time on a new programming language:


An object oriented, statically typed programming language, with a reduced number of reserved words, similar to Smalltalk, but with the Java/Scala/ Look and Feel

demo.Program {
   main() {
       "Hello Ryz world!".println()


I think I have equally developed what it is called the "logical thinking" and the "creative thinking"

I like the rational/logical/objective way of thought, like knowing exactly what is happening each moment and have the control of the situation.

But I also enjoy being intuitive and looking at the big picture to come up with new ideas.

More than trying to classify things in those terms ( logical vs. creative ) I do believe that ANYTHING could be learn with patience and perseverance. From solving a mathematical equations, to the creation of an artistic work. There are no limits for the mind but the mind it self.