Phil Sandler

Chief Architect / Development Manager
Incapital LLC
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I am a Senior Software Architect seeking an independent consulting opportunity in the Chicago area. My specialties include OOP/OOAD, relational modeling, analysis, and people management.

I am looking for a position with a large amount of responsibility, where I can have a major impact on an organization. My past few positions have allowed me the opportunity to build and lead a team, and this is something I'm looking to continue doing.

The "dream" position would require a mix of:

  • providing outstanding techincal leadership (including thought leadership)
  • acting as a mentor/manager to a technical team
  • gaining a deep understanding of business problems
  • managing risks and expectations for project

Some of my core skills include:

  • Microsoft .Net Platform: C#, VB.Net, WPF, ASP.Net (Webforms/MVC), MSMQ, WCF/Web Services, WinForms, LINQ, Entity Framework
  • Database: SQL Server (all versions), Oracle, Access, Postgre, MySQL
  • Tools/Frameworks: LLBLGen Pro, RhinoMocks, Moq, NAnt, NUnit, MbUnit, NHibernate
  • Concepts: OOAD/OOP, SOA, Design Patterns, Behavior-Driven Development(BDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD), Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Continuous Integration, Agile Methodology, MVVM, MVC, MVP


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Chief Architect / Development Manager
Incapital LLC

October 2011 – Current

• Ultimately responsible for delivery and quality of Incapnet, the company’s primary custom software, a fixed income issuance and trading platform • Performed analysis of architecture and performance, made recommendations and led effort to implement fixes for poor architecture and performance • Implemented “Developers Roundtable”, weekly team forum for discussing code issues, development tools, patterns and practices • Managed team of ten developers o Responsible for salary decisions/discussions, collecting and delivering feedback, mentoring on technical practices, professionalism and communication o Developed and enforced coding standards o Managed relationships with recruiters, reviewed resumes, scheduled and performed candidate interviews, and made final hiring decisions

Software Architect
CSG Systems

November 2010 – October 2011

Led the technical effort to design and deliver Aria, a pluggable MVVM Framework for the Silverlight platform, and the Aria Ordering Edition, the first business application to utilize the framework. Responsibilities • Worked with Scrum Master and Product Owner to turn requirements (functional and non-functional) into user stories • Designed and developed the central components of the system • Introduced and led weekly technical team discussion as a vehicle for mentoring junior developers • Researched, selected, and implemented the use of tools and frameworks, including Unity, MEF, Moq, MbUnit • Created initiative for a Software Architecture “Community of Practice” to identify and enforce coding patterns, practices, and standards across all teams of the organization

Lead Developer
Independent Consultant

January 2010 – November 2010

Lead Developer, Real-Time Brokerage Collaboration Tool Led the effort to develop a custom real-time communication and collaboration tool (similar to a chat application) to support a brokerage firm at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Responsibilities • Selected the tools, technologies, and methodologies for building the application • Worked with the client to analyze the business problem and find the right solution • Designed and developed the relational and business models • Architected, designed, and developed the user interface • Managed one analyst and one junior resource on the project

Senior Architect
West Monroe Partners

August 2004 – January 2010

Lead Developer, FLEXdls
Led team of five Developers, one QA Analyst and one Project Manager to create a highly complex, multi-tier Labor Management Software package. Helped develop the strategic vision for the product by collaborating with business leadership and sales teams, and leading requirements gathering sessions for both internal and external users.


  • Overall delivery and quality of the software product
    • Designed the overall system architecture
    • Conducted code reviews and gave feedback to team members
    • Tested and tuned performance of the system
    • Developed and enforced coding and design standards
  • Helped develop an integration test framework and create quality standards
  • Developed the relational model, domain/entity model and data access layer
  • Built re-usable frameworks/APIs for junior developers to learn and implement
  • Product management/strategy
    • Was accountable for estimating and delivering timelines and meeting specific budget requirements
    • Prioritized release features based on resources, budget and timeline
    • Oversaw communication with internal and external stakeholders

Key Leadership/Consulting Contributions

  • Technical thought leadership
    • Led the Custom Application Development Competency
    • Performed architecture reviews on technical projects
    • Assessed current and upcoming suite of technologies and frameworks, advised on the appropriateness of their use in our practice
    • Helped develop and enforce database and coding standards and methodology
    • Developed and led Knowledge Transfer Sessions on new technologies
  • Integration leadership team
    • Worked with other leaders to define Integration Team policy and communication
    • Evaluated consultants’ performance, made recommendations on promotions and salary increases
    • Interviewed potential product and consulting candidates, using technical, fit, and Critical Behavior interviewing
  • Product development
    • Helped differentiate product group from core business (consulting) at WMP
    • Helped develop standards for time-reporting and accounting for products
    • Rewrote career model for product developers
    • Organized product group meetings and social events
  • Management
    • Acted as Performance Manager for as many as five consultants concurrently
    • Mentored junior consultants technically and professionally
    • Managed several consulting projects before joining product team

Data Architect
Independent (Citicorp)

June 2003 – September 2004

Architected and developed database applications and assisted in the day-to-day operations of the Data Warehouse.

Freelance Consultant

March 2002 – May 2003

Worked as a freelance consultant on a wide variety of projects, including building small networks, creating marketing databases, and developing websites.

Technical Lead
Independent (Deloitte Consulting)

November 2000 – December 2001

Analyzed, architected and developed a large-scale databases application for tracking Medicare time reporting claims.

Data Architect/Technical Lead
GE Financial Assurance

June 1999 – November 2000

Led team of two junior developers and two consultants to create a web-based portal prototype for, an online concierge service.

Database/Network Manager
Home Access Health Corporation/2CONFER

March 1995 – June 1999

Developed applications to support FDA-approved systems for transmitting blood and urine test result data and reporting their results. Also wrote numerous internal applications for various corporate departments.

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Northern Illinois University

1988 – 1992

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TRS-80 Color Computer

Visual Studio 2008


Yes, my degree is in English.

After graduating, I bought my first PC, mainly so I could play games like Castle Wolfenstein. Back then, in order to get almost ANY game to run on a PC, you needed know your way around DOS to get the system to boot up properly. After a few months of learning to make any game run on my system, and then helping others configure THEIR systems properly, I realized that I had quite a knack for computer technology, and leveraged my DOS skills to land my first job.

So I guess I owe my career to my early facination with computer and video games (that and the fact that I learned to program in BASIC when I was twelve).