Patrick McElhaney

Senior Web Presentation Architect
Ally Finanical, Inc.
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Seasoned, pragmatic, and well rounded web developer. I've been coding for 15 years professionally and more than 20 years as a hobby. I know how to write code that lasts, and I love using my skills to empower people.

What gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that I get to ship software that works, and works well, and lets my dear users be awesome at whatever it is they do (not wrestling with the interface and not some menial task the computer could do for them).


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Senior Web Presentation Architect
Ally Finanical, Inc.

November 2010 – Current

Work with a team of elite front-end architects. Learned a lot from them, and currently regarded as the team's premier JavaScript developer .

Often called in for the most technically difficult parts of projects, such as interest calculators and graphs, the search engine, an A/B testing framework, and an interactive CD Ladder tutorial.

Authored the team's JavaScript style guide, gave presentations on Git, AMD/RequireJS, an QUnit, and championed the practice of Test Driven Development.

Lead Developer
American City Business Journals

2000 – November 2010

Lead and mentor a team of web developers who are working on variety of projects written mostly in ColdFusion and HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Introduced best practices such as version control and test-driven development. Work closely with the IT staff and oversee the web farm.

Solely responsible for new development and maintenance of three web sites: SportsBusiness Daily, SportsBusiness Journal, and SportsBusiness Conferences.  Recent projects include:

  • Built several e-commerce apps for purchasing subscriptions and other products.

  • Improved integration between and ACBJ's fulfillment center database, which eliminated errors and saved 10 man hours / week in labor.

  • An email marketing application that delivers hundreds of thousands of messages each week, pulling from dozens of contact lists and data sources. The system displaced outside vendors who charged a lot of money and were less effective.

  • Framework and content management system for SportsBusiness Conferences. It enables event coordinators who think they're allergic to computers to quickly build sites for each of the 10 events held each year.

  • Highly customized and efficient content management system for, a project that at least five different developers had previously undertaken and failed to complete.

Originally I was hired to help with the fledgling intranet. Within a couple of months I was handed the reins.

ACBJ is a big company, consisting of about 2000 employees from about 60 different divisions. And within those divisions are a menagerie of personalities. Artists, editors, publishers, sales people, accountants, HR, etc. each have different needs and domain languages. The intranet needs to work for all of them.

We (myself and an apprentice) built several applications under the intranet umbrella, using ColdFusion and Fusebox 3 (the grandaddy of CF frameworks, which I had a big hand in designing). Most of those apps are still around, close to 10 years later, and are still used every day.

A few highlights:

  • An onboarding workflow that helps the company welcome new employees as if they were guests at a five star hotel. The business manager spends a few minutes filling out one form, which spawns everything from phone set-up to sales training. New hires are given a single sheet of paper, a welcome letter with their username and initial password. All of the benefits / legal "paperwork" was moved online, and organized around user-centered design principles.

  • An employee directory with a search box that "just works." (It's modeled on Outlook's search algorithm, which I reverse-engineered.)

  • A survey wizard, which is kind of like Google Forms behind the firewall (and predated Google Forms by several years).

  • Online order form with a somewhat novel shopping cart interface, for NewsBites, the employees-only cafe. People love it.

Sr. Applications Engineer
Unifi Technlogy Group


Mentored a team of six Java developers and helped them get up to speed in ColdFusion and JavaScript.

Led the division's most profitable consulting project. Exceeded the client's expectation with an innovation that allowed his team to create image maps within their web app (rather than exporting from a separate program that would have to be installed on each users' computer). The client was so excited he insisted we should turn it into a product.

Sr. Applications Engineer
Computer Associates

1999 – 2000

Was privileged to work with some of the brightest minds in one of the largest software consulting businesses in the world after a multi-million dollar project I was working on caught the eye of the CEO.

Built the front-end of a highly-touted Unicenter TNG® project planner, using ASP and VBScript

Production Assistant
CC Communications

1997 – 1999

Built dozens of web pages, sites, and apps of various shapes and sizes.

Learned and used five different languages (Perl, ColdFusion, JavaScript, VBScript, and SQL) over the course of two years.

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GitHub, May 2010 - Apr 2012; followed by 51 people; forked 30 times

{{ mustache }} for ColdFusion

Ported Chris Wanstrath's popular templating library to ColdFusion.

GitHub, Mar 2010 - Aug 2010

MXUnit - Unit Test Framework for CFML

Contributed a major refactoring of the core of the framework and some new features. Honored to be granted committer status.

GitHub, Apr 2011 - Dec 2011; followed by 14 people; forked 6 times

CodeConf 2011 Open Seats. Take a seat, leave your mark.

This was a hit at Github's CodeConf!

GitHub, Jul 2009 - Nov 2015; followed by 82 people; forked 38 times

Creates a URL slug as you type a page title (like Django slugify())

A simple plugin I created to meet a common need.

GitHub, Apr 2012 - Jun 2013

A Tic-Tac-Toe game implemented purely in CSS3

Just having fun with CSS3

GitHub, Jun 2009 - Sep 2010; followed by 10 people

Stylesheet I use for all of my forms. See example on the home page.

GitHub, Feb 2009 - Sep 2012; followed by 8 people; forked 5 times

A couple of simple CFCs for processing credit cards using PayPal / PayflowPro.

GitHub, Sep 2009

Google Analytics API Wrapper for ColdFusion

GitHub, Feb 2009; followed by 2 people

Solutions to Project Euler in Python

GitHub, Feb 2010; followed by 3 people; forked 2 times

ColdFusion Component to help with pagination

GitHub, Jun 2010

Utility for creating snippets of documents on a search results page.

GitHub, Jan 2010

TextMate bundle with miscellaneous snippets, etc.

GitHub, Feb 2012 - Jul 2012; followed by 11 people; forked 6 times

JavaScript Vector Library

Trying to get them to add AMD/RequireJS support.

GitHub, Jan 2012

Presentation for Charlotte JS on Jan 19, 2012

GitHub, Sep 2010

A quick script to find out how people interact with login forms using the keyboard

GitHub, Dec 2011

Adds favorites tweets to email sig files.

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Tandy 1000



Projects and links

In the mid to late 90s I was an active member of the HTML Writer's Guild, where I served as a Senior List Guide (moderator). I also had a popular and influential early blog, "Common Problems in Web Design."

I was heavily involved in the framework and object-oriented ColdFusion communities in the late 90s and early 00s, and was part of the team that built the first mainstream framework for ColdFusion: Fusebox 3.

I'm passionate about user experience, and joined the community early on, became a moderator, helped the establish the scope and tone of the site, leading to a successful launch in 2012.

More recently, I've made contributions to open source projects, including MXUnit, Reactor, and FCKEditor, and published a few things on GitHub.


When I was 12 years old my parents bought a Tandy 1000. It was our first computer, and no one really knew how to use it.

I picked up the DOS manual, and taught myself how to perform basic tasks, such as copying files and running programs. Satisfied with that early success, I kept reading and practicing until I understood not only every DOS command, but also every command, statement, and construct of the BASIC programming language.

Without access to much knowledge beyond the built in help, I wrote a series of simple programs through middle and high school. My crowning achievement was a 4x4x4 tic-tac-toe program with AI for a computer player.

In 1996, I went to NC State to study Computer Science. I guess looking back I did study CS; only I spent more time in the computer lab than the classroom. After a summer overseas and a lot of reflection, I decided put off school, got a job building web pages, and never looked back.